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Like a Baylor alumnus, life-long Baylor football fan, and now a Baylor parent, the last couple of years have been really tough to stomach. The particular firings, the scandals, the abhorrent behavior by soccer players and other students, the responses of coaches and university officials to reports of rape and other crimes, and the bumbling PR treatment the university has put collectively has been painful and disheartening. In case you follow Baylor news closely, little in Paula Lavigne and Indicate Schlabach's new book Broken: Exposing Rape at Baylor University Amid College Football's Sexual Assault Crisis will be a new comer to you. When you have not followed the news and lover message boards and rumor mills about Baylor closely, consider yourself lucky, but if you would like an extensive treatment of the scandal, Violated is a good destination to start.

Lavigne and Schlabach, ESPN reporters, have been at the forefront of the nationwide media's coverage of Baylor. They were instrumental in bringing broader attention to the scandal and churning out stories about it. I felt like that they had a vendetta against Baylor and was prepared to hate Violated. I was forced to admit, however, that while they definitely provide an agenda, their treatment is, in most cases, even-handed. Numerous of the facts are indisputable. There were potential predators on campus, including some on the football team. Many women did not feel comfortable working with campus judicial affairs because of the actual perceived as a judgmental culture. Coaches, legislativo affairs employees, counselors, and other university employees reacted inadequately and, in some cases, offensively, to reports of rape.

Lavigne and Schlabach, as well as other journalists, exposed heavy cultural and administrative problems that had persisted for a long time. Thankfully, the light has been a disinfectant and things have been washed up and have been in the process of being reassessed and restructured. Interim leader Dr . Garland may have been slightly over exuberant when he claimed that Baylor would certainly be " the safest put on the earth, " but I have no doubt that Baylor is becoming " a model for the rest of the country, of how to tackle these issues, " as he said.

Given their mission--exposing rape at Baylor--it was unsurprising that Lavigne and Schlabach leaned hard towards believing every phrase any victim said and casting doubts on anyone associated with Baylor. When there are two sides to any testimony or recollection of an event or conversation, the good thing about the doubt goes to the accuser. Lack of might be mentioned, but parenthetically or as an after thought. In my minimal understanding of the events, I know that in many cases it's not as cut-and-dried as they imply.

I like the truth that they include in the subtitle " Amid College Football's Sexual Attack Crisis. " While the bulk of the publication is focused on Baylor, they briefly place Baylor in the larger picture. They write, " Within fairness, Baylor wasn't by yourself when it came to school football's sexual attack crisis. " But then, sort of contradicting by themselves, they assert that " the depth of its problems and sheer number of cases--and victims--set it aside from other schools" while also claiming that " when there were indeed seventeen incidents over five years, then Baylor's numbers are actually near other school sports programs recently studied. " I am aware " it happens everywhere" is a fragile defense, and am don't want to diminish what was clearly a series of awful events at Baylor. Nevertheless I still believe that if other schools were put under the microscope the way Baylor has been over the last pair of years, many of them would look as bad or worse.

What I resented most about the publication, as an alumnus and now especially as a parent, was the characterization of student life. Sure, there are parties, and children drink and have intercourse. To learn their account, you might feel that every end of the week in Waco, there are house parties where people engage in group intercourse, and that every frat party has frat boys dropping drugs in girls' drinks so they can have sex together. Interviewees have testified that such things happen, but I object to the impression given that these activities are widespread. I hope readers will recognize the limited scope of the book, and realize that much of Baylor's culture, even among student sportsmen, is wholesome, Christ-centered, and life-giving.

As much as I hated reading Broken, and as sick as these allegations against my alma mater make me, I have to acknowledge that Lavigne and Schlabach have done a service by bringing light to these events. They take no punches and free few details. I experienced like I needed to take a hot bath after reading some of their accounts. I think Baylor has taken great strides in student safety and engendering a culture of respect, and am continue to pray that Baylor will exemplify the ideals on which it opened for the sake of my son and other students, now and the future.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the complimentary electronic review copy!, Sexual assaults on school campuses have been an issue that has gained more notoriety in recent years as universities have been held responsible to make a safe environment for women. The institutions have been accused of protecting sportsmen accused of assault, especially football players. Baylor College, a Baptist school in Waco, Texas was uncovered to enhancing this culture and the investigation into this culture is the topic of this excellent book by investigative reporters Paula Lavigne and Indicate Schlabach.

The book begins with stories of unwanted advances, rape and even gang rape of women students by various soccer players on the Baylor team. The victims are from various backgrounds, competitions and interests. The accounts of these attacks are difficult to read – detailed enough to help make the reader unpleasant, but necessary to illustrate the magnitude of the crimes. These victims are followed through the majority of the publication as their lives are altered forever. Those that were brave enough to come forward then faced more problems on several methodologies. Whether it was Baylor officials not believing the victims, assailants being guarded by coaches and other school officials, or investigations that ranged from incomplete to poor, the publication shows deficiency of compassion the university gave these young women.

As for the players, they are not given any slack by the authors – they are held accountable for their actions and the justifications or protection provided by the university’s athletic department are exposed for the obstruction of justice they are. The football coach and athletic director eventually lose their jobs over this matter. Other players who are not accused or required part in any of these assaults in most cases are not affected, but those who would protect teammates or accuse the sufferers of lying or consenting are criticized just as much as those who assaulted the women.

Even more than the players, however, is the harsh criticism that Baylor University required by the authors and it was well-deserved. Within addition to the above mentioned lack of sympathy for the victims, the complying with Title IX, the federal law that promotes gender equality on school campuses, was poor as well. The authors uncover Baylor’s reporting of sex assaults and subsequent interviews and closing of situations that left a lot to be desired. The people responsible are many and not simply those in the soccer program. Like most scams, the responsibility comes from the top, as school leader Ken Starr (yes, THAT Ken Starr) had to give up the position.

Although this was a very hard book to read on all fronts and in all chapters, it is the one which is essential to read in order for one to comprehend the scope and horror of the sexual assault crisis. The particular reader will not only be angry at the men who assaulted these women, it can be clear to the reader that the university must bear the ultimate responsibility for the victims and must work to change their culture., Uncertain why the people who wrote this publication are doing anything besides trying to profit off of the pain of victims and that makes me sick and I am no fan of Baylor.

Stopped reading after 50 pages due to the evident agenda. Glad I got it at no cost because Now i'm not sure you can pay anyone to read this kind of drummed upward filth, no matter your back ground. It does not surprise me to see that it is ranked in the base 275, 000 books sold in America. Really feel sorry for the publisher who signed on with Indicate and Paula thinking they had some " hot take" to go alongside with their evident agenda.

I honestly have no clue how the book business works but I'm guessing Paula and Mark get to keep their advances no matter what...

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