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This book explains the role of natural energy processes
in healing an array of complicated diseases;
such as, cancers of the brain, throat, chest, lung,
pancreatic, liver, kidney, prostate plus colon.
This work continues at the particular Bio Technological Health Middle
in San Pedro, California.

Bio-electric adjustment has a definitive role in
keeping and developing plant plus animal life.
The work documents the particular mechanics of this role.
The BTE generates an invisible transfer of biological
electric energy via two power fields. The human
body, hair plus skin are powerful power conductors.
Long-living organisms attract electro nutrinos
naturally. An example of this phenomenon is the particular
giant turtle that may live over two hundred years
based to a good example given by the author.

The publication documents tau neutrinos plus non-elemental
buildings of energy particles upon 8-26-1999 at
Marjin Hill. Non-elemental buildings of matter
are indestructible, resistant in order to outside adversity
and virtually insulated from hereditary features
of all ancestral root base.

The presentation depicts non-elemental cells of
anti-matter clearly and concisely. Sun energy
particles have a strong nuclear force, weak
nuclear forces plus gravitational forces which
connect all other people. Complex super quark groupings
make the never-ending sequence of quarkspeise configurations
plus combinations creating highly tolerant crystals
plus complex metal alloys. This work would have a
extremely important role inside reducing medical care costs
and increasing the particular effectiveness of care delivery.
The volume level ought to be read by every doctor!, I was amazed by the brilliance plus thoughtfulness of the author, Mr. Nick Kostovic, and I like many of his insights. I was specially interested in his dialogue and outlay of the overunity cheap electrical power producing system that ultimately increases its energy from the particular quantum space, the ether or "vacuum" state. He or she also shows a super laser generator that can be used for defense and for all sorts of amazing purposes. What I likewise enjoyed especially was his discussion about the dynamic crystal structures of the particular sun and stars plus how you can find entire new families of quarks plus subatomic quantum particles that will can be turned into new super strong super resistant crystals and metallic alloys.

According to the publisher's web site, he is preparing the sequel: Universe: God's Treasure, II, and I wish to read that one, as well., I just finished "Universe God's Jewel" by Nick Kostovic and was very amazed. Mr. Kostovic is the very caring person as is evidenced by the particular many testimonials of his patients he has assisted or cured of several devastating diseases. He has invented a machine that will uses the power of the sun and electrical impulses to heal his sufferers. No medicine is involved; consequently , there are no side effects. I know this particular machine will be one of the most used and useful machine in just a few short years.

Most of us have heard of the productive inventor Nikola Tesla who worked with Thomas Edison. Nick Kostovic takes Tesla's electric engine invention many methods further and improved the particular engine so much that will it will surely change crude oil and do wonders for the environment. This is one of many inventions that will be helpful to the galaxy and mankind and kinds of living conditions. When you read his book you will observe what the many possibilities are. Everyone should read this interesting and informative publication.

By Margary Lonza, Professor/ VladimirLonza, CPA

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