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Have you been a proverbial educated layman? If you are, then this book is for you. Author Brian W. Kernighan, has written an outstanding guide that allows him to help the reader to reach a better understanding of how computers work; what software is and how it’s created; and, how the Internet and the Web operate.

Author Kernighan, begins with a summary of the components of a computer. Then, he shows you how computers symbolize information with bits, bytes and binary numbers.
Also, the writer explains how computers actually compute: how they process the bits and bytes to make things happen. This individual continues with a dialogue society in the abstract, focusing on algorithms, which are in effect idealized programs for focused jobs. Next, the author discusses programming and programming languages, which we use to express sequences of computational steps. He then describes the major varieties of software systems that we all use, whether we know it or not. Also, the author explains programming in JavaScript. This individual continues with a dialogue about network technologies that one encounters directly in everyday life: conventional wired networks like telephones, cable, and Ethernet; and, then wireless networks, of which Wi-Fi and cellular phones are the most common. Next, the writer explains why the Internet is a packet network: information is sent in standardised individual packets that are routed dynamically through a huge and changing collection of networks. That's exactly what explains how the web connects computer systems that provide information­servers­with computer systems that ask for it­clients like you and me. Also, the writer discusses web search, tracking, personal information, storage, databases, data aggregation, data mining, privacy and cloud computing. He continues with a discussion showing how cryptography is a vital part of modern technology; it is the basic mechanism that protects our security and privacy as we use the Internet. Finally, the writer wraps the book program a discussion of what you should have learned together the way; what’s likely to matter in the future; what computing issues will we still be wrestling with in 5 or 10 years; and, what will be passé or irrelevant.

The author of the excellent book thinks that people who have some technical background will enjoy it themselves. But , the writer also feels he will help less technical people, friends and family, understand the basic message of this great book., Those who have taken a computer research or programming class will likely know of Brian Kernighan. He had considerable advantages to the development of Unix, and also had written the AWK and AMPL programming languages. For the last 20 years, he’s been a professor of computer at Princeton University or college.

He is the writer of many technical books. When I got his latest book Understanding the Digital World: What A person Need to Know about Computers, the Internet, Privacy, and Security (Princeton University or college Press 978-0691176543), I performed a double-take at first, as this is more of an introductory text.

Notwithstanding, the book personifies what Albert Einstein noted: if you can't make clear just, you don't understand it well. The book is a basic introduction about how hardware, software and network systems work. There is a huge amount going on under the hood of desktops, laptops and mobile device; to which Kernighan explains this in a matter that would make Einstein proud.

Besides presenting an overview of how these technologies operate, Kernighan shows the way they often introduce security and privacy risks. This individual then shoes how those risks can be mitigated.

Kernighan looks not just at the computing systems, he also details how they affect our security, personal privacy, and other sociological elements. While Understanding the Electronic digital World is meant as an introductory text, there is considerable value for those they want to understand how these myriad systems operate, and how these technologies influence our daily lives., Lucid explanations, wide coverage, useful reference.
Perfect text for newbies as well as experienced computer folks., No more technical details about how to define operating system on computer. Only common details which should the price of this guide be cheaper. Its expensive related to the info in the book., Well crafted, and no tech background required by the readers. So the title is accurate.

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