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Starts off slow, very sloooow that almost makes you feel like you're listening to an infomercial with repeated promises without helpful compound. But if you hang inside or bypass the first handful of chapters, at long last the leftover 80 pct is chock packed with useful suggestions and tips. Don't be taken back by some of the authors questionable lowball cheapskate antics (like falling into a sales display to chow down on party foods and drinks in Todas las Vegas, etc. Provided you can overlook judging the author, you'll find numerous useful tips well worth your time investment., Great guide on day van house. Jason covers everything which is what I was looking for since We have never done anything like this before. The guide also gives you lots of links you can use to get els information. He can even get you in on his affiliates program if you have a blog. I do believe the only con this book has is that its an odd size (think road atlas size, maybe this was intentional) book and that the author repeats things pretty often and the repetativenss of him trying to convince you this lifestyle is the right one for everyone. I did not need to be convinced so I found that distracting. I suggest purchasing the eBook if you have the reader its easier too get all the updates for free that way., If you have been duped into considering that "The Great American Dream" is being linked down to a house with a lifetime mortgage loan and maintenance costs for the rest of your daily life then this book is designed for you. But if you would like to be free and travel without the the burden of having to make use of your entire income for things that are not really necessary then that book is for you.

Jason has put together a guide that will assist you plan and bring out a "road trip" for the rest of your life or as long as you want. His book not only covers how to create a safe and affordable mode of transportation and habitation but also helps you with the smaller details that you may not have considered. He shares his own philosphy about vanaboding that makes you really think about how you are living right now and is your life what you really desired. He will provide you with analyzed ideas on how to select a vehicle, design an interior, including considerations for sleeping, eating, personal hygiene and sanitation. He also includes sections on how to care for safety and security, budgeting, mail services, etc.

Should you be thinking of traveling by vehicle and looking for ways to slice costs and travel longer then this book is a must., The author presents a great blend well thought out there " Why you should" philosophical justification, and in depth, practical experienced centered " How to do it" advice for using a van as a possible RV. Furthermore he provides an substantial support network for those actually living this lifestyle. Total a superior value for the purchase price., Jason has an entertaining and motivating style of writing. We've had four motor homes, downsizing each time. The particular book answers a great deal of questions and Jason has answered some others.
The stock list is short for me, but everyone lives their own way.
The cleanliness issue is so big in camping and traveling and it is covered in detail.
This specific is the best guide I've read on vehicle camping due to detail, I actually enjoyed the book. That is well-written and contains very helpful information gained from many years of first hand experiences, as well as many supporting websites. I have not even begun to check out all the information in those sites, but I actually believe these resources will be valuable for many years to come. I plan to travel soon and will be using many of the ideas I learned in this book. I am happy I invested in this book and highly recommend it., Jason gives you uncomplicated user friendly advise on how to escape the rat contest and travel very inexpensively. In case you are like me and have been thinking about ways to travel long lasting on the cheap then check this out, In case you are like my family, life in a 9-5 world is definitely not in our GENETICS. I was born to be on the street with a life packed with adventure. Nevertheless how do you escape the fly paper that holds us down? Jason gives us the building blocks of developing a plan to push away from dock and be free. Residing in a world of uncertainty, this book shows that creating a life on your phrases is not only possible - but achievable - if you'll just take the jump!

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