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Being a restaurant owner I'm reading more books about the business but nonetheless trying to be entertained and this book evidently did that. You will definitely get great setup information of the roles of the several players in the restaurant industry and great descriptions of how this service can produce a difference. This is what I came to hear.

But what makes this book interesting is this " almost rock star" who enjoys his high paying bartender job which turns in to a top cashier job at the Punta Lounge in Beverly Hills. Or at least that is my guess. I've made halts there but always for drinks, never for meal which I will definitely do soon for this reason great description. Ok, if you need to hear about stars, who is good to wait on, who is not, this is the book for you. He has personal faves and does a good job in great details showing how so many stars actually are good people and, some who are not. And I must admit, some of the bills for dinner absolutely astounded me. I've paid , 000 dinner charges for business. But I cannot imagine taking a family of four to meal and a bill of , 000! I think I'll pass on the expensive , 000 bottles of wine

But what is very compelling is the take great pride in in this distinguished restaurant which eventually turns in to disdain when he views their foreign corporate proprietor as destroying their previously great culture. How this plays out and how well he conveys this in words is exceptional and I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend. Favorite part? The writer looks up to one professional waiter who after hours turns in to a sexual/drug enduced deviant. Well, at least in a good way and these stories are extremely interesting.

I strongly recommend this book., I wasn't really sure what to expect when I read the subject, but I found " Waiter to the Rich and Shameless" to be rather uniquely entertaining. Paul not only shares his personal experiences waiting on celebrities, but his personal life struggles and wants as well. When you have never waited on people before, it can be a very difficult and humbling experience. Yet you free yourself doing it, before too long you meld with your regulars, but in actuality you're not really part of their life - so the jokes on you. I was glad to read that Paul finally shattered from all of it in the conclusion and is rediscovering what this individual loves about life. The journey in between is an enjoyable read, Paul writes in an exceedingly personal manner, onw which I have never experienced before.. swear words, slangs and all! A lot of; life lesson between the pages, it's worth a read for just about everyone. And if your into celebrity details... I think you will quite enjoy this!, That doesn’t want to shake hands and literally rub shoulders with celebrities? This would be a desire come true for many. Simply by having the chance to assist them food and drink would land on another level. In “Waiter to the Rich & Shameless, ” author Paul Hartford, grants or loans his readers the viewpoint through his eyes and life as a cashier in Hollywood. From dwelling the lifestyle, enjoying the scenery, partying at LA’s nightlife, and providing star status food service at a popular restaurant. The working as a cashier is already tough enough, can you imagine making sure a celebrity’s food experience is a good one.

Author Paul Hartford’s writing style is perfectly planned, very detailed, enabling you to feel almost all senses from his point of view. He or she also mentioned by working there, “it gave your pet a great feeling of importance to serve and basically share common space with these kind of guests”. In the “Waiter To The Rich & Shameless”, the activities with every celebrity visitor that shows up, have all been some interesting experiences. Pauli, the key character, has observed and made small notations about each celebrity, granting some insight about how they are although it is not in front of a rolling camera. For example, don’t know very well what to expect, as you’re assuming actors’ behavior would be somewhat of their portrayed characters you are probably familiar with. But surprisingly so, they’re just as normal as the next person, and their downtime would rather be treated as such with a touch of celebrity treatment.

From your reader’s perspective many of us would say he’s bad mouthing superstars he’s had a chance to server or see at the restaurant, but honestly, that is not the case. Youre actually learning more about these celebrities that any interviewer wouldn’t have the advantage of earning that kind of knowledge. At the conclusion of it all, mixing hard work and interaction with celebrities while doing so, seems rewarding enough. I suggest for everyone who wishes to be in the company of celebrities, or those intrigued with Hollywood and its entirety to consider a sense of value reading this book would bring., Paul Hartford’s “Waiter to the Rich and Shameless: Confessions of a Five-Star Beverly Hills Server” ended up being very entertaining. I loved the firsthand look at the celebrity diners, and the way Hartford doesn’t fan or fawn over them. He’s so matter of fact. It’s so easy to find the wait staff as invisible, but as your read this book, you see that they are vital to the operation of a good restaurant.

Hartford’s book starts out a little slow, about how precisely he got to be a bartender first. I wanted to hear more about the celebrities, which he grows to, eventually. However, I really came to know the author and became employed with his story. He’s very relatable, even though I use no experience with the rock’n’roll or drug scene. Overall, his tale is very enjoyable. This was a good read for an evening when nothing was on tv set, and I didn’t want anything at all too heavy.

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