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Charlotte now Stone has once more developed beautifully written love. Her story has taken my attention from the beginning and swept myself off my feet. The Viscount's Blazing Love is another regency romance that has the break it or make it instant. So intense and stimulating... readers won't want to stop reading it. Habit forming, entertaining, and romantic. The characters come to life. Their ways and individuality get this story more than just words on the page. They made me consider, hope, and fall in love.

The Viscount's Blasting Love is exactly as the title suggests. Fairly sweet, enticing, and fiery. Secrets come unfolding and selections have to be made. Two lovers separated long enough to cause uncertainty and confusion. This only stirs the plot more. Family and redemption are other major themes. The scenes were visually interesting. Charlotte Stone has a way of magically bringing her words into reasonable beings and places. The emotional tugs from the novel will keep visitors hooked. I absolutely cherished reading this article new book. Charlotte now Stone is still one of my favorite historical writers. After reading her works of fiction, readers will easily understand why. Overall, I highly recommend The Viscount's Blasting Love to readers worldwide., It is a continuation of the Wardington Park series of stories about the Fight it out of Wardington, his kids and his friends. In this book, Jane (the sister of one of the Duke's son's wives or girlfriends Catherine), has been having a " love affair" with John, a commoner who lived on the estate, the son of a man who never amounted to much, and was a mean intoxicated and horrible to his family. Because of his unhappy upbringing, he cherished his friendship with Her, and loved her from afar. The reason behind Catherine's burns from a childhood fireplace is revealed, leading to family drama and the a crash finish to his passion affair between Jane and David, which started when they were children, and continuing to adulthood. They manage to get past it, and fittingly, the story concludes at Christmastime. Very well written, enjoyable book. It helps if you've read the others, but it's not totally necessary., This is the story of Her and John, and it also offers up to date on Charlotte and Ben, as well as Skip and Julia. All of us first met these characters in the two previous books in this series, which began with a devastating fire that ruined Charlotte and Jane’s home.
David and Ben played major roles in assisting the Watsons escape the fire. When Dan married Cat, they took Jane to live with them. So there was all of a sudden a very wide difference in Jane and John’s circumstances.
This and many other things, both real and imagined, kept the two of them aside. But there were some delightful twists and becomes ahead for Jane and John.
Another fantastic book in this series, very highly recommended.
I was given a free copy of this book and voluntarily wrote this honest review., This was my first read by Charlotte Stone and the 3rd book in her Fire and Smoke cigarettes series. It can be read as a remain alone novel and experienced no cliffhangers. I found Her and John's story full of heart warming and sometimes heart wrenching moments, and spiced with just enough suspense to keep me speculating about the outcome. David is a gentle large of a man, who has been in one way or another, the protector of everyone he or she has ever loved. The only person in his youth who looked to him and bandaged his often battered body was Her, whom he once crowned the Queen of the faeries. As young grown ups they both feel more than a loving a friendly relationship toward the other, and many of the obstructions to a happy future together are of their own making. I heartily recommend this novel to all lovers of historical romances, especially regency love fans., The final book in the Fire and Smoke series where we found the answers from the fire in the first book. Jane and John had a love that survived obstacles not that belongs to them making. Bringing in Tom as a dad figure and mentor helped John's character develope. I actually was glad to see a Cat and Dan, Julia and Shep endless for the finally. Coping with anger and no outlet and realizing the bad thing of the father never should reside with the kid. Well written., I have a tendency to gravitate towards light, easy reading such as short, regency romances, especially while I'm sick or in pain due to my not being able to focus and completely focus for long periods of time. Well I have been in pain for quite a while and therefore have recently been reading these regency period digital booklets for several months now. These stories are always cheerful and endearing. I've come not to expect good editing and always seek to overlook the problems. I have also come to expect not to become overly involved or to deeply feel for the characters. As I said, it's light reading. But this particular story is very different.

The opening scene is so full of thoughts that I had to keep consciously making myself relax because I was so 'into their moment' that I kept subconsciously inclined forward. I normally go to bed at 10pm but I read through until 2am! I couldn't put it down!

The way the author makes every moment Jane and David are together so intense is pretty unexpected because the heroine and hero of the book have recently been lifelong friends. I truly enjoyed her writing as Charlotte Stone. It's some of the best writing I've read in a piece in very long time.

It is a stand only story, and I have never read the previous stories in this series. I actually didn't know they been around, but We are ordering them right now as I actually finish reading the final words to this book. I can't wait to read them and get the stories of Jane's sister and sister in law! And, knowing personally, I will read this one again as soon as I finish the first two!, Jane is still miserable after John still left 2 years ago. She has not heard from him or about him in that time. Suddenly he or she appears at the final dance of the season and she is unsuspecting for his appearance. He or she had not contacted the girl and had told the girl to move on. What can he expect? The woman brother and his better half choose to provide the couple a hand. That can go either way. You'll like Charlotte Stone's Regency series. This is the third or 4th I have read rather than been let down.

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