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I enjoyed Bloodlust a whole lot! It commences two days after Stefan and Damon become vampires. Stefan is feeding on the local girls he used to be friends with, and Damon refuses to eat anything. It was really interesting to see Damon being the "good" goule. On the show this individual acts like he doesn't care about anyone, or anything, but which is not true. He just would not let people see his insecurities. One scene in Bloodlust really struck me as ironic:
"Vampires kill. It's what we do brother, inches I said calmly, my gaze locking on Damon's blue eyes.
"It's what you do, " he said. "Not me, Never me personally. " (p. 46)
For anyone who watches the show, Damon and Stefan are the opposite of what they say right here. Damon is the monster who doesn't care who this individual hurts, and Stefan is the brooding, emo one, who will only eat deers and squirrels.

In Bloodlust, Stefan and Damon go to New Orleans where Stefan meets his BFF Lexi!!!! I was so excited to understand how they became friends. Ever since Lexi was staked by Damon in season 1, I wanted to find out more about the girl, and be able to spend more time with Lexi and Stefan with each other!

In Bloodlust we learn how and why this switch between the friends occurred. I would recommend this book to the serious Vampire Diaries fan. An individual don't really need to read the first quantity, unless you want too, but it isn't a necessity once you learn the TV show., I am not really a fan of the original books at all. I thought they were very boring and had to make myself read them just so I could find out what would happen. That being said I will continue to read them all as I am a fan of this series but I enjoyed Stefan's Diaries much more. I am a HUGE fan of the show and even though this set of books does not stick to the show very much I really like the storyplot of Damon and Stefan and how they became how they are towards each other. We are also glad we got to find out more about Lexi although it is different than the way the show makes her earlier with Stefan out to be. I really like her character and wish she would have been a bigger section of the show. I do hope that we will get more of Damon soon. Maybe Damon's Schedules? I wish to know his side wonderful feelings in particular when this individual makes the decision about closing his ties with Stefan in this sad way. I also wish these books were longer and were more true to the show but I still think they are a great read and can't wait for more., I love the Vampire Diaries TV series and have already read Origins. I couldn't wait for this book to come out and I was not disappointed. I read this book in 2 days. I find it facinating the story that is unfolding between Damon and Stefan. The struggles that they are experiencing and what is shaping the characters that we have seen on TV. The show makes much more sense after reading those two books.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that is a fan of the Vampire Diaries TV series. I will most certainly buy Cravings when it comes out in the next few months., Not well written: poor character development, lacks originality and the plot is contrived. Just about all in all, this book is not worth the price tag on it and also the time to read it. Don't spend your money or time on this book., I said in my review of Shadow Souls that it was time for L. J. Smith to hand over The Vampire Diaries series to somebody else and work on an other series. I meant it in the best possible way, I like her books and want those that have her name on them to be good and to remain published. It feels like she's heading off track and perhaps the girl heart just isn't in this series anymore. The girl other things is dying for some attention where as people working on this series on tv are doing a good job with saving it in my eyes. This book or line in the series is a good example of that. With the newer "Return" line of the series (which she is writing) I feel like I am reading because I have some unwell devotion to the series, a "well I have to know very well what happens to the characters I love" thing.. But this (which she isn't writing) well I sincerely can't get enough.

It's a more dark and grittier story than the books usually have been but very much in line with the tv set show. They are newly made. Loving the fact that they'll be young and beautiful and powerful forever. Hating it. Experience betrayed. Wanting to kill kill kill. And not wanting to, preferring to die themselves. Oh wait, that's just Damon.

Indeed, we learn how they change. How they become who they are once we see them today (again I cannot say this enough - this particular series is evidently meant for fans of the tv show but works for fans of the main book series too). Typically the plot of this one is simple - the boys have been run out of town for being demons. Damon would like to die, resenting what Stefan has made him or her, resents the loss of Katherine, is angry, frustrated, sulking, etc. Stefan, however, is enjoying his new life. They catch a train to New Orleans but split up then as their different ideas of being a vampire and all of the rage are no good. Of course , nothing ever just finishes just like that. A single of them eventually ends up taken and in danger. Another must play the leading man. Along the way they must decide what it takes to be vampire. If they have any humanity left. If ghosts and humans can combine. If they're even still brothers and friends.

I cannot wait for the third one. The best thing L. J. Smith did was let someone write this line for her. I hope she's off pushing for the most recent Night World novel to get to us or even something new as she's brilliant when she's doing her thing, just like whoever took this one over is., I have enjoyed reading the books and reading is fast on the kindle! I have done an overview on the 1st book, on the series it just hints around what the brothers did after they be come vampires. I think that's why I do like the diary of as it tells of Stephan adventures and sometime involving Damon. Rather than9124 suppose what they may have done or seen before they return to Mystic Falls in this time around period., Great read, An excellent book. It again filed in some of the background of Katherine, Damon, and Sophie. The TV series yearns for the majority of that.

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