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This book has made a positive contribution to my own health in the past several months. I hope the ideas presented of the human body's needs for a more efficient level of health intake will be broadly read. The principles in this book have made a marked difference in my own health since March 2012.

On Mar 3, 2012 I experienced excruciating pain and an ugly rash round the top part of my body. This particular condition necessitated a quick visit to a hospital unexpected emergency room one evening. The particular condition was diagnosed as "typical T-4 Shingles, " Herpes Zoster, that often occurs as an aftermath of a long-forgotten years as a child bout with Chicken Pox!

In that ER, We received prescriptions for an anti-bacterial cleanser for managing the rash, and a strong pain medication, as well as advice that maybe an anti-histamine would be helpful in coping with the painful rash. The pain medication had horrible side effects, and barely diminished the pain of the rash. The particular anti-histamine just realized me sleepy, and did little else. I was reminded of something my mother once said after a very long time of coping with various medical treatments:
She said: "Now We understand why doctors call it 'practicing' medicine, because they just continue training, never really getting it perfect. "

At the ending of three months my symptoms had improved only slightly. The rash was healed, but there remained deep pain where the rash had came out, and there was strong scarring from that rash. I was told by my doctor which i could not receive a vaccination against a future starting point of Shingles so long as We experienced any associated with this attack. I also figured out from my internet search that the pain could last the rest of my life time, because I will be elderly. Really discouraging.

This information and continued pain caused me to explore the internet to find out more. I found information about how exactly to strentthen one's basic disease fighting capability, including data on which supplements to include to accomplish this. That is how I found this book, "The Vitamin D Revolution. " This information has been most valuable to me in overcoming the Shingles symptoms, and seems to have brought important improvement in my arthritis feet as well! We now have very little pain. I am so grateful for the information in this book.

This book is well-written, set up, and worth the reading time, particularly if one needs treatment that is more than merely a prescription to relieve symptoms. The data in this book can actually produce cures of many of our common ailments. Believe in me. I am living proof that it is true, based on good science and great results.

One of the best things about this book is it was offered as a free of charge download for my Kindle. Thanks, Amazon.

Carolyn McElrath
Age 83, Retired High School Educator, As the author of  Chronic Migraine Relief: Pathways to Heal Your Brain   I follow all the research I can on vitamin D, especially as it pertains to the brain and neurological function.

Dr. Khalsa does a fantastic job of organizing the massive amount of research on vitamin D into a readable and extremely user friendly format. The particular book gives a very balanced view of the research as well as practical ideas of how much vitamin D to take depending on your skin type, age, weight, latitude and other influencing factors.

In no way over hypes the information like many other sources do. Instead, he notes where the research is weak, but where common sense can prevail., We liked this book a lot because it gives you very concise and clear advice about the benefits that supplement D supplementation can bring to your life. I was deficient in vitamin D and quite concerned about the big quantities recommended to me a few months ago. I need to say that I have been deficient for 10 years and no doctor before had recommended any extra D even though I had formed many symptoms related to a non diagnosed condition, of course they would run to prescribe iron when my ferritin levels were low but it's really a major mistake that they don't recommend vitamin D for you when they're calculating your levels and it's really clear you're deficient... I simply appeared onto some labs from some years ago and found that in one labs' results it came out 9!! That's too bad, as you will realize when your read physician's Khalsa's book. From my last labs' I found out I had only 11, deficient as well. I'm now taking five thousand UI of vitamin D. If you can't get your vitamin D tested, take a supplement of 2k until the summer techniques and then during the winter. You don't have nothing to worry about with such a dosage and it will help your body maintain healthy levels that can keep your immunity and your overall health in very good form.

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