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Because previous versions, this is an outstanding book that is comprehensive and readable. This specific edition drops coverage of Solaris, HP-UX, and AIX, focusing instead on about three Linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL/CentOS) and FreeBSD.

As a FreeBSD user, I was thrilled to see the system included in the coverage, however I was disappointed with several manifest omissions. Specifically, there is an entire chapter on containers yet the authors failed to even mention the existence of Jails, which could reasonably also have been mentioned in the " Management Of The root Account" section of the Access Controls section. There is surprisingly no coverage of the pf firewall, opting instead to protect IPFilter which I'm confident no-one uses. I'd even take ipfw, there's a lot of interesting features there. I was also surprised to very minimum coverage of the GEOM system. I was not, however, surprised by the short part of the Virtualization chapter that basically dismisses bhyve, although I use and enjoy bhyve myself.

Ultimately, this edition definitely seems less like a UNIX book and more like a pure Apache book. The inclusion of FreeBSD without proper coverage of its features may actually associated with system look worse than if it hadn't been included at all, as readers unaware of the system believe that the omission of coverage implies the absence of a feature. The exclusion of the other UNIXes, while somewhat easy to understand, only drives the Apache monoculture forward. Oracle could have killed Solaris, but illumos still has a great deal to offer the OS area (for instance, via smartOS) and is now the primary (and open-source) SunOS system.

That said, the book offers the quality that it is praised for, with up to time information and plenty of meat on the bone. If you're reading reviews on it, you probably already know you want it., I am a large lover of this book and I have all 5 versions of it.

The publication covers RHEL 7. one, Ubuntu 17. 04, Debian 9. 0 and FreeBSD 11. 0.
Ironically, the book has retained the " UNIX" word in the title, however all true Unix systems have been dropped (Solaris, AIX, HP-UX). Strictly communicating, there are no Unix systems described, as Apache and FreeBSD are Unix-like.

This book is definitely known for a broad coverage of Unix-systems and a practical method of system administration. For example, if you wanted to perform a typical administration task, such as adding a new disk in Solaris/AIX/HP-UX/IRIX, you needed merely one book as opposed to tons of vendor paperwork.
Even that HP-UX and Solaris are dying, these systems are still in use in large enterprises, and are likely to remain there for years. After dropping all systems except for Linux and FreeBSD, and shifting approach from functional administration this book is risking becoming a just another Linux book that we have many around.
However, this is still the best system administration publication.

A summary of changes I noticed in comparison to the previous editions:

- Boot section describes systemd
- Scripting chapter fallen Perl and added Ruby and GIT
- Much more on sudo (for example, clarifies how to configure sudo without password)
- Syslog chapter now includes rsyslog
- Web hosting section added Nginx and HAProxy

Completely new chapters:
- Configuration Management (Ansible and Salt)
- Containers (Docker)
- Continuous Integration and Delivery (DevOps, Jenkins)
- Cloud Computing (AWS)

DNS, Email-based, Networking and NFS chapters didn't change.

No more " Serial devices and terminals" chapter.
Quite strange to remove this traditional stuff from a UNIX book, bearing in mind that some server models still have only a serial port and no graphics card, so a terminal and a dramón port is the only method to manage them.

Backups section has gone away! Hi, what's happening?
Tags as transportable media and tape libraries are not going to die and may always be in use.
System administration without backups? It's a nonsense!
Looks like this book is not targeted at enterprise admins anymore.
Please return the back-up chapter, it must be in the system administration book, and there is a area for it, bearing in mind that this edition is leaner than a previous one by 100-pages., Informative, Superb, comprehensive, and up-to-date. Contains insights about cloud functions, containers, and modern filesystems., I enjoy this book. We haven't finished it just yet, but I will explain to you it's well written. Many tech books can be PAINFULLY dry, and this will do a good job of keeping highly specialized information easy to read. 5/5, would recommend to anyone looking to expand their technical knowledge., I purchased the Kindle edition of this book. I am reading it on a 9. 7 inch (full size) iPad with the Kindle reader and it's very readable in this format! Like some of the other reviewers I additionally own earlier revisions of the publication. I've never read one of them cover-to-cover, but when I have to understand a topic quickly these guys never disappoint! I test software running on Linux systems and as such I'm NOT a Linux system administrative but I have main access to everything, so I need to understand a lot of UNIX and Linux system administrative concepts. That's where this book helps me. and helps me to stay up to date., Very compressive linux/unix book. Love it., I really have to thank tutorialinux for pointing me to that publication.
Every time i lay eyes on it, i smile.
I have never read a book in which the matters are so obviously described

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