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Walk to Beautiful, The Power of Love and a Homeless Kid That Found the Way is a poignant and uplifting account of Jimmy Wayne’s journey, written by Jimmy David and Ken Abraham—one which will forever make life!

Jimmy Wayne is famous for his altruistic and offering heart. In the country music industry he is known for his track writing, and hit tunes, while being supported by his many fans, worldwide.

On the other hand, readers may well not know about the horrific childhood and difficulties on his way to stardom and adulthood. This is certainly like “Job”; one challenge, obstacle, disappointment, and obstacle after another, and yet Jimmy possessed the drive, talent, determination, and tenacity, in his darkest times; to overcome his bothered past. He was fortunate to have some people along the way who took a chance on this remarkable young man, and wishes to give back and pay forward.

I will be honest, I am not just a country music fan (even though my sibling who resides in NC is an avid fan). A new great deal of Jimmy’s childhood took place in Gastonia, NC area, with some of the crazy people and backward views.

Wow, I had developed no idea the power and impact of this beautifully written and extraordinary book. The more I read, the more intrigued, I became and began reviewing Jimmy Wayne’s website, and took in to all the videos and was highly impressed.

Walk to Beautiful portrays the story of how Wayne surely could rise above his background by making use of supporting, adoptive parents as a teen, and become a successful country singer and in-demand motivational speaker.

The book goes from Jimmy’s early years as a boy, left many times in the street alone by his mother, bullied by his peers, to fend for himself; growing up being passed from foster home to another, with overlook and abuse, tortured, with no food or place to live, or sleep. Yet , one woman and man took him in, and taught him about love, music and living.

When you look at this highly talented musician, good-looking person, today, and listen to his beautiful words and songs, it is hard to trust the rough street he has traveled. Through his determination, he has not let his past determine him, nor his future; however, is using his humble and troubled past to help others going through similar experiences.

Jimmy has dedicated the book, his life story to Bea, a wonderful 75-year old woman who took your pet in when he was 16 years old, after a voice told your pet to stop and see if she needed help with her yard work. Bea and Russell later asked him to move in, and were a key component in turning Jimmy’s life around. Bea who exceeded always in 1997, will almost always be in his heart, and now Jimmy is offering back to the community to help other create children, who have no place to turn.

From the year 2010 when Jimmy walked from Nashville to Phoenix on his Meet Me Halfway campaign, he set out to raise awareness for foster youth who have aged out of the system. The walk in itself helped stem the idea to document certain thoughts and memories, which led to the labor and birth of Walk to Gorgeous.

“Thirty Thousand kids every year age out from the foster proper care system the minute they change eighteen. Many of them will become homeless, addicted, or locked up. Some will never see their twenty-first birthdays. I knew I wanted to help those kids the way somebody had helped me personally. But how? ”

Walk to Beautiful is an uplifting and remarkable book. It does not read like a non-fiction, or memoir. As an avid readers of over 350 textbooks a year, a professional reader and blogger—Trust me personally, this is a history you cannot pay! It is so shocking, you feel like this must be fiction. How can any one person survive this life?

On a Personal Notice: I formerly served as a Board Member for an organization in Atlanta for at risk teens, YES Atlanta (Youth Experiencing Success) and commend grown ups who try to help these youngsters, by giving positive role models, and resources in order to change their environment, with an possibility to lead healthy and rich lives as an adults.

Although the book will bring you to tears, there are many parts which are amusing and humorous. I especially loved the parts about growing up in the south. He had such bad role models when it came to Christianity, with the distorted views of church, beliefs, and hypocrisy. It was stimulating to learn he do not lose his belief, through all of this, when this individual finally got to see firsthand from Bea what faith and love really means.

I highly recommend this beautifully written and inspiring book, and well worth 5 stars. It will change you. Nashville, and country music enthusiasts will love all the stars, names, mentions, and tidbits. Foster children and troubled youth, will find hope and joy in these words, for the future.

Congrats, Jimmy, very good putting yourself out there, with courage and bravery to tell your history, and relive your previous, forgive those who turned their back on you, and share with others while making a variation in lives across the world., Walk to Gorgeous is an unforgettable read in many ways. Coming from a childhood immersed in abusive situations, being rebounded from non permanent foster homes, being facing adult situations and choices while still a child, Jimmy David swallowed the hurts and disappointments and kept plodding ahead. The fact that he survived to young adulthood can be credited to sheer determination and the fact that an elder (unrelated) couple saw his need and suddenly (to Jimmy) reached out a hand to offer help and support. Thanks to that couple for probably the first time in the life.. he found a house and the type of caring environment that every young person needs to survive and thrive.

Two people who lived their Christian faith (rather than just talking) set the young man they took in on the path to responsible adulthood and a faith filled life. These days, as an adult we see the results of their efforts. He is a country music star but he has not forgotten the rough years.... the homeless, hungry, shelterless years when he barely survived. Jimmy knows then pain and agony that foster care children face both in an out of the system and he exposes those problems from his own life experience.

As an adult, he has undertaken the objective of confronting all of us in our comfortable existence wherever we are with the needs of most vulnerable children in our society. No child should live in some of the circumstances he has faced... so he walked across the middle of our own country... step by step... to bring our attention to children who need our help, attention and nurturing. Alongside the way he shares his life story,,,, pain and all.... this is the reality.

His music has had our attention and now his tragic story will reinforce the message. His story is NOT an easy or a comfortable read but it is compelling and it also results in us with a persuasive question, How can we help, what should we do and when do we start?, Poignant. Convicting. Heart tugging. These are only a few of the text that come to mind when thinking about Jimmy Wayne's new book. It's a story about a light in the midst of darkness. It's a story about beauty. It's a story about wish.

Let me preface with this: I never pre-order books. Generally, I hold out until they arrive at the library. Now, as a grad student, We rarely even read anything besides a textbook. On the other hand, Trying to find following Jimmy Wayne's music and story since I was 12 or 13, therefore i knew that buying the book was a must.

I may regret it one bit.

The instant I arrived home from school, I tore available into my waiting bundle and devoured the history. Parts of the story were so horrific that my stomach churned. Others were quirky and sweet, like strawberry lemonade. Throughout the whole story, a message of hope and redemption was present, even in the darkest times. This book is so much more than a story about Jimmy's life; it is about how exactly Lord is good, even when a lot more not.

This book leaves you not only with a sense of wish, but a renewed sense of purpose. The history doesn't stop after the last page; Jimmy attracts you to become part of the story also to be somebody for someone. He encourages us to remember those who the world has often overlooked.

Buy this book. It just may change your life.

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