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Kindle fire version has some great or more to date info (21 July 2016). His / her perspective on the black lives matter movement really made me think hard on what it all truly means. I am not in law observance, though I am a senior in college pursuing Criminal Justice so this book is a good insight as to what I need. I am also a USAF veteran, and a lot of the things he highlights about people and leadership are hurdles I saw whilst in the Air Force. This book is a good tool for anyone who desires an lesson about leadership vs. management., I purchased this book to achieve an improved understanding of police. Whilst no-one source of info is the only appropriate source of info, this book provides valuable info and insight. You will not be a police expert in reading the book, but not one book will make you a professional. You will gain a larger view, see more of their street-smart world and this has value. It is worth the money buying and the time reading. Thanks Mr. Shaffer., I stumbled on this book one late night working that long 12 hr shift. Not merely did it capture my attention, but I also blew delete word within 2 hrs. This short essay did wonders for me personally. It relit that fireplace inside me which was starting to flicker. If you don't really know what I am referring to, that is because you haven't already been on the job very long to understand that assertion. I was yearning for more when I read the last page. The author clarified the call and extra a few new chapters with this new copy. B Schaffer has a new fan, who is also an avid reader alongside with over 10 years policing under my seatbelt. I'm currently reading Superbia and that is one amazing work of art. True Glowing blue Line.... that will remain with me forever. If you are looking for a lot of way or answers that just can not be clarified, open this book and read. Not once, but a few times. The answers you are looking for and our goal is right in front of our eyes, thank you to B Schaffer., This specific book is a thought provoking book filled to the brim with good advise for any who wear the badge. Because a certified law observance office however confined to detentions due to politics it gives me the extra drive to stay the course and continuing to do all I can to move to the road while simultaneously being the best detentions officer which i can be., The Approach of the Warrior by Bernard Schaffer is a good cop's look at his world. This essay shines a light on the very soul of police work, honestly and succinctly. I carried a badge for 29 years. Many of my feelings during those years are the same thoughts in this essay.

Schaffer takes us on the journey from childhood that shaped his job. Most cops take a similar journey, being considering the warrior class, weapons, outdoor sports... I suppose you call it guy products, but more plus more women are finding the same path. It's the start of the attitude a cop needs to endure in the world he or she is about to enter.

As Schaffer points out, all cops get the shock in the academy that one can actually get wiped out doing police work. Then you hit area and you know damn well you can get killed because people try to kill you. Schaffer lays it all out.

Then there's mental rollercoaster of going from fighting for your daily life in the first part of your shift to softly giving first aid to a young child at an automobile accident. Or going from saving a life to doing the heart crushing job of telling a family with thirteen kids that their oldest son dead. And of course, the loss of a many other officer, sometimes murdered in the most ruthless way.

Schaffer tells a tale that is directed at cops, but should be read by everyone who wants to really know what makes cops tick. There's no exaggeration or chest slamming here. Just a police officer baring his soul., Bernard Schaffer is definitely a interesting guy. His is an outstanding article writer of both fiction & non. He is a law enforcement detective. He led another life since a child actor which he tells in another essay, "BJ Schaffer is Dead" about serving his sentence as a child star on TV. Because I said: one interesting guy.

Here in this short essay, he shows of his journey to & some glimpses of, his life as a police officer. It is a great part of writing & is both inspiring & sincere. He tells it like it is. At minimum like it is for him. This is not a story of "action & adventure" (although it includes bits of both), but more just man showing about why & how he became a law enforcement officer and what it indicates to him. You feel it. At least I do, when I read it.

I say, in the spirit of full disclosure, I have become of fan of Schaffer's fiction & felt I had to to see this. I was fortunate it turned out free when I got it in the Kindle fire Store. It really is 99 cents right now. I had not yet read some of his other work yet when I got this. My answer is now that I have read this, and several of his other work, I would gladly pay money for this essay. More, for a selection of his essays, I might gladly pay (and I really enjoy reading well-written essays/articles. Especially those taken from the writer's life).

It is a refreshing to read a writer who writes from his heart, while still maintaining his craft. I am sucker for good writing in almost any genre. Bernard J Schaffer is an outstanding writer & storyteller, whether telling tales from his life or those he creates from whole cloth (or wherever he gets them from).

Here is an research from his essay "BJ Schaffer is Dead" that gives a good preference of the flavor of his writing, & is an excellent segue to Approach of the Warrior (it is from the last paragraph of this essay, which you can find easily using any good search engine):

"Me? I'm a guy who worked at a gas station to make ends meet when i went to the Law enforcement Academy. I scrubbed toilets, worked landscaping and mopped laboratories late at night. At 34 yrs . old, I am a police detective who makes his living adding bad people in darker places. I'm a daddy to two children, and am can tell you that their love and affection means more than the vacant adulation of the masses on any degree. "

Not only do In my opinion him, I feel I learn from him, both about writing & about life. That is valuable. Examine out his work., My husband is a new recruit. After reading the reviews I new I had to get it for him. He said it was he was glad to have read it and was certain that over the course of his career he would read it again.

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