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In case you are a large fan of James " Splitsuit" Sweeney, this book is a must read. If you are fresh to him, I can inform you his advice is pure poker gold.
James wrote the book in front of a live audience on Skype in one few days and I was fortunate enough to have fine-tined set for it. The questions were expertly selected and answered with input from a live audience. The particular questions that James takes on include, " Generating Money in tight games", " When do I hold or fold over pairs", " How to use my table image" and " Hand reading in fishy games", to name a few. I am a large fan of his previous books including the Hand Reading Workbook  Poker Workbook: Hands Reading For Live Participants Vol 1   both live and online. This is not a weighty tome that will take months to learn, but is instead packed filled with practical advice directed at making you a winning player. The book alone is awesome, having its convenient hyperlinks to additional material, but the music version is out of sight. Take pleasure in hours of music read by " Split" themselves to accompany you on your trips to the casino. +EV, SplitSuit is one of the most prolific online poker coaches out there. Wish lucky to possess this guide that distills his many years of experience into definitive answers for some of poker's most frequently asked questions.

As an intermediate player, this was a perfect book to refresh my understanding of some foundational concepts. It also helped a whole lot specifically with c-betting, a location I've been studying a lot lately. Even though I've been diving strong, the answers regarding c-betting were moments of quality that helped focus everything I've been studying, gelling together different tactics and concepts into a much better overall understanding of how to modify my c-betting frequencies dynamically.

A fast read, and the one that won't disappoint any poker player on the beginner-to-intermediate level, this is another one from SplitSuit going on the most notable shelf of my online poker library., Most players eventually hit a wall, where our skills don't allow us to " advance" into higher stakes, or to maintain (let only improve) our win rate. Each chapter poses, in clear language, a common question from someone seeking to advance their knowledge of the game. Sweeney uses that question for a survey of the different ways you could examine that problem, a procedure that gently features concepts that you may already be aware of (for example, " range construction" ) and unfolds just what it means in practice, how the abstract ability (" putting your opposition on a range" ) is applicable to the immediate problem (" should I fold my overpair to a raise on the flop". )

Every chapter is a relatively short read, and the book as a entire reads more like a collection of essays or meditations, which makes it a book you can easily pick up any time, read a random chapter, and put down. I've long gone through it reading only a chapter a day, yoga, thinking, and studying each one subsequently., Poker content is everywhere. And I choose wisely. I've turned to James for 5 years because he has a impressive eye for this game, and always makes me aware of critical technicalities that help me greatly. Like all of us all grinders, I have an ego about " what I know. " Reading through this text, because poker has such a tough intricacy, and so many moving parts, James taught me things I was happy to learn, insights I didn't even know I was missing. He's received an powerful math and range brain, yet the sculpt of this book is open, clear, and welcoming. James is one of the hardest working educators out there there, and that commitment shines through on every page. He loves to share his wisdom and parks his ego at the door. This too is rare and welcomed., Save your valuable money, you are going to see this on Kindle Unlimited soon.

Is actually a large-print Q&A of around 20 questions like " why shouldn't I buy in short? ". Presently there are much, much better books to spend 20 dollars on, and if you are going to your time on the Kindle version you could simply key in each question into google and find equally useful answers. There is no theme, coherence or evolution, just 20 answered questions that you could otherwise get the answers to in his videos or online. I wouldn't be surprised if it was ghost-written.

If you not necessarily familiar with James' Youtube videos, they may be top-notch and I can't recommend them more highly. Consider me buying your book as repayment for watching them for free, James. We have been even., I have not completed the complete book yet but you may be wondering what I have read was very beneficial. I currently play live / and / and found subjects in the book that aid me in making better choices. Information in the guide is clear and concise. I like that the book provides links if one wants to go into further detail on a topic. Definitely a worthwhile investment if you wish to improve your game., This is a fantastic potpourri of various poker topics., carefully and obviously explained. I'm a recreational player who enjoys poker enough to write a popular poker blog and I really liked this book. More importantly, I learned a lot and will likely learn even more as I keep referring to it between sessions. There's a whole lot of great subjects included, some material reminded me of things I needed to be reminded of but there is plenty that was quite fresh to me. I found the chapter on when and how to vary your bet sizing to be quite illuminating--I'm going to go over that chapter some more times for certain. Also will keep researching chapters focusing on 3-betting more. The author has a very entertaining writing style too. If you get the music book, Now i'm sure you will find Sweeney's voice quite relaxing. There's also links to plenty of bonus substance from his website. Firmly recommended for cash game players., Worth every penny! If you are serious about poker, please invest in this training source. Backed by sound hands analysis, good math and clear narration, it is a serious buy.
You will recover your investment from a game after this book - for sure!

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