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Unsure which version I have - the cover will not match any currently featured regarding sale.....
HOWEVER - Just what an amazingly humble but inspirational and successful man he was.
To come from such an under-privileged background to befriending Presidents and even meeting Queen Victoria.
Must be compulsory reading for anyone feeling downtrodden or deprived by any means., Shrewdly written by a man that obviously understood the cultural and political weather of his day. He or she goes a lttle bit too much beyond the "glass 50 percent full" perspective as it related to race relations of the day and after this. However, anyone would do well to adopt his work ethic and internal drive to make the lives of others better. His / her life and work are still impressive accomplishments worthy of study., Every once in a while I actually purchase a non-fiction guide to read. I chose this guide back in February but got around to reading it. This was a great book that provided a lot of insight.

It was very interesting to read. I found out information about Mr. Washington that I'd never heard before, which is sad to say. This is the sort of history that needs to be taught. You do have a man with a amazing mind who ended upwards being something great during a time frame when it just seemed that it would be impossible to given time.

I actually highly recommend reading this book. I think one will find that given what this man maintained to accomplish, no-one has any excuse not to become everything he/she models out to achieve., This specific book will humble you and inspire you. A man born a slave and yet died the good friend of kings and presidents. He was the picture of grace and saw the best in all men regardless of color. The particular humility, the willingness to work, the desire to better not simply himself but his whole race is actually inspirational. The particular fact that he weary no grudge against the southern whites and actually saw much good in his white neighbors is humbling as well. Every single person should read this book., I have no idea why this guide would not be required reading in high school and college. What an amazing man Booker T. Washington was. It is truly shocking to think this man's story gets such little recognition in our educational system. Although there was an issue with the book the vendor sent, they were quick to resolve it to my satisfaction. This guide should be on the shelf or electronic reading device of. Booker To. Washington's story is an inspiration to anyone no matter of race or backdrop., This is an outstanding guide, but it's the story of this great man that is so uplifting, no time for hype when such great real life stories are there, glad I read this and have great respect for Booker T! Would that more Americans knew his story and could be like him -- Us citizens of all races, red, white and blue., I actually devoured this book on my newly purchased Kindle! I am a Southern African American woman who can identify with so much of what was written. The communities are in need of men of Booker T's caliber.

I loved his description of life as a slave and then as a free man... his expositions on the virtues of the tooth brush and showering... describing what it was like to sleep in a bed with two bedding... the way to get along with Southern Whites and further the cause of the Dark-colored community.

I can see how folks have pegged him being an 'Uncle Tom, ' because of the tone used in the book; almost too forgiving considering what he's been through. Nonetheless, I value his perspective, because in the end one cannot realistically be prepared to excel among those you bash every chance you get, even if the bashing is deserved and needed.

I actually appreciate his repetitive claims on work. Regarding this, it seems that things might be worse in this society with modern advances possibly increasing the laziness--poor work ethic--spiteful attitude toward work exhibited by some folks regardless of contest. We still have a ways to go. Book sense and manual (I'd add computer/technological) labor can still take us further as a race.

Lastly, he spoke out against injustices in a tactful way that built connections rather than destroyed them. I can dig that.

Overall, this was a great read! A great commence to my kindle love affair!: ), This guide is a first hand bank account of how the newly freed slaves after emancipation could pick up the pieces of their lives and make the almost all of educational opportunities to better their lives. Also, I actually liked the idea that both black and white people in the reunited nation worked together to build schools like Tuskegee and Hampton Institute. I actually liked the author's approach in educating people who had few resources by teaching them practical and worthwhile skills perfectly as teaching them literacy and spiritual values. It is an uplifting story. It reminded me of my early education in Ghana, West Africa.

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