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I actually liked Wayward but not as much as the first book, Pines. If only there was more time spent discovering outside the fence of Wayward Pines and more Abbie encounters. The good news is that as I came to the ending of this history it seemed to be heading in that direction. I wanna know what, if any, other opportunities might can be found out in the wastelands and explore what's remaining of our world and cities left in destroy. Gather a lot of people and guns, get David Pilcher and his facilities, then go exterminate some Abbies. Yes, that's what I'd like to see. Lol, Just like Book One (Pines) I actually couldn't stop thinking about that one. The author has done a great job creating one of the most suspenseful thrillers I have picked up in quite a while. Now I'm off to the third one in the trilogy. Can't wait around!, The first thing I actually notice about this book as compared to the first in the trilogy is that this one doesn't move as fast or really grip you with the same sort of urgency because the majority of the first book did. On the other hand, it does absolutely deliver with suspense. It answers many of the questions still left over from the first book, as well as doing a good job answering the questions raised by this book itself whilst still being manages to leave you wanting more. And once things finally do get going here, indicate stop for a second and it really makes up for the sluggish parts in the story. It is obviously worth the read. The slow components still caused me to dock a star, though, just due to the number of them and the strange way the characters having sexual ideas were brought up and written was a little jarring. Not that they had them, but just when they had them and how the thoughts were described. It was just... weird and at times strangely inappropriate even for those types of ideas. The sex scenes experienced from something similar. Nevertheless, someone else reading it may well not see those times the same way as I do, so please don't let that put you off. This book is obviously worth the read, and if you haven't read the first one yet definitely read that first., Intrigue and suspense with a dash of Sci-Fi. This very personal and relatable story is a great read that resulted in myself coming back for more. I started out with this from your audio tracks version during my commute, I actually quickly became enthralled with the story. Though as so often happens, the TV show will not compare. However, if you liked the show... you. will. love. the. books! Gritty visuals with clever twists make it hard to write a review without giving away the storyline.
I've already acquired 2 copies of the trilogy for family and am thinking of a third as a gift. Definitely get the set!

The very last Area (The Wayward Pines Trilogy, Book 3) , (SPOILER FREE)

This book was my favorite of the Wayward Pines Trilogy. Well, the very first 1/3 of it at least.

After the revelations at the ending of book one, book two starts out with a lttle bit more nuance and psychological weight behind it than book one. Typically the first 1/3-1/2 of the book reminded me a lttle bit of a more juvenile and amateurish take on Mieville's The City and Typically the City. In addition, it lent some more ambiguity to the antagonists. For a while we were holding less rote bad guys plus more good men forced to make hard moral choices for the higher good.

It all falls apart pretty quickly though to a much, much more generic novel with an antagonist which goes from being nuanced to basically being a supervillian. I actually don't think I've actually read a novel that went so quickly from pretty good to deeply silly that quickly.

Overall though, this book is fluff. It'sa quick read that isn't worth getting angry about, though disappointment might be in order. Crouch great at building suspense and creating cliffhangers; if only having been better with the reveal and characterizations., Is actually an ok read. Following reading the first, I actually figured I'd stumble my way through the whole three set. But really, this three set could have been been one full novel, instead of three mediocre piece of fiction. But I get it... get as much writing out there as you can so the consumer buy, buy, buy and you have money. If you're looking for something to pass the time, this will do., Pines was excellent and Wayward is even better. Picking up directly after the events of the first one, Wayward sheds more light on the past of certain characters such as Theresa, Hassler, Pam, and Pilcher himself. This novel is a rollercoaster trip of suspense, action, and mystery. I found personally rolling through the book and not caring that it was two in the morning and I actually had to be upward at seven. Blake Stoop knows how to draw us in and participate us with the characters. Edge of your seat thrills fill these webpages along with compelling personality development. Well done, Mister. Crouch, you've succeeded in causing me to get The very last Town after devouring the last pages of this one., So I first found Wayward as a T. V. show, after the first two episodes I was so curious to understand what was proceeding on i went and acquired the book. By simply the ending of book one, I had to have the second, and subsequently the third as well. Yet , while I remember the general plot line of the books, and several foundation character details, I no longer remember how the story was narrated, or any specific details. Is actually a good read and worth it, but a book that is merely as easily forgotten after a few months. Though it could just be me and my limited data storage space center.: )

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