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Even though we built quite the collection of children's books during the seven years I actually spent babysitting our 3 grandsons, it's always a joy to discover another to add. This one delivered back memories of carefree summer days as the child, how exciting it had been to find a caterpillar outside, feeling that little tickley sensation as this would move up my arm, and being surprised when my mother told me it would one day time become a butterfly! I am so pleased with this specific little board book of which uses the life phases of a butterfly - coming from egg to caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly -- to train counting, colors, days of the week, food items (not to say a recipe for a stomach ache! ) - very steadily constructed, brightly illustrated, in addition to at 7" x 5" and a hair fewer than an inch solid, it'll fit perfectly in to the chubby little palms of our two yr old little guy upon his birthday!

The several sized pages in the midsection of the book (after the caterpillar pops out there of his drive Weekend morning) showing different food items with holes punched within the centers to indicate where he's nibbled through choices darling - each and every page is thick sufficient that I think I'm heading to cut a caterpillar-sized piece of green pipecleaner to give him thus he is able to watch his very own caterpillar making its way through the 1 red apple he consumes on Monday, two eco-friendly pears on Tuesday, 3 purple plums on Wednesday, four red strawberries upon Thursday, five bright fruit oranges on Friday, in addition to then all of the multi-colored food items (probably not a caterpillar's clinically accurate diet, but fun! ) he eats upon Saturday that leads to his stomache ache -- chocolate cake, ice lotion cone, pickle, Swiss parmesan cheese, salami, lollipop, cherry pie, sausage, cupcake and watermelon - goodness gracious!

Upon Sunday, he limits himself to just one green leaf, develops his " small home, known as cocoon, around himself", goes to there for over two weeks before he emerges as a multi-colored butterfly, whose wingspan occupies the final two webpages! Though we probably is just not expect our grandson to comprehend the scientific expression of metamorphosis, he'll definitely grasp that the caterpillar's transformation is magical -- a pretty good description from the book itself!, All the reviews here regarding size as well as other issues confused the h*** out regarding me... so I'm going to aid you all out in addition to be extremely specific. I actually took a chance (since I am overseas, I can return it) and bought the Extremely Hungry Caterpillar Board Book w/ Plush Toy coming from Amazingsalebooks in used / like new condition for under seven bucks. It is usually a gift for a great expectant mother. I was very happy with this purchase (see my pics). Everything came in their best condition as the seller mentioned -a relief, because I had been reluctant to buy used for an e book and deluxe toy meant for a baby. Both were spotless, radiant, and free of wrinkles and markings). Even typically the gift box it arrives in came relatively uncrushed (after traveling inside my pal's suitcase through three countries). What I received seems to be a genuine Eric Carle product -the book I actually got is published by Philomel 1987 edition. I actually saw reviews where individuals complained about the print, maybe it was regarding a smaller edition; I actually found the print in this article to be fine. I actually would say it is usually about font size of sixteen.

The book itself is usually cute and perfect to learn for babies and kids (repetition teaching days regarding the week, numbers 1-7, fruits and other food items, and life cycle). The colors are very vibrant in addition to the book has all the little holes (about the size of the standard hole punch... a person won't be able to stick your fingers through, which also means infant can't rip it). It is a solid, sturdy, proper board book along with smooth finished edges that I feel comfortable having the baby touch (or also if they suck onto it before you notice in addition to pull it out regarding their mouth).

The deluxe toy is also very well constructed with no loose seems and withstands gentle tugging on the hearing, legs, and colored fringy hairs (of course a person always need be cautious with babies and choking on anything and not be sure to let them suck on this specific more than a moment or unsupervised).

Unrelated, I got myself a cute Eric Carle baby rattle -see my other review if a person are curious., I used these letters + ribbon to make a Joyful Birthday banner for my son. It worked nicely, the cards are upon a medium thickness cards stock, a bit thicker than index card solid, but not nearly so solid, say as the Eric Carle Letter Cards.

Each and every Letter is a circle of which is 5 1/4" within diameter and extremely colorful within the Eric Carle design of collage-y animal backgrounds, thus not a solid backdrop. These are very pretty. Presently there are 72 alphabet floor tiles, and 8 animal floor tiles. There are 5 yards of ribbon that may be within a light lilac/periwinkle glowing blue, decent quality, some cotton-synthetic blend. Each letter circle has two little rectangle-shaped slats so that a person can thread the ribbon through, that works quickly, there was no issue there. Because the words are strung through two slats, they stay within position on the ribbon, but can easily become slid along to where you want them to go, they still within spot even if hung at an angle.

Here are the letter counts, you will find:
5 -- A, E
4 - H, Um
3 -- B, C, D, Gary the gadget guy, I, L, M, In, P*, R, S, To, Y*
a couple of - F, J, Nited kingdom, U, V, W
1 - Q, X, Z
* = After punctuational 'Happy Birthday' you'll have merely one 'P' and 1 'Y' left, in situation that's important to your child's name.

The animals are on a white background, and, as expected, are the Eric Carle animals: Caterpillar, Butterfly, Frog, Elephant, Bear, Hippo, Peacock, and Giraffe

The package deal itself is a little format, at 7"x5. 5", nice presentation. Made within China for those who are interested.

It worked really well for people, I actually was surprised actually, I actually wasn't expecting a lot, but really liked typically the results, and received compliments.

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