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Fantastic introduction for people who avoid really know much about UX Design. It was well crafted, pretty funny, and valuable. Only downside for me is that it looked a little bit recurring. Still worth the read though!

The introduction of the book talked about what Lean UX is and isn’t. It had been in contrast to Agile Design and User-Centered Design, which meant nothing to me, to be honest. The actual definition was irrelevant to why I was reading this book - I proper care more about the practice and benefits of Lean UX. Yet the remaining book received into the meat of that.

Lean UX can be summarized into 3 principles:

1. Do research. Ask questions, make ideas.
2. Validate. Answer questions, test hypotheses.
3. Iterate. Take solutions and data, and then make adjustments.

Research is very important not merely because it tells you whether your product or service is viable, but because it saves you time and money. The key to Lean UX is doing research and avoiding problems before they come up. Don't waste your resources.

" Lean UX isn’t about adding features to a product, it’s about determining which metrics drive an enterprise. ”

The author talked about the two different varieties of research you can do: quantitative and qualitative. " Quantitative research informs you what your problem is. Qualitative research tells you why you have that problem. "

Quantitative studies about getting statistically significant data about a potential feature or workflow - like A/B testing. Qualitative studies about listening to what the user has to say. You have to be aware of what they do and how they use your product. Looking over someone's shoulder while they use your product is a great way to do user research.

The best way to figure away if you product is any good is at hand your product over to individuals and observe how they use it. The worst way is to ask people if they would use it. The main reasons for this are because we as consumers don't really really know what we want and our dollars speak louder than our words.

Another thing I liked from this book was it of questions we should ask when identifying if a landing page has good UX:

1. What will the user think this product does?
2. Who will the consumer think the product is for?
3. Can the user figure out ways to get the merchandise?

It seems simple, but those questions are fantastic. I do believe they apply not merely to UX designers and marketers, but also to authors, video producers, and a whole slew of other people. Think about  The Start-up of You: Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself, and Transform Your job   by Reid Hoffman. Create sure you can answer these questions about yourself as a professional.

One more important aspect of UX design is making sure that you're starting with problems, not options. Bad starting point sama dengan " Let's add activities functionality to the product page! " Good starting point = " Customers aren't able to talk with each other, which impacts their engagement with the product. "

Almost all in all, good guide. This is extremely accessible to lay people and most valuable to anyone doing work in the startup realm (especially marketers and business dev folks). If you're already a UX designer or you've read a reasonable amount of stuff on UX, you probably won't find this novel at all., I work for one of the greatest companies on the planet. We have tons of ideas, way too many. What we didn't have was a way to prove that people wanted the ideas. The boss challenged me to figure that out and through this book ( and a few others in the series like Lean Customer) I realized we had all the items in the company already, we just needed to tie all of it together.

Because an engineer I also used to take the way of thinking that only the consumer research folks in the company could talk to customers. Now I try and talk to 3 a 7 days. Ideas are rarely the issue which is major of many other textbooks.

I came out of too many brainstorming periods thinking what a waste of time. I replaced those with the alignment meetings mentioned in this guide., I thoroughly enjoyed this guide. It explains UX design in the context of lean startups. It’s a great read for anyone, even though you don’t work at a startup. Also it made me laugh out loud several times as I was reading. (I listen to Laura’s podcast, What exactly is Incorrect with UX, so I’m familiar with her sarcastic sense of humor. )

Laura shows you how to validate hypotheses with UX tools like user research. The lady goes into detail about the different user research methods out there so when to use them.

I’m happy Laura also explains an MVP. Contrary to popular belief, an MVP is not the s***tiest version of your product you can ship. An MVP is the smallest thing you can build to validate or invalidate a hypothesis.

Laura uses funny stories and examples to illustrate her points. I actually appreciate her analogy “fixating on the cupholders. ” Fixating on the cupholders is much like building a car that doesn’t have any brakes, yet focusing about how to design the mug holders. This analogy refers to when teams channel time and money into building the completely wrong things, such as building low priority features.

Laura covers fixating on cupholders in the context of startups, but I’ve seen this happen outside of startups.

I also appreciate Laura’s approach to new product ideas. Laura says, don’t try to come up with brilliant product ideas away of nothing. Instead, think about every product as a solution to somebody’s problem.

This book is packed with great stuff for entrepreneurs and UX creative designers. Immediately, read it.: ), I truly love this guide because it consolidates the key principles of Lean and in an easy to understand way, and The really helped me plan my projects better. An individual dont have to be an expert to understand it. I refer back to specific chapters a great deal when I work though new projects.

I think of the design and development process very differently now, after reading this. Especially in regards to metrics, and analytics, and deciding what i need to measure to determine my design decisions have actually improved my software. As I designers, I actually need to explain why ive changed the design and help show that its " better" than it was before and that people like it more. It also gave me tons of ideas how to test out new designs to see if they are truly better and result in more proposal. It relaly de-mystified many concepts for me. The helped me ground all my decisions in reality and think more plainly about how exactly to make design, schedule, and make requirements decisions.

The really useful for PMs, designers, and developers because all the concepts can be applied to all these roles in several ways. I can see the changes throughout my team after we all read this. So, I highly recommend it.

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