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The magical scholarly work of epic scope.
Not only are you understanding Vincent but also the world around him or her.
Historical circumstance is so important when learning about a determine from the past.
It's what bad biographies lack: the place and times of that particular individual.
I use read many books about Van Gogh including his letters and it is a joy to learn so much more and in such a well crafted way. Simply excellent.
And I'm only on page 127!
And don't forget about the book's website created by the authors with an additional
6000 pages of records!!
Get it. And get a used hardcover. I did.
It's beautiful and only cost
10$(including shipping)
Growth, It truely encompasses all areas of Van Gogh's life with a fine tooth comb. It thoroughly describes not only his life but the lives more in his life and how they shaped him. I actually found this to be a refreshing take though I would get bogged down with the details when it didnt straight pertain to Vincent himself, and often I would want more direct qouting from the man himself and not only the authors interpretation. They were doing quote him or her but I might have liked entire letters of his included, even just in the back again of the book that you could flip to in reference to something the authors were discussing and also include the pieces this individual was workiing on. I actually feel that would be one of the only improvements to the publication, that and more citing. There were often times I might remember a " fact" and go to check the particular reference was but there is no citing to an argument. And other times I was not satisfied with the reference because I did not feel that I would be capable of finding that reference so i could myself read it. It is older text though that they had to evaluate in making this book but I might have liked some inclusion of these documents. There is a website that they made that is to be used in addition to this guide, and it does include far more like what I feel asking. I would have been fine with a book twice as long with all the other content that is on that website in a book format.

Absolutely essential though in regards to Vincent Van Gogh's death, if even, to lead you in the direction of there references so that you can assess your own opionion., The thorough biography of Van Gogh! To the less than a handful who panned this book: of TRAINING COURSE there is a bit of speculation here: the two things Vincent is best known for, outside of his paintings, are the ear event and the suicide (accident/murder? )--both stories were told to history from very potentially unreliable sources (those who might have been hiding their own guilt in the matter), and so sensible speculation is left open. This book is endlessly wealthy in factual detail and what few suggestions they do make (and they DO remain suggestions--the authors do not make wild aveu about anything when it comes to some speculation)rely on what the facts suggest, not simply the authors. In other words, try to write the life of ANY PERSON without having to speculate a lttle bit, let alone someone as complex and complicated as Van Gogh. In addition to to those who saw this as a totally negative portrait: "what were you reading? " I did not get that whatsoever. Van Gogh is not introduced as a prophet or saint, but who could be? And did you not get the authors' main thesis for why the accidental shooting (if so that it was)was covered upward?: Van Gogh's ongoing good-heartedness in the direction of his ruffian tormenters. For the accidental shooting principle. Yeah, it's a possibility, and the authors make a case for it. I am not positive if I am received over, but it certainly seems a possibility, especially given the circumstances surrounding the gun., Upon reading reviews, I settled on this biography of Van Gogh and am was not disappointed. It was not a quick read, but being endlessly fascinated by this man, I loved every bit of it. The writer delved deeply into Van Gogh's childhood and the dynamics between the parents and children and between siblings. Van Gogh's family was present for better and worse throughout his life. Following him through his years in the art scene, " trying" to fit in, seeking be successful, trying to be respected, but ultimately impairing himself and being ridiculed. The relationships are exciting. After finishing this publication, I would like to research when there are many books written questioning the manner of his loss of life. If you have any thoughts, please post a response., I have to commend the authors for their research efforts and how they was able to piece together the story of the famous painter's life through personal correspondence. I can only imagine how painstaking this effort must have been. Having said that I really do feel that the publication seems excessively long and could have been much condensed. At well over 900 pages long it requires a lot of time to read and process. Expect to stay at this reading effort a long while. Also much of this is very depressing and sad so it seems incumbent to point that out as I could only read this in small doses as the subject issue is so weighty and dispiriting. Finally I have to admit that Van Gogh is one of the best painters and it was sad to read about the demons that so controlled his life.

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