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Here it is the AMERICAN story, our warts-and-all history uncovered in a tragic, always poignant, love story, impressive saga and - in the event any reader needs reaffirming - page-turning visit to a time and place almost all of Americans have no concept of.
For visitors of the true American Indian history, the remarkably researched and truthful interpretation of the Cherokee country's plight here at the hands of Andrew Knutson - well, let's just say that this reader now hates bills as much as native American seem to.
For readers of historical fiction centered on romantic stories - here is the cross-over, multi-cultural story we all revel in. Interest, desire, character-shaping events played out with only the passion of true love can engender. Real and moving, heart-warming and -breaking... you will never overlook., This book is much more of a love novel then a historical piece. Instead of A Native American being a main character, it was a white man trying to produce a business, and on the side obsess over a Cherokee women. The particular 'trail of tears' has not been really an important part of the story., Glickman's book is not bad in and of itself, but it is certainly not a story about the Trail of Tears. If one desires to learn about Legislation merchants in the antebellum South, there is a good package for the reader to savor. But the hero's story of obsession with a Cherokee woman is only relevant to his character development, and in absolutely no way provides a true picture of the horror that was imposed on the out of place nation. Unfortunately, this work is another in a long history of "white savior" stories, where the very life of the Local American secondary character rests on the benevolence of the white hero. As a work about the Local experience, it is quite disappointing., Our family is blessed with Cherokee ancestors on both sides. Recently, while researching these ancestors, this book popped up in my queue, and am dove into it. An Uninterrupted Peace explores not only the so-called Indian Removal Act, but other minority organizations on the fringes of society in the early on great the United Declares.

Abrahan (Abe) Bento Sassaporta Naggar immigrates to the United States from East London. A Jew looking achievable opportunity in America, he involves work for his uncle Isadore Sassaporta. Isadore oversees a big and successful troupe of traveling salesmen in the the southern part of states. Abe winters at Isadore’s camp in Northern Carolina and goes on the trail during the early spring, summer, and fall.

Although out riding his signal, Abe meets and drops in love with Dark Water. The beautiful and mysterious daughter of a powerful Cherokee chief, the girl lives in solitude in the hills of North Carolina. But, Dark Water loves another man, the expatriate slave Jacob. Eventually their three lives become forever entwined because the Cherokee are forced from their homes on the Trail of Tears.

An Undisturbed Peacefulness depicts the tragic actuality of the Trail of Tears and the problem involved in the planning and logistics. Supplies designed for the Cherokee (and other “relocated” Native Americans) were taken by military and others involved in overseeing the relocation. They will were held in congested and filthy conditions leading to hundreds of deaths. Glickman compares and contrasts the heady and intoxicating idea with this land of opportunity with the sad actuality of the marginalized. Think about this passage: “This country, he thought. So rich it opens one’s sight to boundless ambition and blinds those to the misfortunes of others. ”

This book immediately pulled myself in. When I was not reading it, I was thinking about it. The two haunting and beautiful, it left me brooding for days. As I looked among the names of my Cherokee ancestors, I pondered what their lives experienced been like. In truth, this book prompted an continuing search for information. I actually still spend hours looking for traces of these loved ones and trying to piece together their lives.

Even if you do not have a connection to the Cherokee, Jewish settlers, or slavery, I believe anyone thinking about American history will enjoy this book. Highly recommended.

But will my mom like it? Definitely., In this exceptionally written, well-researched novel about the shameful relocation of the Cherokee nation and infamous “the trail of tears”, author Mary Glickman does not once sugarcoat her version of this horrific event, nor get smaller from the gruesome truths buried in America’s earlier. Glickman’s brilliant creation---a unique love triangle between an immigrant Jewish peddler, a stunning and strong Cherokee woman, and a black slave, set against this backdrop of our historical past is reminiscent of Charles Dickens: his unforgettable, having difficulties and flawed characters, as well as his commitment to addressing human rights and social reform through the powers of great storytelling., I used to be hoping for a story narrated more from the Indian's experience. I found Abraham to be weak and whiny and selfish. I held awaiting the story to get really good. It never really grabbed me. I actually was relieved when it ended., This is a great book and one which should be read by all. To not replicate history we must know history. The author will a great job of sticking to an precise representation of the past while laying out a compelling fictional story., Being centered in and around Greensborough, NC in the 1830s gives a diploma of interest to this story since i have existed in Greensboro for a number of years. There exists a big Quaker community in modern Greensboro today. This novel gives credit to the early Quakers there for opposition to captivity and the treatment of Indians.
Abrahan Bento Sassaporta Naggar is a young Jewish migrant working for his paternal uncle as a peddler of supplies to the various settlers, slaves and Indians. Lost and wounded, he comes upon a secluded cabin inhabited by a beautiful Cherokee by the name of Marian, aka “Dark Waters”. After falling madly in love with her, he learns of her own love story with a past slave by the name of Jacob who she believes is lifeless.
This is a story that variations on two of our country’s more shameful attacks that fester still. It is interesting that many Native Americans held slaves of their own, including other indigenous people as well as Africans. There were severe penalties for fraternizing with those placed.

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