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Typically the strong points of this book are research and discriminating choice of famous retorts and comebacks. You'll see the well-known ones you expect, from wits such as Winston Churchill and Calvin Coolidge, but also a host of witty remarks from lesser known personages.

I'm serious about how good the research is. I had developed wondered for years about a tale concerning a retired professional called in to fix an intractable problem. We had heard many versions, the majority of associated with no details. This book identified the particulars: it was Charles Steinmetz of General Electric powered who famously sent the , 000 bill, itemized with for a chalk mark and 99 for knowing where you can put it.

The introductions to each bit of repartee are OK, but they don't come off so well contrasted with the conciseness of the repartee itself. There's a fair bit of detail on the people and situations involved. Sometimes it helps accentuate the humor. Other times it appeared a bit superfluous in my opinion.

Total, though, I recommend it. If you're a loudspeaker looking for funny tales, you will most probably find a few. In the event you just like smart use of language, you'll find plenty from it. In addition to it's a great guide for a guestroom dresser when you're done with it., If only that We had said the majority of these things first! Ya' gotta love witty!!, After some trials and errors I stumbled upon this title and seeing how affordable it was plus the number of pages to possibly enjoy, I acquired it. Already been on a quest, kind of speak, for this type of material and so far my results got all been "lukewarm" at best. The way this book is organized and presented is a cut above the rest, the introduction to each entry is a water feature expertise readily available for the avid reader of this type of literature. There are some jewels to be found in the pages of Viva la Repartee: Clever Comebacks and Amusing Retorts from History's Fantastic Wits and Wordsmiths and as many distinguished fellow reviewers have already directed out this book is a keeper. Mankind has always had selective members in whose wit and genialities make this world a lot more interesting and colorful than it otherwise would have turned out to be. These are all characters of the great world in which we are present and it is definitely well worth to acquire a guide of this nature. Funny at times, incisive at others and all in between, it certainly improves the human condition with good humor and humor. All people mentioned in this book are interesting and the author has taken the time to inform and delight at the same time. For the money, enjoyment and sheer value you can not beat this one. 5 Celebrities, anything less would be uncivilized!, This is one of the most delightful books you will actually buy. The fact that it's on sale on Amazon for under is unbelievable. Provide as a gift idea to all of your intelligent, witty friends and by all means, keep a copy for yourself. It is going to charm you, make you everyone's favorite dinner companion, and send you to bed with a smile on your face and a longing for the times when sensibilities used words with classiness and good humor, somewhat than as clubs for whacking opponents. Dr. Mardy Grothe is constantly good, insightful and funny. We wait for the publication of his books and always sign up early on to acquire them. In addition, I recommend Bartlett's Book of Anecdotes, edited by Clifton Fadiman and Andre Bernard. Like Viva La Repartee, ideas moments when you roar, snort, giggle, and collapse with laughter. Exactly what better gift idea could there be?, And spear your enemies. Author Mardy Grothe has compiled some of the best witty remarks, classic retorts, and refined nudges into this browsable volume. Divided into fifteen chapters by subject (sports, politics, literary, etc. ), Grothe covers the world of wit. Rather than just an endless listing, he does the reader an enormous favor but placing each remark in the context of when/how/where it was said. He does so concisely to further benefit from the repartee and their intended (and unintended) audience. Books like this are not be plowed through, but are more like tapas, to be lightly sampled unless you have exhausted the contents., I'd encountered a few of these before. I appreciated Grothe's make an effort to verify sources. This should be read in small bits rather than devoured whole. I'd experienced quite a few estimates I felt should take this book but weren't in order to only give four stars. But those are well-earned., fun to read, Some famous retorts and some brand new ones, too. Very fun read.

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