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If you are a serious baseball player/athlete, instructor, or parent you want to read this book and get tuned into the whole 1 Pitch Soldier system for success. Instructor Justin Dehmer explains how his HS team earned 88 games in a row. Fundamentals is crucial to playing good hockey, but winners know how to overcome adversity and mental breakdowns. They minimize mistakes and toss the 'mental bricks' that so many players hold onto. We own other 1 Pitch Warrior products (DVDs) and have been waiting for his books to be Kindle-ready., I've recommended this book to many of my boys' coaches. This is a good system for success in baseball, paying attention to the statistics that are helpful. It also has applications for dealing with any challenge or setback in life., The lot of the training books you read can help you in the future, give you ideas for the long run, make you think about the game. This book offers you ideas for right now. Analyzing pitchers, hitters, and teams. It's not like he reinvents everything but he puts things into view. Not just for coaching either, is actually a great read., Seems to be working. We would recommend it. Simply may be the thing to get ball players over that last " hump"., I told my wife I thought it would have been fun to play for him. Each page had some little gem, said in a memorable way. I can put those into practice right away., Modeling my team on Dehmer's ideas and strategies. Right now, the attitude and energy of the players are the best they've been in years., Examined, straightforward, and powerful. Must read for coaches and for players/parents! Relates to hockey and everyday life. " Be a fountain, not a drain. ", Thus much of baseball happens between the ears, this book helps to reveal the secrets that wins the team game

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