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Extremely lucid and succinct. Suggested for secular Buddhists specifically., A real treat. This particular author knows what he is speaking about and understands how to teach it. You will love it., Fascinating! Andrew has a good impressive style to describe and blend Buddhist methods and make the procedure accessible., Excellent!, In this wonderful book, Andrew Olendzki skillfully unpacks the complex teachings of early Buddhism and presents us together with the psychologically transformative system the Buddha laid out for us for the alleviation of human suffering. In addition to he does so in language that is clear, and deceptively concise. Within typically the pages of this slim volume one finds typically the foundational tenets of Buddhist psychology. In nine short chapters, Olendzki takes all of us on a tour regarding much of the Buddhist enterprise, thus positioning into context many phrases and methods who have caused much confusion for individuals who entered this field through the portal regarding the modern mindfulness motion. Olendski’s present to all of us is in how he presents these concepts in a manner wholly appropriate to our present times, and surprisingly consistent with modern western psychological theory. The notion of an independent self is a strongly felt fiction, we understand, the product of a thoughts that grasps at certainty and solidity, and refuses to glean the naturally occurring working of impermanence. The sense of self as substantive and unchanging is actually a “largely unexamined psychological reflex. ” How the building and perception of typically the self as immutable is the source of excellent self-inflicted suffering is laid out with a coherence I actually have not found somewhere else. I highly recommend this guide for those seeking in order to delve deeper into typically the understanding of Buddhist methods and concepts., I believe, in case you stop trying in order to find the exact level in this book and hold it to of which standard, it suddenly seems very useful. This guide might be about untangling self, yet for many who have not divined what they believe self is, it can be awfully complicated. Still, if you take a look at this book as a complete, it has a whole lot of excellent advice for looking at the world through a Buddhist lens.

If you possibly could come into this guide with an open thoughts and relax whenever you go through it, the advice becomes much clearer. Once I actually was fully engaged with this book, I felt such as I learned a whole lot from the examples of which the author gave.

Over-all, I thought this has been a helpful book together with a lot to own viewer.

This review is dependent on a complementary copy from your author, provided through Netgalley. All opinions are my own, personal., Amongst the many benefits I actually receive and enjoy from Andrew Olendzki's books usually are the ways he tends to make the words and teachings of the Buddha appear alive. Untangling Self is a perfect demonstration regarding his ability to use the teachings of typically the Dharma and apply these people to conditions so appropriate in life today. (In today's volatile climate, I actually found " Blinded Simply by Views" from your 4th Part to be particularly powerful and relevant... I wish to discuss it with everyone I actually know, and many I actually don't. ) This leaves me looking forward in order to his next book... and additional teachings!   Untangling Self: A Buddhist Investigation of Who We Really Are , This short book is packed together with insights. Would definitely suggest it to friends that are new to, yet curious about, the Dhamma and what the Buddha has been speaking about. Eminently quotable and quick to get in order to its points, it's a good enjoyable read. Especially typically the final chapter on The Promise of Nonself, which often hits every nail about its head. It's furthermore enjoyable to read a work by a scholar that meditates and gets just what is going on practice-wise. Give it a try out!

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