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All of us meet loud, unlikable Nava Kantz as she arrives home, hungover and late for her twin brother’s initiation into the Brotherhood of David. After uncomfortable herself and her family, the ceremony begins. Ari, her brother, has already been preparing for this since birth and will receive his special powers. Items go wrong, and Nava gains powers, making the woman the first-ever demon seeker.

Nava is young and snarky, but since the story unfolds, I found myself feeling sorry for the woman. Imagine being second fiddle all of your life to your twin brother. It describes some of her behavior but as the storyline progressed we start some of better features and the makings of a quick-thinking kick-ass demon hunter. Granted, she is not at all happy with the specific situation and is more concerned about her next O, then fighting devils.

The girl marches to her own drum, which causes some friction between the woman and her leader; former rock star Rohan Mitra. Really bad, Rohan is simply the type of bad boy she has dreamed about. I enjoyed watching them interact from their wicked banter to snarky one-liners. Nava tests and questions giving poor Rohan no reprieve. The building relationship between them worked seamlessly against the action-packed storyline and Wilde has me wanting more.

The story is fast-paced with plenty of demon killing action. We come across threats against Ari and Nava as well as the Brotherhood. Evidently, some demons want bragging rights for executing the first female demon slayer. What took me by surprise was the thoughts I felt in the second half. I started out there tolerating Nava and concluded up rooting for the woman. Wilde did an outstanding job of fleshing her out there and allowing me to see what she is capable of. The storyline finishes on a high note and sets us up for the next story.

Hollie Jackson narrated the Unlikeable Demon Hunter and did a fantastic job. However, it was a little weird listening to the voices of figures from the Witchless in Seattle series by Dakota Cassidy. Winterbottom’s as Rohan, and Nava as Stevie. However, as the story advanced their personalities and dissimilarities shone through., This was a surprise! Having not heard of this author, Choice to give the woman a try with a Facebook freebie-so glad I did. Action, adventure, love, steamy scenes and a hysterical wit. It even had me taking regarding it at work! I am definitely on side for the rest in this series- highly entertaining- thumbs upward using this new fan!, The writer knows how to put a good story together with some really witty comebacks from the woman characters. I wish I had all the personality as they do. Really enjoyed and already got book 2 and subscribed to special deals. Looking for more publications from this author!, Geez, exactly what a read! Now I have to hold back for the next rasha mission, taking down a king. Ms. Wilde's imaginative storytelling is certain to become the author that must be read., I possibly could not put it down. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes action stories and doesn't brain a little sex., Fantastic series. Has a kick-ass heroine, demons, romance. a burrito of a good book., Using the sample and the reviews, I was totally game to provide this a go... but I couldn't finish it.
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