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I gave this five stars because Kelly hits the nail on the mind here! She proposed to inform you about the upside of stress and does it thoroughly. Making use of hundreds of scientific studies to back up her conclusions with personal tales and those of her students you get the message. These techniques are fully tested and work! She also infuses a down to earth, self-effacing tone that endears you to her. I have read a number of books and articles about stress. This is the most in depth and brave book definitely. She does not stay in the safe zone if typical advice, but ventures into the ends of science to give new meaning to what others just have a hunch about, that after you reframe stress as meaningful you can cope better and even put it to use to improve your life and other around you. Avoid hesitate to pick this book up!, Sometimes, you need 3. 5 stars. The book flowed as follows:

Part 1, Rethink Anxiety

- Chap one: McGonigal works to show that you can transform an established mindset, and that transforming said mindset results in positive outcomes (in relation to stress). She backs this stuff plan lots of research, which is a large plus in my view and made the chapter interesting to read. Lastly, she defines what a “changed mindset” looks like in relation to stress. She's telling us that our view shouldn't be that stress is all-good or that stress is all-bad, but that stress is a little of both. Overall, solid chapter.

- Chap 2: Reframing stress. Why stress is actually not bad for you, and why stress can be harnessed and translated into good. Research mentioned: young monkeys separated from their mothers actually got bigger prefrontal cortexes (making them more resilient). A lot more surprising research: Men who are stressed out (contestants on a game show) had unusually high rates of trust and cooperation - around 75%. " Stress made the men prosocial. The better their hearts' response to stress, the more altruistic they became. " Surprising and informative.

- Buck 3: A meaningful life is a stressful life. That is the title and, frankly, a good summary of this chapter. This is the point at which the guide started to get a little more choppy for myself. Chapter three felt like chapter 2, continued. I underlined this sentence: " The most meaningful problems in your life will come with a few dark nights. " That will rings absolutely true. However , is it really materially not the same as saying that stress can be good for all of us? I don't think this section needed to be a standalone chapter.

Moving to Part 2 of the book, titled Transform Anxiety

- Chap 4: Reframing stress, part… 3. Encourages you your whole reaction (sweat, shaking, surge of adrenaline, anxiety) as a positive, not just a negative. Think: my body, and all sorts of its bristling, pent-up energy, can give me the courage to act in times of challenge. In my experience this chapter falls in with reframing stress (covered in part 1). I loved that Chapter 4 was a bit more action-oriented than Chapter 3 since it is asking you to evaluate your body's reaction to stress and view it as a good, not a negative. There is an exercise in this part titled " Transform Anxiety: Turn Nerves into Excitement" that closes with, " When you really need to take a leap and want to do well, don't worry about driving yourself to relax. Instead, embrace the nerves, explain to yourself you're excited, and know that your center is at it. " As I said, a little more action-oriented, but still fundamentally in the camp of reframing how the audience thinks about stress.

- Chapter 5: Strong part. She tells you to deal with stress by getting outside of your own head. How? Concentrate on helping others. Be generous. Don't wait until you feel great about life to give to others, to be generous actually generates satisfaction. Next piece: people who feel alone with their stress - that nobody else has issues like theirs - fall into avoidant/isolating habits, with negative results. Resistant folks - who deal with stress well - understand that suffering is a part of everyone’s life, not merely their own. This particular was a very valuable chapter: I really loved how prescriptive this part is. However , it also happens to clock in at 50 pages, and I did lose vapor about mid-way through. There are a great number of stories in this one.

- Chapter 6th: Titled " How difficulty enables you to stronger. " This particular piece talks about creating a growth versus set mentality. This topic has been hashed out already, so I'm a little sad that this chapter was the closer for the " meat" of the guide.

Lastly, turning to the final reflections chapter (the conclusion) - it's three pages total. A few snippets: “When you put away this book, you likely won’t have a clear sense of how their ideas will require root in your life. That’s part of the magic of mindset surgery. ” “Would you find it difficult to remember any details in any way? I can live with that. [Paraphrase: The parts that matter, I hope, will land in the heart]. ” Half of the last part is a story about how exactly she now sets “stress goals” annually, defining how she will grow from stress.

Overall, like most books, The Upside of Anxiety falls into the camping of valuable, but could have been summarized in about 3 chapters. three to four stars., What a positive new view of stress. Is it that all we have been told to think about stress could be from the false premise - that stress is bad for us? If you have an open mind and feel that you have tried every stress management tool you know to no avail, read this guide! I will be very sensitive to stressors, but having read this book, I feel better prepared to handle stress and view it as something helpful as opposed to harmful.

As a health coach I have in the past repeatedly told clients that stress should be managed and even prevented, but my message will change having read this guide., I had been so pleased to read this book, based on scientific evidence, that tells the story of stress. I feel as if another Western 'inconvenient truth' has been resolved. Stress is not so bad for you, you do not need to take a capsule to stop stress from killing you. Stress now has a meaningful part to play in life. You just need to comprehend different types of stress and be mindful in its presence. What could be more simple?, Came when expected in perfect condition, in an excellent and safe heavy duty cardboard guide mailer. The book was brand new, with the binding tight and unopened. The slip cover was perfect, without any marks, wrinkles, or tears at all. This is difficult to find a book in this new and perfect condition, even in a bookstore. I will be impressed!
I watched the creator review this book on G5. tv learning, and got to buy it for my friends to look at. Use stress positively as a motivator, not negatively as a roadblock. Worth a quick skim, and then see the parts that interest you more. (... ), Absolutely amazing guide about stress. It problems everything we have been taught about the one thing which is so devastating in many peoples lives. Anxiety is always present in some way rather than knowing and understand why it's there and what it can perform to body and mind - whenever we are not aware that stress can actually help us, can be dangerous. Reading this book helps to make the difference. All of the sudden you get concrete tools to use to choose a seemingly negative situation and a crippeling state of mind in to power, power and motivation. Excellent read! No matter what book, television program or other entertainment is going on - put it away and check out this book. It can change everything!, I have this as a physical book, on my Kindle, and am have probably listened to it twice or thrice as an audiobook.
Important products about your life!, Recommended by a friend at the office who knew I was going through a high stress period, this can be the most immediately useful book I have read in years. Upon one reading, I changed my perception of the meaning of the physiological changes I was feeling when stressed. This all made more sense and was not a longer scary that this was going to harm me over the long lasting. Another useful tool was reframing threats into problems and how easy it is to do that. The physiological implications of it are huge not to mention the emotional payoffs. I rarely call a book a life player (the first was The Structure of Scientific Revolutions) but Upside of Anxiety was one for myself.

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