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If this book were a high school book report (and there are ample opportunities to imagine it isn't), it would receive at best a charitable B-minus. There are grammatical problems throughout, including on the page requesting that the reader " Leave The Amazon Review, " and a few of these are so egregious (Stokowski was not a composer) as to cause this reader to question whether, in addition to not being proofread, this guide was not fact-checked.

It was surprising to find a set of references at all, but less surprising to see that it reads such as a informal Sunday afternoon cruising of the Internet, rather than a meaningful deep dive into contemporary sources, with only 2 records having a publication time before 2006. The publication touched only on the high parts of Disney's life, more than once telling events out of order, and throwing in non-sequiturs that appear to contradict pathways previously written. The frustrating claim that Disney was an anti-Semite is pointed out in the book's beginning and closing, but the only evidence presented in support is a individual line that Disney's daddy Elias passed that trait to his children.

We cannot and would not recommend this book, even if there weren't so many available alternative options covering this same subject matter. Fortunately, there are., As someone who has recently been to Disney World a few times, I've always wanted to learn more info about Walt The disney produtcions. Within the parks, they talk about some little facts about him, however I've always wanted to know more. This guide offered a date check into Walt Disney's life, and I loved every instant from it. I felt bad for Walt when We found out about how awful his childhood was, unfortunately he glad that he invested his entire life creating content for children and grown ups alike to talk about, with that mutual enjoyment contributing to a more enjoyable childhood. I was aware of some of his anti-semetic views, however I was unaware of his union busting views that caused strife in many people's lives throughout the red scare. My childhood was filled with a great deal of Walt Disney toons that always taught me valuable lessons. I've seen some of Walt's propoganda that he released during Planet War II, and found that he made light of the most harsh situations., Yes there were some errors in the writing but honestly that happens. This really shows the human side is Disney. There is so much that the open public on the whole doesn't know. That is a part of human nature though. How much do we find out about what goes on in these individuals lives. This book shows a little glimpse of what happened in this man's life. The good and the bad, he was human despite the magic he or she created in the movies and amusement parks. I'm a HUGE fan of essentially all Disney music and understanding the back history of his life brings so much to my love of them despite the defects of the man. Excellent book with lots of information.
We got this product at a free or reduced price for my truthful opinion. I received no additional incentives to leave an optimistic review other than the product., Purchased this book for a 6th grade assignment. Good part book and excellent source for biography material. The son enjoyed the publication very much. It was easy to navigate and find info. Words are printed clearly, The disney produtcions: A Life of Professional | The True Tale of Walt Disney (Historical Biographies of Famous People)
Very first, let me start by saying that I was a Disney fan. We love the cartoons, videos, music and the leisure areas. When I had the opportunity to read this publication, I was very thrilled because I wanted to find out more about the man behind it all - Walt The disney produtcions. The author of this book had some great stories of what Walt endured while growing upwards. To learn a little bit concerning this incredible man made it a no brainer read.
I was able to get this book at no cost in exchange for an unbiased and honest review., What an incredible story about an amazing person. This story talked about all the bad times and all the fantastic accomplishments Walt Disney did in his wonderful life, there exists a great deal of wonderful information about him as a child and how he came from nothing to becoming the king of Disneyland. I possess read other textbooks about Walt Disney and this speculate if this trade a great deal of other information that We had never read before. So if you are a Disney lover, a Dreamer or any the one which just believes, this is the story for you its full of inspiration and history.
I received this product for cheap and am leaving a respectable review., A lovely ebook that talks about the life of Walter Disney. How he form his personality and just how he survived all those War days and mistreat from his dad. This is a great motivating story of a great persona. I personally like the way he carried on with his personal goal and kept pursuing it against all the misadventures that were appearing on his path. Great e-book, but what I did not like is that We didn't see a individual picture of his child years, family, work, etc.. Normally Let me give a perfect five start to this e-book. I have received this ebook in exchange for my honest review.

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