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Regarding some 16 books I possess read about chronic Lyme disease, this is one of the best. Strongly suggested for fellow Integrative practioners and for parents of my pediatric Lyme patients. This guide is remarkably well conceived and organized and covers almost all of the therapies We have learned about well. Finally, it explains how and why killing pathogens is just one of and probably not the most crucial aspect of restoring well-being.
Bose Ravenel, M. D, F. A. The. P., B. C. We. P., I possess read several Lyme disease books and I must declare this proved to be the most helpful. The author's aim, I believe, was to make the disease understandable and approachable, and present a common sense and effective treatment routine that can deliver positive results. Mission accomplished, as far as I can tell so far. I was recently diagnosed with persistent Lyme by my medical doctor, and was laid low by the complication of a couple of seasonal infections this winter. I have already been subsequent the herbal/vitamin/mineral supplement plan in the book and feel a lot better already. Coincidence? Who can say. Yet this book's explanation of how the borellia bacterias works, what is right behind my symptoms, and how natural products will offer defense support and can actually attack the Lyme, has made a convert out of me. Any physician will tell you that, for chronic Lyme at least, synthetic antibiotics are the only real option they can offer, and they avoid believe the synthetic remedies can actually work at this point. This guide points out that herbs and other plants which have anti-bacterial properties can do the job better and more safely, while offering this all in a combo bundle of ingredients that improve your general health. Win-Win. Anyhow, I supply the book a great deal of credit for giving me an understandable option for improving the quality of living. Thank you, Dr. Rawls., This (along with New Paradigms in Lyme Condition by Connie Strasheim) is the best book We have found about persistent lyme disease. Many respected lyme books focus generally on the value of eliminating lyme microbes. This is not helpful for people with chronic lyme, because after years of treatment, either traditional antibiotic or herbal, the presence of lyme is no lengthier what is making all of us ill. Most the lyme microbes are already eliminated. Dr Rawls puts the microbes and the destruction they cause into a larger perspective. He centers on the real source of healing - the immune system. Immune system dysfunction (caused by lyme and the co-infections) is what perpetuates the sickness of chronic lyme. This specific awareness is starting to become more well known, and this is the greatest book We have found on the subject.

Dr Rawls writing style is clear and direct, and he aspects the reader's intelligence by providing the underlying thinking for his statements. The particular book is filled with practical steps for healing from chronic lyme and support the immune system. You will understand in this book how much you can do on your own, and the effect of ecological and other stressors you might not exactly have been aware of., Lots of great information! Looking towards really digging into it. I even ordered a copy for my doctor., I have read several books on the subject but this is fully recomended for anyone Lyme sufferer Lyme disease., As a former research scientist, current health coach, and longtime Lyme patient, this book was a breath of fresh air. It is very well written, readable, and has tons of real data and verified studies to support each and every recommendation. I have been following Dr. Rawls for a couple of years now, and am knowledgeable about his holistic approach to healing Lyme, and We have to say, this guide does a great job of summarizing pretty much everything you need to know if you want if they are to get better. Herbal medicine forms the foundation of his approach, and also this is something that did extremely well for me, together with nutritional support and sleep hygiene. I am impressed that this book addresses not only the bigger, more apparent facets of Lyme, but also discusses the lower known things like heavy metal detox, treating supplementary depression, food reactions, hormonal fluctuations, mold and mycotoxins, and lots more. He or she takes the time to discuss the physiology of Lyme, how it works, and some of the misconceptions behind this disease, and offers practical, lasting action steps to help you heal. If you want a solid reference to guide your healing journey from Lyme Condition, this is a great choice.

I will definitely be recommending this book to my clients, and everybody else I meet that has suffered from Lyme! Give thanks to you, Doctor Rawls and Vital Plan for putting this book in my palms!, From a doctor who first suffered from lyme disease then learned how to cure it obviously. Now he works full time helping other patients., This is by significantly the best book We have read on Lyme disease. Dr. Rawls isn't just a gifted writer, but has gathered all the great information available and put it into an easy- to -read format. Doctor. Rawls' book includes topics such as strengthening your disease fighting capability to help in the fight against these stealth microbes; how to approach your doctors; why herbs sound right; and the place of antibiotics in Lyme disease therapy.

Regardless of whether you are new to Lyme or well read on the subject, you will end up pleased with the useful approach of Unlocking Lyme.

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