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This will be a fabulous addition to your cookbook collection, whether you're an omnivore, veggie or vegan. Cara Mangini does an excellent job describing how to expertly handle a variety of common and less typical fresh vegetables (e. g., cardoons, fiddlehead ferns and scorzonera). Each and every chapter lucidly outlines best seasons for buying a selected veggie, ingredients to accentuate its flavor and taste, varieties to try and storage tips. What Cara Mangini words " butchery essentials" for each and every vegetable featured available is accompanied by a number of photos, illustrating prepping techniques. Even when you've never handled a fresh artichoke in your entire life, have no fear: the author's step-by-step instructions will propel you to the advanced level. I discover the recipes themselves quite original - neither too fussy nor so simplistic that you feel you've wasted your money again on trite and cliched renditions of avocado toast (which we all love, but critically, do you really need instructions for making one? ). Some of the recipes that caught my attention include cardoon and fontina bread pudding; escarole and fuyu persimmon salad; honeyed eggplant and polenta dessert; kohlrabi and cheddar strata; parsnip-ginger layer cake; daikon and mushroom miso soup; rutabaga and apple cardamom pie; as well as kabocha squash, adzuki bean and ginger-coconut curry. We have already made roasted sweet potatoes, sauteed chard and coconut black rice with toasted pine nuts (see the photo) and it was outstanding: flavorful, fresh and moreish., The Vegetable Butcher by Cara Mangini intrigued me as soon as I heard the title: The Vegetable Grocer. That seemed a little silly. Do we really butcher vegetables?! But, I was instantly interested in reading it and bought it sight unseen. So, I guess it wasn't so silly after all.

This publication is a fantastic resource for vegetable veterans and those who will be just getting acquainted with produce. She provides a visual guide to cutting vegetables, showing you how to cut matchsticks from conical vegetables, how to cut oblong slices from cylindrical vegetables, how to use a mandoline, and the way to chiffonade leafy greens.

She has organized the book alphabetically, starting with artichokes and arugula all the way through turnips and banane. Each vegetable has an informational page that informs readers when it's in season, what varieties to try, how to make your selections, which components that are excellent partners, and how to store it. Then Mangini shows you how to butcher it and provides a handful of recipes for the vegetable.

I have to admit that I squealed with glee when I saw her section on cardoons. I use rarely met anyone in America who cooks cardoons a lot less knows what they are.

This cookbook already has a prominent place in my kitchen! And i also look forward trying all of her recipes!, If practically nothing else this book is worth it if only for the information alone! Through the start, before you get to " butchering" or recipes this book gives one the best breakdown of kitchen utensils I have come across with tips and suggestions on what you require and do not need. That then gives other information on sweeteners, grains, oils and vinegars and the use in way I would not need known. Finally you get to the recipes. Their is no index of individual recipes but instead they are damaged down by vegetable and also by season. Simply by " forcing" you do go to each veggie you will look through a specific vegetable and find new ways to us them that go above your traditional without being overly complicated. By indexing by vegetable each are highlighted to bring out there the best in them. Merely wish she had included Kale and collared produce., This lovely book contains a variety of recipes for a variety of cooks. It helps the newbie prep the vegetables, the regular cook to include easy vegetable recipes within their show, and gives the sophisticated chef fresh ideas on less familiar produce. I keep it in my kitchen as a first choice for weekly meal planning. The excitement for seasonal eating is evident and the recipes are super easy to follow. I can't wait to present the book to friends and family all year long. I wish to see more textbooks by the author in the future!, Liked it so much I've delivered copies to all of my kids., It is a great book! Very nice photos, straight-forward, and includes all those vegetables that I've never known what to do with. I borrowed it from the library and then had to buy it for myself!, God, I love this publication, Sometimes on a Sunday morning I will lay on our back deck, leaf through, the pages, and wonder at the veggie-lore, scrumptious recipes, and the preparing and handling tips. Acquired a copy for my vegetarian daughter, she really appreciates the inventiveness and positive energy of it, I've always gone past the vegetable isles looking at the veggies asking yourself, what is that and in what you15479 even cook it? This book goes through every single vegetable and gives recipes too, and that's not every! You'll learn what to stock your pantry with for a quick go to recipe and likely to also learn about kitchen knives and which way to slice or cut a veggie. This book is a must have for just about any new home and would make a great housewarming gift. I plan to order another copy for my daughter.

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