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Fantastic book for the vegan slow cooker! This cookbook is an ultimate for any vegetarian household and Its easy to follow and uses fresh and healthy ingredients in a very user-friendly way. The recipes are healthy, low fat and simply delicious. A must have for anyone seeking easy to organize, tasty and healthy meals. I feel completely impressed with this book, and I highly recommend it., Everything that I've tried so far surpasses my expectations. Loved all the recipes in this book. I am proceeding more and more vegan in my old age and I particularly enjoy using the slow cooker so this attractive guide was ideal for me. In order to be healthy use this book as a schedule for your meals and enjoy trying some new ideas with your slow cooker., I'm a consumer of Vegan foods. I experienced food satisfaction whenever I actually eat more vegetables and fruits. And I'm very interesting to make a recipe with a sweet and chili formula. The content of the cookbook is not all about the recipes. Its educate more about the vitamins we got from the right food. And I highly appreciate cooking food in slow cook method., Anyone who is considering healthy living and having a good lifestyle should read this guide. Great collation of recipes that you can easily cook. Recipes are super easy to follow and practical. Also, the methods and preparations are comprehensive well so you can easily prepare the meals. Nice collation of healthy recipes and easy to adhere to ones too., What i really found amazing about this book is that even is a vegan menu book it is far from written for those who are already vegan, it shows you the way from the beginning so that everyone can be influenced and become one. The words of the author shows us a world of variety, tasty and colourful that you can be part of, besides you will get great benefits from it. Also its not a book that individuals read and forget, you will have it with us everytime we would like to discover what we can do with the healthy vegan food cooked by our slow food maker. After reading this book im asking myself when will be the day that i actually became a real vegan and once that day arrives let me for sure read this guide again and again and again., When most people think of slow cooker meals, the first thing that springs to mind is hot stew, slow cooker fajitas, and wealthy soups. Naturally , for vegans this is a different story, gone is the option for a delicious beef stew or a shepherd's pie. Since crockpot season is in full swing. Check out these easy vegan meals you can make in a slow cooker., The recipes are simple and use whole foods that are easy to locate at a well-stocked food store. It starts with some instructions in preparing ingredients to make use of inside the cooker, including a discussion on broths, shares, and other flavorings. It was an amazing buy I actually totally recommend!, This guide makes slow cooker cooking THUS easy!. I'm pleased to say that my slow-cooker undesirable family has enjoyed everything I've made so significantly. Like a working mom seeking to feed my kids healthy vegetarian dinners, I actually love the simplicity of the flavorful recipes. Thank you Laura.

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