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This is certainly one of the only two books I have read featuring an Intersex character, as those textbooks are rare. The book itself was great, and I enjoyed reading it. It took me about two nights to read, also it was a great read. You might very much tell the struggles each of the characters confronted. With Walker being intersex, Micah being gay, and his mom's grief over her lost son there were many.

The struggles were very easy to identify. Micah's mom was quite definitely attached to her child, shown by how devoted she was to getting the house ready when she heard having been still alive from the clairvoyant. When Micah turned out to his dad, he previously a very extreme reaction. Then he contacted his girlfriend, and she talked to him and got him to accept him. Micah's mom also experienced a negative reaction, but she also got over it.

Walker had many struggles, by being homosexual and intersex. Along with that he was struggling with his gender, not sure if he was really a boy. His mother also was not very accepting, making him go to church and banning him from seeing Micah. After a bit, she performed turn around and let him see Micah. This particular book overall was great, and the characters experienced flaws and were like real people., Robin Reardon does it again. She is written a string of awesome stories that keep my attention. This one is no different. Sixteen year old Micah took his camera to the shoreline to photograph some uncommon shots. Think American Beauty. There, he meets Master, a boy obviously away of Micah's league. After all Walker sails and lives in an exclusive neighborhood facing the sea. Micah, on the other hand, lives in a motel with his mom (who runs the place). Micah's family has been damaged by way of a death in the family, whereas Walker's family is intact. Despite the class differences, Micah and Walker become an item. But there is trouble in paradise, which Robin slowly reveals.

I truly enjoyed this history about young love. Since one of the key character types is intersex, that casts an completely different feel to this story about young gay people than there are plenty of from any other novel with this subject. Nevertheless it's not simply the history line that's good here. It's Robin's writing style. Oh, can she weave a story! Over and over again she put me for a trap with plot twists. Three times she 'did that to me' - eg, unexpected things happened that drove me to learn what happens next. In the course of these plot twists I watched as Robin slowly and carefully triggered Micah to grow and alter. Because the story is in first-person POV we stayed inside Micah's brain and experienced this growth. It was very well spaced.

I was very pleased with the ending because it was also unexpected, too. Therefore, kudos, Robin, for crafting a story about an uncommon subject and making me personally not only be surprised together the way, but also making me verklempt several times. That's how I determine if a history will be worth reading: how many times I get verklempt!, I read an amazing review of this book by Sammy Goode, and purchased the book directly off. Ah, the strength of word-of-mouth.

Loved, just loved this story, about people we so hardly ever see. With beautiful vocabulary and turns of phrase that hit me just so.


”You came back to that rock and looked for me personally, out on the. I think you want a new friend, too. ”

Courage, when you realize you can no longer do nothing – but you still haven’t figured away what you can do.

We need more tales like this one, to lift us up, to observe that it is possible to change, it is possible to require a highway less traveled.

And this it is possible that other people’s truths are just as valid as your own. Only different.

Just loved it. Warmly recommend it, especially as there was next to no sex in there, and sweet and slow, what was there.


*** Bought this book with my own monies after reading a smashing review. ***, Waiting for Master is an excellent read. It is also a groundbreaking, fearless work that truly illuminates its world in a completely real-life, photographically clear way. There are many heroes available, but the key two are Micah and Walker. The storyline is told largely from Micah’s point of view and the reader is always there in the fully shaped world of his ideas. Micah loves to take pictures and his ideas are often like finely done color photographs, full of abundant detail and honest, obviously accurate reflection on what he is seeing and thinking. Reardon does something with Micah that few have achieved: lovingly displayed the intelligence, vision, and true-seeing so many teenagers have but are afraid to express because they don’t yet have the experience in how to do it. Especially those like Micah who don’t develop up in an environment that is completely safe or stable. This viewer finds him to be one of the most realistic teenagers every brought to life on papers.

The second hero is Walker, the eponymous main character of this novel, and the one who is indeed so worth waiting for. He and Micah come across the other early on and true to the title, they must wait for every single other. They must undergo their own sometimes awful, emotional activities alone yet thinking of the other the whole time. They must wait for every single one to physique themselves out, to come across themselves without expectations or filters, and finally scream to the sea and the heavens who they believe they truly are. Many people forget how much can happen to a younger person in a single summer calendar month, but often it is the time the whole course of their lives are formed. Reardon gets this in a monumentally accurate way and it is completely stimulating to read how these two boys workout vital things that will condition them in so many ways for all time. She also shows how no one is perfect and that we should not expect anyone to be, but rather hope that whomever we’re with is honest with us. Honest with what they think and feel and have the freedom to inform us.

Much from being simply being a coming of age tale, Waiting for Walker dives seriously into what goes in in a teenage boy’s mind if he thinks some questions are threats, where the right answer is the the one which will please the adult and not often be the truth of what he’s feeling. This guide displays the incredible mental agility required for this and the consequences of such things carefully and kindness, always showing how the strength of love and real compassion for others can mend, repair and hold others upward exactly when they need it most. Besides these powerful themes, the book also goes into intersex realities, western religion, socioeconomic differences, and what certain sorts of privilege do and do not for people and those around them. Moreover, a delightful knowledge of fishes, sailing, photography and the realities of those who come home from conflict and you have a in-depth read for young adults and adults. Very highly recommended.

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