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I am a 2x entrepreneur who has raised over M inside VC funding, so any time i say this is the must-read IF you need to raise money I am speaking from knowledge.
I wish I had this book inside 2007, when I was trying to raise funds. Terms like "double ratchet anti-dilution", "preferred", "participation", "vesting pool' or "liquidation events" were all conditions that will I was completely unaware about. worst yet, our attorneys had to clarify these to me, in addition to at 0/hr it had been the costly lesson. with this book would have saved me , 000's inside legal fees, and hundreds regarding thousands in earnings.
Well, great that will i have read this book my long-held view about VCs is more perpetuated.
VCs are usually in the business in order to accomplish two things: (1) preserve their LP money (i. e. don't drop money). and (2) earn outsized earning to makeup for all the time wasters (i. e. take every thing you can).

Note, "make the entrepreneur plenty of money" is not on the list. This is something that will the authors and a lot VCs, including Mark Suster about his talks/blogs will confirm this. As an entrepreneur you end up operating for the VCs in addition to will get wealthy if your company ends upwards belonging to the 0. 01% regarding VC companies which have really successful exits. If your current company does just "great", or "OK" then expect to earn nothing from the exit - while the VC will walkaway with 2x to 5x of the investment.
This is not a bad thing if you be prepared to be inside the 0. 01%, yet as that number indicates - it's not probably.

so lets look from the primary two things included in this book that will describe how VCs make money:

VCs get their money from pension money, alternative asset funds, government organizations, and basically any large sources of money that is looking for risk-adjusted better-than-average returns. these types of are the clients regarding VCs and these would be the folks they are responsible to. So if these people don't produce the expected returns, or even worse drop their capital they won't become in business for too much time.
To increase the odds of staying inside business they do two points:
(a) drive the risk to the entrepreneur and all the "common" investors - do you own "common stock" or "preferred stock"? 'nough said.
(b) make the ownership excessive to the proceeds of liquidation - meaning, if the ownership is split 50/50 between the founder in addition to the VC then during the sale most of the earnings (60% to 80%) should go to the VC.

this is created by instruments like "preferred class", "full participation", "anti-dilution" along with other similar ensures that create asymmetry in risk/reword. Just read chapters some and 5 of the book if you want to see examples.
BTW: Does this sound familiar? we got an identical situation in the financial crisis of 2008. Banks created asymmetry inside the housing market where they held disproportionate amount of the reword while the risk was pushed out to the house owner and rest of the economy.

Therefore , if because an entrepreneur and you have produced a business that is usually cashflow-positive, and has the great product and market opportunity then ponder on the VC option. There are several additional ways to raise funds - loans, venture personal debt, private equity, and good ol' sales...
Granted, this could not be the speediest method to grow your current company and presents the risk of being overtaken by way of a well-funded company. But if you realize that the market is big adequate to get more then one player (even in case you are #2), in addition to you want to retain a larger amount regarding your hard-earned money in addition to reduce the influence regarding VCs then ponder on the VC option.

But if you act like you think your company is the next Facebook or Search engines then go for this. However, most founders endup working in "indentured servanthood" to VCs because these people end up relinquishing control and ownership of the company while working lengthy hard hours for small pay.

Buy this book. Read it. Explore your capitalization options. Weigh the costs and benefits. But whatever you decide make sure to give attention to creating a kick-a$$ products to get a kick-a$$ market segments more so then regarding raising money. In case you have the great company money will find you.
Hope this helps your decision process., I read this because I co-direct an entrepreneurship center from a tiny college and the subject of outdoor funding will come up at all times with students. I didn't
know the ins and outs and wanted to teach myself. This book fit the bill and I am reasonably confident that will I possess a much much better understanding than Used to do just before - and I'm not necessarily a business professor! However , I think it would certainly be somewhat tough going with no business history or interest whatsoever.

If I ever get to this stage with one regarding my companies (or a single of my student's companies), I would re-read this with much more attention in order to detail! If you are going thorough the method initially, and don't consider the time to go through this book, you are nuts!

One minor recommendation: it would be great (even though the authors are venture capitalists) in order to have a lttle bit more time put in about how (and why) in order to finance a business without having money from VC organizations and angel investors., In spite of an MBA and the cadre of colleagues in addition to friends in private collateral, start-ups, and angel investment, I confess to getting totally deficient in the own understanding of exactly how Venture Deals work, the conditions associated, and the lifecycle of a company and it's financing. This particular book is an total home-run. As someone who reads and writes inside human psychology, I believed this book would become a tough pill in order to swallow to me - amazing was I surprised! Not really one word quite short or perhaps two long, Jason in addition to Brad break down this often self-mystified world with this book that says quickly and easily. I bootstrapped my own business ([... ]) but since I take the next turn and start conversations with investors, I have a keen sensitivity to both the funding, and also the human, dynamics that will matter., Highly recommended. Typically the authors do a great job of explaining the many components of how venture money works, how venture capitalists work, what different conditions in the VC world mean, the way to dissect a term sheet, etc.

Probably the single best primer for entrepreneurs who think these people want to get their funding from VCs., When you want to know VC investments and term sheets this is your current kick off point. This book offered me a solid base for both my MBA classes in VC in addition to my job working inside finance to get a tech start-up. There is no much better book out there., Writing style is fresh in addition to engaging, it is just a very exciting book. As any book aimed to educate, this has certain Authors' presumptions about the readers history knowledge. Chapters like “How Venture Capital Funds Work” presume it to become zero, while chapters like “Economic Terms of the Term Sheet” may need understanding with some basic concepts. Nevertheless, with a little persistence or internet searching, an intelligent reader is usually certainly able to figure it out. The book is very comprehensive, this is an invaluable resource for anyone attempting in order to rise capital, or simply a fun read to get a interested mind. It is the best venture capital guide book that may find., I just finished my next read through of Endeavor deals. Later tonight I will fly to Oakland and locate my Airbnb in Tranca Alto. I'm from Maryland and live in Columbus Kentkucky, and it will become my first time meeting VC's in California. Regardless regarding whether we return with serious interest I feel certain and well versed to in case we do based on your book.

Writing, especially by business leaders, can be incredibly dry material. Often freelance writers obfuscate points to show up intelligent or use a lot more words than needed in order to express an idea. Is actually clear the purpose inside writing was to educate. Typically the writing style, dense while concise, made the new material much easier to process.

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