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Jack port and Lacey are back. We met these two in Kendra’s first guide Hidden. They are at a resort scoping it out as a possible wedding venue when they result in the middle of a murder investigation when a woman in a wedding dress is found flying in the resorts hot tub.

Although this was a novella sized guide we still got a good murder mystery to follow from all aspects – the interrogations to the autopsies. One thing Jack and Lacey can’t do is walk away from a murder and when they find away Jack’s old partner is the Chief of Authorities in the small town they choose to hang around and help solve the murder. Jack and Lacey work well together and are even closer after everything they went through in Hidden. It absolutely was great to get to revisit them again and follow them along on the investigation that has a few surprises as you go along., Lately, I seem to be to possess got back onto a mystery kick, and I love it. It's funny as is actually not till you start reading a particular genre that you haven't in a while that you discover how much you love it. I used to be in the mood for a Kendra Elliot, so selected one of her short stories which I experienced sitting on my Kindle fire for again years. The particular other thing that I love about this guide is the cover. All Kendra Elliot's Bone Strategies have similar covers which appeal to me. In Veiled, Jack and Lacey will be ready to tie the knot finally and are currently scoping out potential marriage/honeymoon spots. The pair also finally have vacation some brain to a current popular spot. While there, though, a dead body transforms up in the outside hot-tub and she's putting on a bridal gown. One thing contributes to another and because of to Jack and Lacey's expertise and the fact that this small town doesn't usually get a lot of dead bodies and after this they are piling up will add their skills to the mix. What will happen though when the pair begin to get near to the fantastic and the killer panics? Lacey who has had so many brushes with death, is she on her last leg as the killer needs another victim and it seems Lacey is his perfect victim?
Find out in this quick murder mystery read by Kendra Elliot. One that will have you hooked from the first page and if you have not yet uncovered this author and love your criminal offense novels, then after reading Veiled, it will cause you to go and purchase the woman backlist., Once again I was drawn in to the history of Jack and Lacey. I could not put this down until the book was done. I know it was a novella, I did not need it to end. That was good to find the two characters back from Concealed. Jack and Lacey are looking for a destination to marry and stumble on a dead bride-to-be. Kendra Elliot is an special type of author who are able to make you feel the intensity of the storyline as if you are there. Her familiarity with forensics also makes her stories very believable.
I can't say enough about this series but you have to read them!!, Actually I give this 3. 5 stars. I'm not sure the way i feel about this book. I almost didn't believe the same person wrote this book. I've never known the police to permit people in a crime scene that didn't hold some form of authority much less let them touch anything even if those people are an ex-cop that you know very well and their fiancé that works for the medical examiner in another part of the state. That would make a great novel with more depth. However I was completely surprised at who the fantastic was. The motto for this book should be trust no one. You really just never know very well what people are thinking and that is why I would say that this is an okay read., Didn't like this novella as much as I believed I would. Her other novels are much better.

I loved the premise but the plot was poorly performed. It seemed that Elliot spent more time on Campbell's fears and paranoia, making her almost crippled. This particular was not the same headstrong Lacey Campbell we saw in the first novel of the series. I liked Lacey as a personality, but this short story lacked the raffinesse of the others., Have got merely a little time to read before bed? Or perhaps you have to operate, watch the children or run some errands? In case you love. to see and a good mystery? This particular is the short history for you. It may be short but it has everything you need. Good plot, characters and an ending to perish for. Even a little twist for even your enjoyment.. I recommend this short story by Ms Elliott. Happy Reading!!, This particular story had me damage up with the way in which it opened. I'm unsure what that states to me but... Holy brides. As always Kendra opened with a boom and the fireworks transported through to the finish. Her books, no matter the size are just like little packages o heart beating thrill rides. Parenthetically they are the NASCAR of stories!

This story has Lacey and Jack on a little retreat to check out a venue for their wedding the next year. What starts away as a wonderful getaway and retreat soon turns into a crime scene. Maybe it's Jacks bad luck or trouble just follows them.... Not sure. The particular jury remains out on that... but Jacks cop instincts are tested and at times put to damn good use here.

The body of a woman is found floating ass upwards in the Inns spa. The new chief of police is an old friend and co worker of his from the days on the force. As a team the fellas and Lacey try to piece together the time line of events. The particular puzzle of what took place slowly starts to item itself together once the man killing people abducts Lacey. Like she needed another kidnapping on her behalf palms.

It's up to Jack port and the chief to follow the line of hints, and jump in just in time in order to save Lacey!

It was good to see another couple, one that is usually kinda in the backseat take demand and dominate this history. I love. Love, loved it!, I have read many stories by Kendra Elliot and have yet to find one which I didn't enjoy. I feel that Ms Elliot is a very good writer and would recommend any of her books to anyone that likes a good story. I am looking forward to learning much more books by this author.

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