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I have been in search of another great travel story since I finished The Long Way Round and The Long Way Down by Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman and this is quite definitely it. Levison Wood makes Bear Gryll's appear to be an amateur with his fantastic story of his travel up the Nile - crocodiles, pythons, close runs into with rebel forces, this book experience it all, This particular was a really interesting read, I learned a great deal about the areas along the Nile, the people, vegetation, animals, previous people and political problems still ongoing in a lot of the areas.
Levison Solid wood, a former British soldier, a writer and manager decides he wants to be the first to have walked the whole entire Nile, a quest that could take him 4, 250 miles and through many diverse landscapes. Any time asked why he desired to do this journey, his ultimate response was “The Nile was there and I wanted to walk it. ”
He had Guides that walked with him through different parts of the continent, requiring to change as the languages did. Friends and reporters would occasionally walk small part with your pet. There was Tragedy, worry and amazement to experience throughout this journey. This particular is a journey well worth reading., Walking the Nile is definitely okay. Wood's writing is serviceable, but certainly not compelling. There is just no " oomph" to it, nothing to make you want to keep turning the pages. Although ostensibly a book about walking the distance of the Nile, it's much more a book about how messed up all the African nations he visited through are. At that, it's not a bad guide by any means, but again, the writing isn't compelling enough to hold my interest. Almost all of the genuine walking isn't even integrated in the book. Instead, Wood mostly includes conversations of the cities this individual sees and occasionally the villages.

I'm certain many will find it a lucrative read, but for me it was just okay., I almost didn't read this book due to cliché cover. The book is more than mcdougal just walking the length of the Nile. The author really does a congrats of describing what he's going through and giving you just enough great each location and nation that your dog is walking right through to make it much more than just an adventure story. I think it was interesting to see the studies and pitfalls that this individual had to go through just to cross borders and areas in certain Africa nations. If I got to look for more I wish a detailed map would've been included in the book to see where he was period by stage. The author also does a great job of not glorifying themselves that unbelievable person doing unbelievable feats. The fact is this guy spent the better half of the year walking in through Africa and won't have many negative items to say besides taking shame on certain situations. Total a terrific book and would recommend overwhelming. Also after doing somewhat more research it was documented on television set as well on Animal plant., Levison Wood, right at the beginning of his travelogue, echoing the mountaineer George Mallory's raison d'être for climbing Mt. Everest, declares that he wanted to walk the size of the Nile “Because it's there. ” He then amends that statement, saying that this individual wanted to follow in a great tradition, to achieve something unusual and inspire others, but that much of his inspiration was selfish - to be on a great adventure, to try himself. (Kindle location 67) Later he further refines those objectives to an even more external, less personal, focus: “to see how [the Nile] shaped lives from the floor, day by day and mile by mile. ” (Kindle location 137)

This individual starts his story not at the outset of his trek, but in the center as this individual encounters the front outlines of the Sudanese municipal war, where he witnesses rocket fire and an angry mob who wants to kill anyone that may be associated with the United Nations (and, as a white Britisher, he could easily be mistaken for one and shot on sight! ) The story then moves back in time to the beginning of the trek, in December, 2013, in the Nyungwe Forest in Rwanda, to a tiny spring sprouting a trickle of water from the hole in a rock, claimed by an agent of the National Tourist Board of Rwanda to be the way to obtain the furthest tributary of the Nile. Wood provides somewhat of history, linking his forthcoming journey to Alexander the Great and the Roman Emperor Nero, to Stanley and Livingston and Speke, and rooting it in historical and geographic controversy (Lake Victoria is the commonly accepted source of the White Nile. )

And so, Solid wood sets off, determined to walk every step of the entire 4, 250 mile length of the Nile (measured from the Rwandan springtime. ) We learn quite somewhat about the manuals and friends who accompany him through different levels of the trek, and a brief history and details of the living conditions of the villagers and inn-keepers whom he encounters. We learn about the physical troubles he and his compatriots face - searing heat, blisters, thirst - but actually little about his own personal discomfort. In the manner of the notable British explorers who preceded him, he soldiers on.

That doesn't suggest that he isn't impacted by those travails. Right after all, the group confronts many dangerous circumstances, from single-minded crocodiles and hippos in the deep rainforest to heat exhaustion in the Sahara Desert to AIDS in the towns to war. Indeed, dying does overtake the party, leading to some soul-searching in Woods. He wonders if continuing the pursuit of his goal at the risk of the lives of his compatriots is actually selfish.

While the physical difficulties of the travel are discussed, the the greater part of the focus is on the societal troubles Wood faces and that the people met along the way endure - the problems at the borders as he moves through Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan and Egypt, the collapsing financial systems and infrastructure, famine, conflict, and the greed of the police and military personnel.

On the thirtieth of August, 2014, after 271 days of hiking, he reaches the Mediterranean port of Rashid (the place where the Rosetta Stone was discovered), in Egypt. Here the Nile waters complete their long journey and a changed Wood realizes, in distinction to his attitude at the outset of the venture, that this individual had only gotten through his journey due to the kindness of unknown people, the normal people that he previously met day to day - a most unselfish understanding born out there from all of the events experienced in his story.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher as a swap for an honest review., I enjoy well written travelogues. It's my aspirations to walk the size of Italy and write a guide about it someday. Mister Wood writes a compelling book about walking through different countries with various degrees of danger. Right now there is a section of the Nile he has to miss due to conflict situations. So in fact this individual was unable to walk the entire Nile. He makes lots of friendships with residents who are often friendly and helpful. This restores my faith in the basic decency of many people. This guide is well written and fun., I really enjoyed reading this book however for not one of the reasons I expected. Sure there is somewhat of chance but Mister. Levison is far more about the people and places. HE OR SHE does go into some politics but leaves it open to the viewer. Great read with plenty of surprises.

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