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Excellent read! Good book in addition to probably the only (recent) thorough history of the New Guinea campaign. Function covers the whole campaign from Japanese attack on Rabaul through 1945. Gives a good account of the Australians role in the marketing campaign which is normally missing inside American
company accounts in the New Guinea marketing campaign. The past 30 years or even so, Douglas MacArthur offers gotten a fairly bad rap for his selfishness & " my way or
the highway" approach to conflict, but this work provides a more rounded view of him. Arrogant this individual might have been, but a great American genius non the less.
Oddly enough, the book I study just before I read this one was H. Watts. Brands " The General vs The President, regarding the confrontation between Truman & MacArthur during the Korean War. It was fascinating to contrast the difference between MacArthur at his zenith (or near zenith) inside New Guinea
& his nadir inside Korea. Franklin Roosevelt deferred to MacArthur, as performed Truman later until this individual had had enough.
I had a great uncle who served inside the US Army inside New Guinea & understood several other guys who else served there, wish I had talked to them a lot more about their experience presently there.
Great study!, My father fought inside PNG in 1943 in addition to 1944, then spent a few months in the hospital with malaria and jungle rot so serious he experienced cavernous ulcerations on his / her feet and legs. We suspect his health difficulties later in life might have range from tar-like substances they used (experimented with) upon the soldiers because they were desperately losing their own army. We lost a lot more men from the jungle/climate diseases (as did the Japanese) than from challenges.

I have read lots of books on WW2 in the Pacific, but little involving New Guinea. I SO appreciate a new noted author deciding to write the most extensive great WW2 New Guinea which I am aware. It was a tactical imperative that the Western be stopped there. The utmost misery suffered by simply those who sacrificed either a part, or all regarding their lives there offers almost been forgotten. A new God-forsaken place to fight a new war. May Duffy's book discover a place in enough homes to pass upon this story of sacrifice of so many men who else did their duty from such a terrible price., A great history regarding the entire New Guinea Strategy of WWII. The Aussies and Yanks greatest opponents was the terrain, local gyvūnai, diseases, and weather. After that after that was their mortal enemy, the Japanese. This will be not a popular movie theater for your Pacific part regarding WWII. This island then hopping inside the Central Pacific has been the more popular with all sorts of books written upon this. The writer has completed a excellent job regarding bringing this hellish battling to life. At share was the future of Sydney. If the Japanese experienced prevailed, Australia would regarding been invaded and everything the consequences of this take action following. The War inside the Pacific would regarding been a great deal different in addition to much more causalities with regard to both sides. My praise towards the men and women of the Australian in addition to American forces. This book is well worth the price of purchase., I actually learned more from this particular book on the Planet War II battles on and around New Guinea than any other book. I actually was especially impressed with the way the book handled the battle with regard to Port Moresby across the Owen Stanley mountains.

I actually am well aware in the controversial nature of the many opinions about MacArthur. While I often believe he was a excellent general, I understand this individual made some mistakes inside the Philippines at the outset of the war, and he has been rather a pompous butt sometimes. I do not think the book gone overboard on portraying MacArthur in a favorable light. One issue I did have got was using the maps. Numerous locations described in the text were not demonstrated on the maps. This particular was sort of aggravating, since it was difficult to visualize where some instead important fighting took location. I found myself contacting Google Maps, which has been an absolute aid in locating places, except sometimes Search engines Maps doesn't locate something precisely right, but in several of those instances, I actually was in a position to determine the location despite Google Maps' inaccuracy. If not for your maps, I would have got given the book five stars.

Overall, this will be a really good book, and I look forward to rereading it soon., I don't read a new lot of nonfiction these types of days (and I'm definitely not a military background buff by any means), but War at the End of the World was a excellent read! Duffy's language will be very accessible for a great amateur to the genre like myself, which will be a godsend if most likely feeling a little intimidated. I half expected to be referencing Wikipedia continually to maintain this extremely overlooked and obscure side regarding WWII, but honestly Duffy provides everything you need to know in obvious and exciting language. Is actually evident that Duffy has been very passionate about showing the storyplot of MacArthur's terrifying fight to gain control regarding New Guinea. The analysis and drama of the book really show that Duffy has a great reverence for the general's raw tenacity in this disastrously under-appreciated facet of his armed service career.

I approached this particular book cautiously, knowing nearly nothing about the New Guinea campaign, and actually less about what to expect from the armed service history genre. Now I actually can't recommend this book enough to friends in addition to family. It was a new great feeling to learn so much about a new history that I has been never properly exposed to in high school as well as college. Duffy has manufactured a brand new fan in myself, not only of himself since an author, but regarding the genre at the same time. I actually look forward to studying more from his catalogue!

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