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Top of Worms is the first attempt by Dynamite to introduce the character to modern audiences in 2010. It's not a whole new Vampirella (Hollywood Horror) adaptation, which I've read and can review the graphic novel coming out in November, but it does give an idea what Dynamite thought were the basic principles of the character. Specifically, the concept Vampirella was really-really angry all the time.

Along with more than a moving familiarity with the character, I should note Vampirella is traditionally a semi-humorous character. The smoothness as envisioned in 1969 is a amusing, flirtacious, compassionate goofball who doesn't treat the situations she finds herself in all that serious. Just how could she, she's a frigging vampire from space. The Crown of Viruses character has a personality which consists mostly of snarling and scowling.

The Bad GrrlTM of comics is a common problem where writers befuddle strong with angry. This specific isn't to say female protagonists shouldn't be granted to be as furious or upset his or her man counterparts but one-dimension is one-dimension across genders. The particular writing for Crown of Worms is better than this and we have a justification for why Vampirella is actually upset: the girl long-term love interest Hersker Van Helsing is deceased and this has caused her to give upwards on the human contest.

Crown of Viruses opens with a really effective black comedy where a bunch of thugs are beating up a homeless man, Vampirella protects the homeless man, the homeless man tries to get her to murder his attackers then abuse her when she will not, only for her to get attacked by (vampire) cops all in the room of five minutes. It's a kind of absurdist situation which nicely units up this is a world where Vampirella is one of the few good people left in the world and that really makes her mad.

Exactly what follows is a Lovecraftian story about how Vampirella efforts to track down the nest of vampires which sent the cops but finds herself in the middle of a plot to summon a Cthuluean god which was accountable for the creation of ghosts. This results in the girl fighting against mutated ghosts with worm tentacles and their leader Le Fanu, a French prostitute switched vampire who Vampirella is more annoyed than threatened by. Dracula, Vampirella's fellow alien vampire and longtime enemy, offers to help the girl overcome the monster but only if she hazards insanity by confronting the girl irony.

I liked some of the characters introduced in the book, Sofia Murray, in particular. She actually is a Goth girl Vampirella rescues and proceeds to follow her despite the Queen of Screams not giving her any reason to do so. That turns out she's been desperately searching for a purpose in life and the possibility to be Vampirella's Renfield/sidekick is something she actually is all too eager to jump into. There's an issue devoted to her routine pre-Vampirella life at the conclusion which I really enjoyed. I hope the character sticks around but, sadly, she's not in the 2016 reboot.

The majority of of the book is fight-scenes and while Vampirella's outfits is surprisingly demure inside the book, the girl isn't doing this on the cover for those worried about reading in public. The art in the back is actually my favorite part as there's some truly beautiful full web page pictures and pin-ups. Unfortunately, the fight scenes have a tendency to drown out softer characterization and the publication is somewhat humorless.

In conclusion, The Crown of Viruses is an okay publication but trying a bit too hard. It wants Vampirella to be taken seriously as a character but it removes any sides from her personality but sharp. Even so, I am glad I picked upwards a copy on Amazon kindle and am going to pick up the other in the series as well.

9/10,[Vampirella Volume one: Crown of Worms TP - Eric Trautmann, writer - 2011 - Dynamite Publications]

For my money, the newer Vampi stories written by Eric Trautmann are among the best and truest to our beloved character, never looking backward, never ignoring what has come before, and always bettering on the sun and rain we've come to love and expect from this iconic (and very first) badass supernatural supervixen. Compiled here will be the first seven issues of Dynamite Publications ongoing (and still worth reading) series, with fantastic artwork by Fabio Neves (#1-6) and Walter Geovanni (#7). This series also benefits greatly from the most substantial and stunning cover memorial in any Dynamite collection yet.

Trautmann has given Vampi a welcomed character remodeling - she's smarter, seasoned, cynical, cunning, more pasional and methodically murderous when she must be than in the past. She's a female version of Joss Whedon's 'Angel' character, only more complex and much easier on the eye - much, much easier. The story moves briskly, is darker than those that preceded it, the body count elevated, the kills brutal and from time to time humorous (and I wonder why I scare people). On top of all that, Dracula emerges again, though now in a different form, there are a Lovecraftian element I can't go into here, and Vampi gains a human sidekick by the time the saga concludes. What more could one possibly ask for?

You put off by the cover art (which is facially childish, except if you're one of L. Scott Campbell's legion of fans of pin-up 'good girl' art) - there is none of that inside, and that's what made me wait so long to add this one to my collection. Amazon's 'Look Inside' feature finally made me see the light of greatness within the publication. If you have got even a mild interest in this character, you are obligated to repay it to yourself to wear this 'Crown of Worms' proudly., I liked it.

Some inconsistencies. Yet likable and a good story. With decent figures and bad guys. Great artwork, too., Great read and the artwork is beautiful., awesome, I just love how beautiful Vampirella looked in this new spin onto her and the story was really interesting I actually hope to get more from this series., Not necessarily as great as the older Vampirella stories but this is quite good. The artwork at times looks amateurish but will not effect the publication all that much. With regard to anyone planning to jump right into the world of Vampirella this is a good destination to start., I use always found Vampirella to be the most interesting character, formerly created by the late Outspoken Frazetta. Everytime I tried to buy a comic or novel it was just to campy, weird or simply not serious enough for me. Finally they have done it. The graphic Novel is increadible. The particular story is correct on the money. The art team blend of the penciler, inker, and colorist is some of the best artwork I've seen in years. Believe me I use the right to say this when i am also an artist. I can't wait for the next graphic novels to come out there. It's mine already! I actually recommend this book to anyone that feels the same way about Vampirella! Theodore Riddle

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