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Justin Glenn's The Washingtons is usually amazing in its length and breadth. Mr. Glenn takes an immense interest in his subject plus applies a well-trained educational mind to a promethean task. Since I'm researching an e book on GW's equestrian prowess and chivalric techniques I was keen to notice the special vignettes about other Washingtons who do not perform quite thus well as George about the back side of a horse. I think there exists more room for analysis about one or two subjects by future scholars. 1 burning question that nevertheless haunts me is the reason why the Washingtons of Virginia (my own people) finished up shackled (so to be able to speak) to their maids. In my view, the Washingtons would have offered their nation far better by paying much closer attention to GW's own struggles with his conscience plus the point he has been making by freeing his / her own slaves. Eventually, regarding course, we got it right, but not before losing everything. I suggest this book for their meticulous research into the lives of just one extended loved ones. We should become thus lucky to have someone like Mr. Glenn details our family genealogy. I'm still amazed at the labor that went directly into it. I'll be sharing the anecdotes for a new lifetime., This is an essential function for anyone thinking about the Washington family, whether since a genealogist or historian, amateur or academic. Typically the exhaustive research into the accurate historical record regarding individuals in the family is usually balanced with lively discourse, which adds great benefit to the work. This is a virtually complete catalogue of the loved ones by generation, but, remarkably, includes fascinating information about their spouses and acquaintances, too. Thanks to Ma?tre. Glenn's dedication to paperwork, we have the vital records laid out, the proofs which genealogists strive to locate. It is usually a remarkable work as it also " reads well" and brings to life an extraordinary set of people. The Kindle edition is usually very easy to stick to and search, and We highly recommend that choice. Looking forward to the future volumes!, Justin Glenn, PhD (2014). Washington: The family history. Savas Submitting: El Dorado Hills, CA [Kindle ebook]

For anyone interested in the family of George Buenos aires, I highly recommend this particular series. To be released in eight volumes, Dr . Glenn's research covers the genealogy of George Buenos aires from the first ancestor (the immigrant John Washington) to put foot in the colonies, down through 20 generations, covering some 63, 000 descendants. More as compared to just a genealogy, the volumes include numerous relative biographies. It is nicely researched and sourced. Although people are listed in descendent order (some volumes usually are in ascending order since of the content), the volumes are interspersed with numerous biographies of individuals and often their partners. I have found Doctor. Glenn's writing style participating and simple to read.

Doctor. Glenn has spent more than 40 years researching the Washington and of that ilk families and, since 2002 has been the Archivar General in the National Community of the Washington Loved ones Descendants. I have corresponded with Dr. Glenn during the last several years as he was finishing his research, both to clarify several inconsistencies which i had identified and to provide up-to-date information on my Windsor/Casey branch where his research had left off (I am a second relative, eight times removed regarding President George Washington). We have always found him to be readily available, invaluably helpful (as these volumes will attest), and the two honest and forthright wherever inconsistencies or not enough paperwork left room for conjecture. (An excellent example is usually his research and findings regarding which " David Wrights" were associated with the presidential branch. This was particularly of interest to myself because three John Wright people are my 5th, 6th, and 7th great grandfather, respectively. )

Over the last several months, three of the eight volumes happen to be published:

Volume just one: Seven generations of the presidential branch. This volume begins with Lawrence Buenos aires in England and footprints his son, John Washington's immigration to Virginia Colony, and family offspring lower through seven generations. Regarding particular interest to me, this particular volume includes as a member regarding the seventh generation, Nancy Louisa Windsor, my subsequent great grandmother. She plus two of her sisters would marry Casey brothers.

Volume 2: Notable members in the presidential branch. This particular volume is a presentation of a number of popular or influential people in the presidential branch that will Dr. Glenn happened on in his research. Persons include people ranging from actor Lee Marvin, to be able to blues great Johnny Winter season, to Major General George S. Patton III.

Volume level 3: Royal descents regarding the presidential branch. This particular volume traces numerous Western european royal and aristocratic lineages that link to the presidential branch. Since regal families tended to interbreed, the lineage is substantial beginning with the Saxon chieftain Cerdic in the mid-400s, and includes Alfred the Great; St . Maggie, Queen of Scots; plus Henry I, II, plus III; Pippin I, 2, and III, and Charlemagne, to name a few.

If you like history and genealogy, or if you are researching families that will may intersect with the Buenos aires line, I suggest this particular series. I will overview other volumes as they will are published., Justin Glenn has done an exceptional job of compiling this particular tremendous genealogical record regarding all the descendants regarding the Washingtons. I possess been pleasantly surprised about the number of different last titles that appear in this particular record! I have truly enjoyed the vignettes about the characters - our relatives - which have performed a part in the great our nation. We have kept our loved ones geneaological record nearby since I read this book to include comments and schedules. I truly can't wait until the hard back duplicates of all the volumes come out in print thus that I can discuss all this with our family! Thank you, Justin, for letting us be portion of this great function of history!, This carefully plus thoroughly researched history regarding the Washington family is usually a family treasure detailed with biographical stories, documentation, plus references. Dr. Glenn's book promises to be the 'go to' book for years to come for anyone researching the Washington, Pope, Warner, Ball, Lewis, Martiau, Reade, Wright, and additional family lines.

Lee Hardin Woody
Past President
National Community in the Washington Family Rejeton, Once i entered college our father asked me to research our family history. We planned on finishing it my freshman year. 50 years later I feel still doing that research. I have read thousands of books, visited countless libraries in the Combined States and Europe plus spent far too several hours on the web. It is easy to be able to say that Dr . Justin Glenn’s volumes, “The Washingtons: A Family History”, are among the most well written publications on family history that will I have had the pleasure to read. They are well documented, superbly written and quite pleasurable to read.

At a genealogical convention some years back We heard someone say “Why dig up the deceased, unless you bring them back to life”. Doctor. Justin Glenn’s books perform precisely that, they deliver these family members back to normal. They are not just books with dates plus facts.

These volumes about the Washington Family will certainly be used in research for a lot of generations to arrive and I suggest them.

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