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The particular book is definitely controversial still, and I have got to be careful not to reflect my judgement on the man here. This will be a book review, not the character review.

Sterling Hayden was *definitely* a guy associated with contrasts, which makes their life story very fascinating to see - even when you don't similar to your pet.

The writing is as opposed to anything you see nowadays, which is more the pity. Hayden is actually the talented writer. Not just a guru, but talented. The reviews at the time compare him to many people, but not Hemingway which is odd to me, for the is what I actually saw as I go through it. Regardless, it's the pleasant and engaging design.

His stories of existence at sea are wherever the book truly stands out. He was a created sailor, for sure. That was his calling and his vocation great simply peace. I don't think that will the ocean was the particular magic, however - Sterling Hayden was a danger-addict. He adored his period at war - from least when he had been deployed - as a lot as he adored their life at sea. This individual was a risk taker extraordinaire, which makes for the great read.

In almost all other ways his existence is a mixture associated with tragedy, moral cowardice, and a host of other less than ideal character traits, but this will be what makes the book a great interesting read.

There are several transcrption errors in the kindle version, but no big deal., In 1963 I actually was sent by the particular Navy to a foundation in Newfoundland. Out in the boonies. I showed up the week before Thanksgiving. That Christmas I obtained a package from home. In it was Sterling Hayden's original print, hardback version. I was nineteen after that and it also influenced me since I was in the middle of the then still vibrant cod fishery across the South Coast of Newfoundland dog. I am almost 70 now and have possessed 18 different boats and the best was the Swampscott dory. It is a great read for any sailor and rereading it has brought back a flood associated with memories. When I went to look for this guide a year ago I actually found that my hardback original print copy had been now worth 0 on E-bay. Thankfully it had been available for a much much better price on Kindle., This book was recommended to me by a buddy. I started reading and was immediately captivated. The particular abbreviated, direct style associated with writing took a second to get used to, but is a relaxing change from many creators who write about the ocean. And yet even in this style he vividly paints a photo of exactly what it’s like to live existence to a different drum beat and to end up being captivated from the need to be on the water.

A couple of chapters into the book I actually had to check up the particular author to find out who he was and what else he’d carried out. Until then I didn’t realize that Hayden played the insane general who launched the nukes in the movie Dr. Strangelove. Had to laugh from that.

I didn’t would like this book to finish. I savored each part, highlighting numerous passages along the way. Worth reading through several times., I seldom ever read autobiographies; most are essentially auto-hagiographies which probably don't reflect anything at all like the actual existence experiences of the creator.... or, they whitewash essential elements of their life, providing a distorted and biased picture of what exactly they are all about.

So, exactly what prompted me to go through an autobiography of a great actor, long dead, composed nearly 50 years in the past?

I got interested in Sterling Hayden by chance, after reviewing some historical products about the early 50's, the 'Red scare', and McCarthyism. Sterming Hayden had been somewhat involved in this, as someone who had been compelled to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee... and who named names... although he later said it had been the greatest regret of his existence.

Unbeknown to most people, Sterling Hayden was the lifelong sailor, committed to, and loving of, motorboats and the sea. His upbringing was not a happy one; after his dad died when he had been 9, his mother remarried, into a man who proved to be a grifter and con-artist, plus the family was constantly moving around, dwelling in boarding houses, 1 step ahead of creditors after leaving debt in their wake. He delivered out on a freighter at the age associated with 16, and throughout their life, had a nautical wanderlust which dominated his existence. He hated acting, turning to it only in order to make enough money to indulge his love of sailing, although he was without a doubt an excellent actor. He served in the Marines, and in WWII, served heroically in the OSS, helping the particular partisans in the Balkans oppose fascism.

This will be really not a typical biography, in any way. While lacking in an education over and above the tenth grade, Hayden was a remarkably skilled writer. While he published only two books in his life (this 1, plus a novel known as 'Voyage', which I go through some years ago, and was a gripping tale associated with the voyage of the coal freighter), his composing was remarkably literary in style, and his autobiography reads at a greatly higher level than 1 would expect. Hayden attributed his education to the particular a lot more than 500 books, several of them literary classics, which he kept aboard his various vessels.

The particular 'ruse' of the autobiography begins in 1959, any time in the midst associated with a bitter, acrimoneous separation and divorce, he ignores a court ruling and takes their four young children, plus another half dozen adventurers, on a voyage from Santa Barbara, California, to Tahiti. In the circumstance of this rebellion, he details the story associated with his life, his activities, the times he flipped down significant money to star in various pictures, and the times having been bankrupt, or nearly so.

I would recommend this book, with regard to no other reason, than the nautical tales, although Hayden was a complex and fascinating character, in his very own right., An incredible tale written by an outstanding man, they dont make them like that anymore. The first time I actually was exposed to Sterling Hayden was when he played Captain McCluskey in the Godfather. There will be so much more to him, Master Mariner, Boozer, womanizer, thumbs his nasal area in the Hollywood lifestyle and just works enough to finance his first really like which is the open up sea., Not great yet unique, insightful, and challenging. Starts painfully melodramatic. Nevertheless his recollections of years as a child are wonderfully detailed. His father died aged their stepfather was a que incluye man, so he had something to run away from. His thoughts usually are sometimes arrogant but furthermore sensitive. He was the mildly successful character acting professional who deprecated his very own talent, perhaps rightfully. Extremely honest about his several failings, which makes for any long book, very good occasionally but often an individual just want to move him awake to appreciate his fortune. Clearly, he loves his children or perhaps (at least) is dedicated to giving them a stable and loving environment he never had. I chuckled and smiled with your pet when the judge provided him permanent custody. What more can you ask from a (confused, redundant) wanderer?

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