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If you ever wondered just who place the Sin into Sin City, this can be the book for you. This book names all the players, and chronicles not only what they did, but what they did to each other. There are the big well-known gangsters who increased up through the newest York, Chicago and West Coastline crime syndicates, as well as the lesser lamps, the hangers on, the greedy grifters, the show business hucksters, the crooked politicians and Federal brokers, the shyster lawyers, the colorful and enigmatic personas, and the small time hoods and con men who came looking for power and money but who usually ended up in shallow unmarked graves far from the lamps of Las Vegas.

Al W Moe has done an admirable job of researching the roots of Vegas and the role played by the Mob over the decades, as well as connecting the dots between people and occasions. When there was one thing I tool away from this book is that Mob rule was bad for business. The lords of Vegas hurt their own products by huge skimming of profits, poor accounting procedures, and the need to lay out huge sums of money to stay in business and out of jail, both in the form of lawyer fees and bribes to every greedy government minion, from the local councilman to US Congressmen and FBI agents; they didn't have to entice J Edgar Hoover, just show him a picture of his boyfriend in a compromising situation. That was not before the Mob was pushed out of Vegas, when the masters became millionaires and businesses with good practices that the casinos finally broke out of their forty-five-year death spiral; the casinos still go through the cycles of boom and bust, great they are the result of economic pressures and nor bunch warfare.

Anyone who has stayed in Vegas since the 1940's will locates information and anecdotes about their favorite casinos. Mine was your Sahara, one of the greatest of the mid-century glamour casinos and the last of them to fall. But there are also stories about the Sands, the Aladdin and others that faded away before most of us were old enough to wager or drink. While the book is excellent reading for the nostalgic, it can also a trove of information for historians, in particular those enthusiastic about crime and community., Not the best writing I must say. Inadequately edited. But Al Moe appears to know his products. I lived in Vegas as a youngster in the fifties and sixties. We got info on a hotel that was burned out (mob arson) and not rebuilt for the longest time. Difficult to know what is reality and what is mob lore, nonetheless, this is a fun publication if you like this kind of stuff. Kind of a vintage Sopranos without really getting into character. Having said that, believe more of these " facts" than you are willing to. Not sure if Las Vegas is all that improved for having less the enforcers. Seems like Vegas is now all glitter with the sleaze not that far under the surface. Being a kid we used to ride across town on our bicycles without worries about our safety. The corporations have seemed to remove a lot of the fun from the city. Everything costs a fortune now. I suppose the mob was worse., Interesting publication. Too short really. In no way got into the real characters behind the faces. Informative though and pretty enjoyable but could have been so much more., This book was obviously a good overview of the creation and growth of the city we all know as Las Vegas. It offers more than the usual mob characters and shows the influence of many others. It also skillfully shows the way the mob influence gave way to the corporations which now own many or most of the casinos. Mcdougal tosses in some sarcasm now and then throughout the book which I loved, but some might not appreciate it. The book was a no brainer time to read it., Well, hard to review this book. A portion of it was quite informative. The chapter on Howard Hughes was very good. Nevertheless , for the most part it missed around. You read a paragraph and then the next paragraph was speaking about a different person with no real connection. I do know more about Las Vegas history than Used to do so that is a plus. Apart from the Howard Hughes chapter it was quite difficult to follow along with. I suppose it was worth . 05, I'm a legendary reader. This book was good fun. He could used more time on individual stories, anecdotes and the like. It appeared to race from fact to arcane details ( who bought what hotel when) rather than just telling the stories of the people involved. He was at his best if he talked about Bugsy and Howard Hughes., I chose the five star rating because I may want to get whacked. Seriously though, this publication held me spellbound from beginning to end. We learned so much about Vegas, and I have never even been there, but now I would like to go and bring this book with me. I recommend this read for anyone that will or has been to Vegas. We even found myself referring to all of the characters when i went from chapter to chapter. I was sorry to see this book end. Realistic alternative Mister. Moe, This is a very light and pleasurable read. I learned a lot about the characters who built Las Vegas: they certainly aren't the kindly grandfather types they have portrayed themselves to stay recent years. They were rough, ruthless men, who would not hesitate permanently eliminating a rival, if they thought it necessary. The book contains lots of inside information. Vegas is a glitzy place. But it's continued living depends on hard scrabble business management by strong men and women at the helm.

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