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It’s hard to believe that this is Frank Butterfield’s ninth book about Nick Williams. Another thing that this particular episode in the Nick and Carter series makes explicit is that this whole long group of stories has only covered a single year in the life span of Nick Williams, the richest gay man in the world, and his precious husband, ex-firefighter Carter Woodrow Wilson Jones.

There is nothing really new to say, as a reporter, except that the adventure in “Voluptuous Vixen” is instead fun, for two distinct reasons. One, it requires place on an ocean boat called the Hilo, bound from Bay area to Honolulu in 1954. Owing to an absurd snafu at Marnie’s wedding, Nick and Peterson conclusion on the luxury cruise, realizing that these are sorely in need of some real rest. The description of the ship itself, and the way people traveled in the 1950s (with steamer trunks and black-tie for dinner), is all wonderfully put out for us—and this nostalgic look into the past is part and parcel of what makes these books so interesting. Secondly, Butterfield has determined to bring in real celebrities, in the person of Rosalind Russell and Gale Storm (of The Little Margie fame, one of the biggest earlier TV show hits). Russell and her husband Freddie Brisson (a great history by itself about which I knew nothing) become real participants in the story. This is a second when the author hard disks home the fact that both Nick and Peterson are indeed notorious—celebrities in their own right—and thus even more like superheroes to the embattled gay folk of the fifties. For all their wealth and strength, Nick and Carter are still subject to the deeply-held homophobia of conformist America; and it is those times of exception—such as Rosalind Russell’s candor and friendship—that bring that fact into high relief.

Butterfield has created this series with a careful balance of romanticism and historical clarity. They are meant to be rosy-colored, but the darkness always lingers at the edges. We know this is a dream, and that no gay guys ever lived who were like Carter and Nick; the gay regarding post-War America had no heroes to give them hope amidst their (our) oppression. Gosh, I wish these books could be made into a “Masterpiece Theater”-like series of mysteries, with great production beliefs. It is, perhaps, a reminder of the homophobia still very present in the world that such a notion is still an impossible dream.

I don’t think I’ll ever before get sick and tired of Nick and Carter., The Voluptuous Vixen is Frank Butterfield at his best writing to date! The Charm and concerns of the first few Chip Williams Mysteries have us all on a 1958 motorboat ride to Hawaii with a supporting cast of characters that keep you on the edge of your seat! Nick and Carter Jones have a opportunity to take the time for themselves thru the unlucky damage of Nicks stepsister at her wedding! They get over the bridal honeymoon suite to ride the surf on the big boat-a opportunity to ground themselves against what has been a very busy year filled with dangers, heartbreak, deaths and personal growth contrary to the back ground of San Francisco and Consolidate Protection, Nick and Carters organization. We get introduced to this books cast of characters which include a wonderful Rosalind Russell appearance, Gale Storm and the soon to be Della Street-Barbara Hale and husbands. These people comprise the Captain's desk and weave throughout the story. You will find murders, intrigues and deceptions and Chip and Carter are called to help!
I loved this. I hated the bigotry and nastiness of the uninformed- the snide comments on their relationship and the continuing existence of the bane of the Hearst papers trying to slander Chip and company at every crossroad.! Frank Butterfield wrote a good story and a joy to read. His / her use of period established ship customs was great. His observations about dress and social norms-right on the mark.. However the innovative use of Hollywood as it moves from movie and stage to television and the people who populated it in the late 50's was keenly observed and woven into the dialogue. I can't hold out for more Nick Williams!, The part in the boat was great - super suspenseful. The part in Hawaii felt disjointed or added on. I do love these characters and I'm glad by what happened., I have read all nine in this series and can't hold out for the author to publish more! His style is not hard to read and there are interesting plot outlines., I'm just going to say that I love this series and always impatiently wait for the next installment., In this ninth mystery starring Nick and Carter we have a prologue marrying off their beloved secretary (and Nick's now step sister), Marnie. Then our boys established sale for Hawaii and, of course, are called on to help solve a murder aboard the send. On the way we meet some new characters, ride shotgun in their investigation and admire the scenery (both living and inanimate) through their eyes. We get to see mid hundred years travel and technology in action and we get to experience, alongside our romantic duo, the Hawaii Islands while they were still relatively pristine.

Naturally , we meet a few more men who are " in the life", because, after all, gay men are everywhere and always have been. I could almost have the fine sand between my toes and the salt smell surrounding this time on the secluded Hawaii beach. And of course, our heroes acquire another trophy for Carter to put in the trophy case when they get home.

I have now read each of the mysteries available so far in this series and I'll be holding out on pins and needles for number ten, when Mr. Butterfield launches it. While the expression " I can't wait" comes to mind, obviously I will have to., Such a romance with a mystery anywhere they go, work or play. Keep the reports coming. Butterfinger really catches the time period and give us an actual sense of location and folks. This specific time two of my favorite actresses Russell and Hale connect the fun. I'm waiting for John, Carter's cousin to get involved on the fun with his s. o. Waiting for the next., Collection continues to get better with each story... bridging & main character(s) continue to realistically evolve with each installment... the connections between different stories are clear but, to be truly clear need to be read, roughly, in sequence. Recommendations to historical events and conditions are both interesting and, in many ways, informative... detailing of the time and place remains a well thought-out plus to each part of these stories...

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