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This guide was incredible! Like I could say many things about how precisely powerful the conversations were between Audrey and Hugo as well as how…spicy (is that the right word for it? ) things were between Audrey and Logan. Everything was so much more powerful than I actually expected, whether it was in a good or bad situation.

However, something I definitely want to state is that Audrey was VERY relatable. I was going through some challenges of my own and knowing what I was feeling lead to do, but planning to against that feeling and do it anyway was something I could relate to. Never a smart idea to go against! So grateful that the author really showed the powerful love God has for us even when we make some mistakes and feel ashamed.

Could I spend some time to say the " bad guy" surprised me? Approach to take in mixing things up after i had reasons why I actually thought the bad guy would be somebody else!

Ooo also, can I take another moment to appreciate the wonderful humor in this guide, especially pertaining to the revealing of who Hugo and Joe are? Speak about priceless!

Definitely a fantastic read and one We would strongly recommend to YA readers, especially if if you're searching for a " different" Orlando read with romance.

*(I received an ARC from the author in return for an honest review. Just about all thoughts expressed were my own, personal and was not required to write a positive review. )*, Absolutely fabulous guide! Oh my goodness... where do I even start? This is the second book in the Lifestyle After series, so if you've not yet read Huntress, stop here and go pick it upwards. This book is a young adult, fantasy-ish guide. I say " ish" because the majority of the fantasy is faith (Christianity) based. Angels, demons, kick rear end angelfire weapons, and strength of prayer type products. Not in your face, but present. If that's not your thing, this might not be the book for you. However, the guide is fabulous. This is not really a style I'd read before this course, but I cannot wait for the next guide. It literally gave me goosebumps and spine tingles more than once. The character types grow and develop so much in this guide. Some of my major questions from the first book were answered in this guide. The characters are relatable and realistic (even if I want to shout at them sometimes). Typically the world building and description in this guide are absolutely bomb dot com (do people still say that? No? Didn't think so. Oh well. ) Julie paints such an amazing picture that it is so easy to become engrossed in the world she describes (or should I say realm? ). Overall, 5 stars - amazing book - definitely recommend it!, This is a thoroughly captivating guide, and I has not been expecting some of the turns it took! Well-written and developed, this Christian fantasy world, whose characters almost seem too real, also contains humor that often made me laugh out there loud. My favorite lines are: “The more you know of Him, the more you will be able to see the way He does, and the more you will be able to hear His voice above the hordes. ” And: “The mild whispering of His fact in your ears and heart, includes knowing Him or her. ” And: “God was big enough to care for a situation I obviously was not capable of doing anything about. ” But there are so many, many more!! This author creates books that not only encourage and entertain with the afterlife her imagination has created, nevertheless they also cause me to temporarily stop and think. I always want “to read ahead in the story. ” But “I’m sorry to say you’re going to have to take this one a webpage at a time” or one book at a time! I already can NOT WAIT for the next of these stories!!!! I read this early as an ARC duplicate and have freely chosen to leave my own honest review., Warfare is a great continuation of Huntress. It picks upwards where Huntress left off and answers the questions book 1 left you with. Therefore Warfare then leaves you with a whole new slew of questions. I love the characters growth and connection developments through out the book. At times I actually became frustrated with Audrey and Logan but I actually loved getting those glimpses into Logan's character since he was such a closed book in Huntress. Julie definitely can really keep you on the edge of your seat with the twists, turns, amazed, humor, secrets, betrayal and heartbreak expertly woven in this story. Audrey has obstacles she must overcome, like her Faith and trust in the Creator and those closest her. Ideally book 3 will answer all the questions and tie up all the loose ends. This is a great YA spiritual fantasy that will leave you with a guide hangover and wanting more. Can't wait for guide 3., Audrey's adventure proceeds in Warfare with more action, more training and more Demons. When Audrey's family is threatened she is literally at war with the demons over her family she is also at war with herself over the options she must make and she must fight challenges on every front. Alongside the way she kinds new friendships, meets unexplainable people and she understands more about Logan. There is also Battle Bear, a dragon and some surprising revelations as to who Hugo, Joe and Romona are.

There are times this book will make you think and seriously consider what you believe and there are times when you will want to slap Audrey or Logan for being an idiot. The twists and turns throughout the story will keep you on the edge of your seat. The humor, amazed, heartbreak and angst weaved seamlessly into the guide will leave readers with a massive book after effect but it's definitely really worth it.

Julie Hall is at the top of her game and has once again delivered a refreshing take on demons, paradise, and the afterlife. The lady brings Christianity to readers in a new way that is fun and entertaining for everyone. I actually highly recommend her series and I'm very excited to see where she takes Audrey and the crew next!

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