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Minor set-ups for what is ahead, but even for set-ups the forward progress is incredibly minimal. This problem isn't a must buy on day one, wait for an price to drop before the next issue releases., I had been interested for quite a while who Rosita have been having an affair with. We honestly forgot about it until it was delivered up. Wow., Another great read, Awesome!!, The quest commences as part of the group ventures away farther than they have before to explore the area. What will they find?

Nothing too much happens this time around. Getting to see the location for the first time in ages is cool, but the primary focus appeared to be on relationships. Nothing wrong with that. It’s a necessity that will ending up being pertinent I’m sure, but it doesn’t lead to an overly exciting issue., We think this is the worst issue I have ever read. I will begin to see the demise of the comic book series unfold with this problem. I am hoping the walking deceased isnt becoming a " drama" since it seems like it could be going in that direction. We am going to continue to read walking deceased but this matter was rubbish, Get to the freaking point, Kirkman! I mean, really, there is not story-line going on at all. Following The Whisperer War concluded, there was some nice tension with Saviors, but it all just washed out away and pretty much after the issue of Rick killing Sherry (by accident), we don't have a story-line. Everyone just discussions about their love things or they have this typical " okay, we take a00 run" type of dialogue.
The development of Yumiko and Magna is definitely lazy. Kirkman doesn't know very well what to do with those two and he just throws in a sex scene between them to make some character. But it won't work. Especially, if it's simple stupid. They are on a run and they need to make love somewhere where - hello! - zombies are lurking at the rear of every corner. And imagine what, a tiny selection of walkers attacks them. Who would have thought, eh? It's almost like they were in a capsule all those years of survival. The two Magna and Yumiko call nothing, but a feeling of disgust and lazy writing.

Dwight's little scene was interesting, Rick's moment was nice, too. Negan vising Lucille's grave is a lttle bit off-putting, because it's not very enjoyable to see him coming there once again. I get, Dante needed to find it, but as a reader a possibility fun for me to go into that same location once more. And am don't feel like Kirkman is aware what to do with Negan anymore. It's leaving clues towards him being a dad figure for Carl, when Rick will pass away, but since of now, Kirkman appears to be filling a checkbook when Negan is " on camera": sex laugh - check; zombie destroy - check; vising Lucille once again - check.

We feel like TWD arrived at its roof somewhere in the middle of The Whisperer War and now it just painfully and slowly goes down and down. There is way less content and it feels very dragged. We don't feel excited after finishing any of the recent issues. I am similar to " oh, okay"., A lot of new visuals to enjoy, this matter had good negan occasions as well as setting up plenty of future story lines. It's a montly amusing so not every episode is going to be action all the time

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