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This can be the rare textbook that gets right to the relevant information. A possibility over-produced with page after page of elaborate graphics or other fluff that adds nothing to the learning experience. The different financial assertions are broken down in a manner that makes the organization and reasoning of the different financial assertions clear and easier to understand. This grasp of financial statements is one of the most useful things that I actually gained from my MBA. This book shows that a book does not need to be elaborate to be effective.

While this book is useful, it's price is excessive. Positive, I had to buy it for my course. That doesn't meant that I should have to spend over 0 for a paperback book. Probably they're just trying to offer us a lesson in market selection. The reason why publish books that individuals buy for leisure when you can publish books that individuals are compelled to buy. That certainly changes the motivation to purchase., Was required for a graduate school class. I know a majority of the material this guide covers as it was a part of my undergrad major, however, I still think it is laid out well and doesn't waste your time and efforts with unexessary info or fluff., Financial statements are terrifying for most people. Usually, when passed around a meeting, everyone's eye glaze over while they tune out the conversation. This book makes financial assertions accessible by showing their logic and backing up the logic with useful, real-life examples., This is a useful book for a much better understanding financial assertions. It provides information that pays to for Board of Directors in both non-profit and for profit organizations., The book reads extremely well. However, since one of the "goals" of the text is to assist people wanting to learn the basic material on their own, then the answers to the supplementary cases, problems, and so forth., at the end of each chapter should come in available for either purchase or similar type problems should be made available (with the answers). When I contacted the author (Pearson) they sent me personally to the Pearsonstore to acquire student supplements. These products were in no way related to the book in question, also it appeared the publisher was unloading obsolete stock onto unsuspecting buyers.

People if your proceeding to publish an e book that has additional questions, cases and problems for those to do, and claim that the book can serve as a "stand alone text" for those wanting to utilize it, then make the answers available. Sure there are "multiple guess" questions available with answers, however the learning by doing part arises from answering the cases, problems and additional exercises listed at the end of each part after the "multiple guess" questions. If not, then why associated with book available for purchase. At that point it might be a trick. Thank God I purchased it on the Amazon . com site and not on Pearson's at the outrageous price of .

Hence my reason for the one star., Needed the publication for a class. Leased it. Great price and great condition, cannot make a complaint, The book provides a basic understanding of financial statements, and the terminology used within the field. Glad, I purchased this book. Mt professor highly recommend this book., Typically the book helped me with my class and is very easy to know with my background in Accounting Information Systems from NC State University but I actually only gave it 3 stars because it does not show for some important accounting principles and there aren't answers to the practice problems. Otherwise a great publication and mildly satisfied. It helped me in my last class so I actually can't complain too much.: /

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