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Fall under the mystery and the madness and become agog with the romance. Lucy Lyons knows how to tell a story and also this set will have you searching for further.
Voluntarily reviewe, I found that both series in the books did little to make clear a brief history of the characters. While reading a story, it is difficult to bond to a character without some kind of background or explanation of being., I actually don't know very well what books everyone else read, but for me this series is simply OKAY. The books need modifying; lots of misspelled or missing words, wrong punctuation and it was hard to follow the dialog between the characters. I have to know if the person who was talking is still talking or is it another person talking. I had developed to re-read so much to keep up with who is discussing. I also found it strange that the heroine, who was a virgin mobile, hooks up with a vampire and the first time they are personal, there is nothing written about it. I may think the author needs to write graphic porno, but losing her virginity to her eternal love... I just think there should be a scene written to imply the sex act. All we get is Caroline mentioning a pair of times that she and Nick " make love". The author has a really good imagination and some of the plots and storylines are way out there, but in a good way., It seems I'm arriving up short with the paranormal reads lately. Can't find the one which balances the paranormal with the romance. Don't get me completely wrong, this series is a good read, BUT... it can for action-oriented readers that like the hint of romance (kissing) while the key characters push and draw at one another constantly, as in I love you but I can't sleep together with you but we can fight endless, endless battles together against the world because every person hates us for what we are and no, don't touch other people because I'm jealous. Which is heroine. The hero is similar to be my servant in order to join our powers completely and fully rule over all the supernatural with you inside my feet and by the way, please let me switch you and then you can be with me and we can finally screw. I actually got no relief from that by the ending of book 3. I actually didn't think that would change in book 4 or 5 either and refuse to give any author's work less than a four star, therefore I actually can't read another web page. The action is extraordinary and regular though so good work there, Lyons., I voluntarily received an ARC of this guide. The book is By yourself with the night or book 6 the ultimate book in the series. Let me start with informing you I read each and every book in the series and gave each one a five star ranking. When I give them I actually mean it. Lucy Lyons is an amazing Creator. In each and every book the story has been Strong, supporting, and addicting!!!! The Characters have been so well written it's as if you know them. As some figures leave Lucy intoduces new and improved ones. I actually cryed and I chuckled with this series. I actually was even surprised and I was caught having a laugh out loud. I can not spoil this guide for you but I actually can tell you that they,,,,, no I had to back space that too. Shoot I'm sorry guys anything I type provides it with all away!!!! This particular is big stuff in book 6, I can tell you that Carolyine gets a major wonder pull to visit somewhere specific with the gang. Simply read it, you won't be disappointed this is one of my favorite series., There were too many times i had to go back a reread over something because I felt I had mis read something or there wasn't enough information. Book 6, there amention of nick and Caroline making love, but we were never told if or when they did. There is a fight scene. It states nick's fighting, but then he's suddenly not and is doing something different while Clay is battling when it had just been said he couldn't get through the barrier. Zero mention of the barrier being decreased. No mention of clay stepping in and chip leaving. It read like I was missing a paragraph. This happened often throughout the series. Plus typos and errors were really common. I'm not a grammar nazi and am can normally get past grammatical errors but when I'm forced to reread something because from it, i. e. Quotes, then it's an issue. Book five Caroline is trying to give food to Nick and goes to remove " his" shirt. That one threw me for a flash. I didn't know if this was a typo or was she putting on Nick's shirt or if she was really removing his shirt. Using the series being done I hope mcdougal goes back through to fix these errors as rerelease them. Also what the heck happened to the night mother!!!

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