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After all "wannabe" in the best possible way... This guide is simply perfect for web and interface designers, developers, job managers who feel sketched to UX design -- anyone who knows strong down they need to be designing from the user-centric point of view and needs to bring the rest of the team a long.

The book can be read cover to cover, or dipped into as-needed to seize useful methods. For each method the author describes the best context to utilize it in, what the process is, how long it should take, etc. The methods are generally informal, and are occasionally lighter-weight versions of methods that might be used in larger organizations with well-established UX processes (such as "proto-personas" rather than fully-formed user personas).

One shortcoming of this book is the lack of methods related to information structure. I expected to see card sorting or card sorting "lite" or something to help plan routing and information hierarchy.

In addition to that omission though, this is a fantastic resource, which I plan to count on heavily in my first UX design job.

Please research my full review on the Internet Designers' Review of Textbooks if you're interested., I'm definitely the first UX designer in my new job and this has been a lifesaver. It has great resources for building a team and getting everyone involved in the process. It is more a resource for training courses for brainstorming and building user requirements, along with a brief overview of dealing with different " clients" within your company. If you're buying a guide to managing and integrating UX projects this isn't the book you require., Very helpful for both remote/contract designers as well as on-site, in house designers. Even though you work for a company with a lot of designers, this business provides a bunch of helpful methods and information as to ways to take more ownership of product design. Also recommend for individuals working in related fields (product or job management, engineers, viz developers, etc) who'd like to introduce more UX procedures into their team or make a transition in their career without heading back to school. The starting is a bit basic but has lots of useful examples and ideas for integrating into product development., I have been tasked with creating a user experience strategy for my company. This is new territory for us all, plus some folks keep differing ideas of what this strategy even should be. This book was just the guide I needed. Not only did it cover the fundamentals of what should be included in a user experience strategy, but it also helped me identify practical methods for carrying out the strategy, and it provided helpful explanation for making the situation of why each factor is required.

I feel the tension between having to improve our UX culture quickly and being realistic that we need to take incremental steps. This guide has encouraged me by revealing simple and effective steps we can take right now to get the ball rolling, while also helping to reveal intermediate goals that are the makings of a extensive, more mature vision., I'm starting to do UX in a company high have not been any UX developers before. And I feel a newbie myself.
This book has been of tremendous help in guiding me through the whole UX process. And it offers great techniques for those working as the only UX person., Leah has written what equates to a UX survival guide inside the Customer Experience Team of 1. Becoming in this position at my current place of employment, this book has empowered me to go forth and do more with what I have. This guide is simply perfect for lone UXers and those who are just thinking of getting into the user experience field. Acquire the ebook version so you'll always have an easily searchable copy. Acquire the physical version because the Rosenfeld books are gorgeous., This guide doesn't just provide theory, but also has practical approaches to common situations and problems. It can great for upcomers!, It is a great purchase if you are new to UX and need to start out building your toolkit. I feel the solo UX designer for my team and was buying a deeper jump into UX research procedures, so it failed to suit my needs. This is a quite high level example of quick and filthy UX methods.

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