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I really like reading a book that I can't wait to get back to; this one of those books! These stories give insight to the restaurant experience, the good and the not so good.
Eating is something we all have to do. So why not learn what goes on in the lives of the people who can make this experience great or make you wish you had stayed home and made a sandwich!
Patrons, show respect and tip generously; restaurant employees, please don't do "stuff" to my order!, This particular author is an excellent writer. He is caustic at times, but mainly hilarious and brilliant. He writes about the reality in " the front and back of the house" in a restaurant. This particular is THE best publication I have ever read about " waiting" on people---serving people food. People can get really crazy about their food and about money---and apparently where they sit in a restaurant. Steve Dublanica writes with very clever and clear wit and understanding of just who his customers are, but also about who the cooks, masters and wait staff are. I cannot highly-enough recommend this book. You will be laughing-out-loud-and-hurting from his present of description, creating displays and interactions, and catching the irony of being human as we eat and serve those who eat. You will never feel or be the same in a restaurant every again. Or, at least, I really hope not!!, I actually admit which i am not an avid reader but with this author's skill I was glued to every sentence, paragraph, web page and so on. This particular author does a good job on describing how the restaurant business works with servers in the front and chefs in the back and how the active switches into play in order to get food to a customer's table, during the author's perspective all while occasionally describing his trip through life as well. I recommend this publication for anyone interested to see what it is like to be a cashier or waitress and for me personally, i very much relate to how the author feels because I actually am a server as well too, if your are a server or bartender or work in a restaurant generally read this book! it's the life of a server to a t! I actually felt weeded for him when he was weeded available, I know that feeling and it made my heart beat!!

this is a great description of one's life as a server and if you've never served read this any way so you know how it true my seems if you act like a douche or if your the nicest person out there!!

5*****, I actually recently read a very interesting book on what continues on behind the scenes in hotels, and reviews of that book resulted in the title of this publication. We travel and eat at restaurants alot; I actually found this book easily interesting to read through. Tipping in restaurants seems exceedingly unfair if all tips go into a single pot and divided consistently between waiters. Obviously there are clearly better waiters than others. However I actually think it's not widely known that waiters depend so heavily on tips. Yet alas, in general, tipping in the hospitality industry in USA isn't exactly well understood anyway. The particular book covers many more matters than tipping though. Recommend!, I read this book after having greatly enjoyed Steve's second publication, " Keep The Change: A new Clueless Tipper's Quest to Become the Guru of the Gratuity " I have always had empathy for waiters and others in the service positions, and have always considered myself a good tipper, but after reading Steve's books, I have upgraded my tipping habits even more. Waiter Rant supplies a great inside look into the " waitperson profession". I actually have always known it is an " overworked and underpaid" area of employ, but in this fearlessly revealing, insightful and often hilarious narrative Dorrie bares all. I have already been recommending this book to family, friends and waiters likewise... to those whom I actually know to be good tippers, who can truly appreciate it, and those I know to be stingy tippers, who might not exactly appreciate it, but need to read it even more! And I am considering buying some extra copies to leave as tips for some of the best servers. Read this publication, and then read his delightful follow-up, " Maintain the Change"., Easy, Exciting and very enjoyable! Our father was in the restaurant business in NY his whole life. All of us ate out a whole lot too, and am remember him always telling us never to send our food back....... maybe he saw too much! Good writing and I would recommend it. This will available your eyes to many things, especially a training about how to be a good customer!, I'm apologies but I had been bored through. Characters never caught my interest and really not much plot to speak of.

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