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I chose this book, frankly, because Oprah chose it for her book club. Because a lower middle school white child, educated in the '60's, I had been well aware of the seperated south, but I had no clue the depth of the degradation and depravity of what people of color had endured in this country. The land of the free, home of the brave...... unless of course you were a person of color. Kidnapped from your village in Africa, sold into bondage...... If you owned survived the arduous quest from the Dark Country to the Americas. Discovering your heritage stripped from you, as surely as your dignity and humanity as you stood on the auctioneers' block.
Bearing children, only to see them torn from you to gratify your master's debts. I am certain that these atrocities were part of my education, but this novel brings them more to the cutting edge than any textbook ever before did. Even my college or university textbooks were circumspect in their description of mans inhumanity to man. For instance , I did not know that all abolitionists were not involver in the underground railroad for simply altruistic reasons. Some actually used the newly "freed" slaved for medical research, delivering them from one sort of subhuman bondage to another. This publication is indeed a Eye-opener for anyone educated in the public school system. Our books did NOT tell the entire story. This novel provides a glimpse into the challenges and injustices we really never grasped in our American History class. A great easy, if unsettling, read for this white girl!, If all Colson Whitehead’s remarkable The Underground Train made known was its main conceit – in which the “Underground Railroad, ” a covert, loose organization that worked to help slaves in the Confederacy get to freedom, turns into a literal subterranean rail network – that might almost be all you need to capture the imagination create the publication great. Because, in brief, what this allows Whitehead to do is explain to an age-old story – the efforts of a runaway slave to avoid – in a way that feels like little else out there, bringing new life to a story that nothing of us can ever pay for to forget. It’s a minor tweak to fact, but it gives the story a unique, strange feel, making literal the astonishing work that entered saving these people.

Therefore, yeah, that might be enough. But luckily for us all, Whitehead recieve more on his mind than just that you conceit. Instead, Whitehead turns this trip for freedom into a modern day Odyssey, allowing each stop along the way become an totally different story in the life of slavery, America’s race associations, prejudice, and fear. And the result is a welcoming, strange, haunting novel, one whose separate episodes blend to make something far more fascinating and complex than any one story might have been in a position to do on its own.

With regard to instance, a more traditional slave avoid narrative could never contain the subtly wrong heaven that feels at first like heaven on Earth, simply to have Whitehead slowly switch that world on the head. You wouldn’t possess the nightmarishly violent community that has purged itself of African-Americans in the most horrific way possible; neither would you have the beauty of acts of amazing advantages that come when minimum expected. In Whitehead’s able hands, the journey turns into a more complex one, echoing back and forth through time as he assumes racism not only as an explicit force of slavery, but since a much more insidious, subtle evil that can conceal behind people’s smiles. Within other words, it’s not only the slave catchers we need to fear; it’s those for whom help means condescension and adjustment.

Make no mistake, though; this is undeniably a book about slavery, and one which deals with the disasters of the institution without blinking or flinching. Assault is everyday and brutal, with torture being very common and almost barely worthy of mention. And while our heroine’s plantation is known for the cruelty, that doesn’t mean that it’s any more cruel than half of what she views in her journeys. Whitehead doesn’t allow us the luxury of “this place is the worst”; it’s merely a particularly bad one, but nothing special. And even if it were in some way worse, it barely even comes close to some of the emotional and emotional horrors to come, and the wanton cruelty and disregard that we see on screen throughout the book.

And yet, for every that, The Underground Railroad is still a slave escape story, one in which we’re committed to our heroine’s success, and one which keeps all of us reading in the face of all of the potential horrors, hoping for something good. Whitehead never lets The Underground Train become crushing or so bleak as to be unpalatable; he tempers it, blending the good and the bad, and investing all of us in the characters so that we need them to succeed – and feel it all the more when some of them don’t.

In other words, The Underground Train is something remarkable – a look at historical past that finds its fact through fiction, a dose of magical realism that serves to emphasize hard facts, a novel that explores ideas that many of us wish there were left in history. Of which it does all this is no small feat; that it does so in that complex, powerful way without ever becoming didactic or simplistic, even less of one. Nevertheless the fact that it manages to do all of that while still telling a gripping, exciting story? That‘s what makes it such an incredible novel, and worthy of its reputation., ADORED THIS. So in full transparency, I was suspicious about it, because as a U. S. historical past major, I have read so many books about slavery, I just had not been sure what Whitehead could possibly accomplish that would be fresh, enthralling, unique to the genre and issue matter. Let me explain to you something. I was up late, gripping this book, white knuckling it if you will. There was times when I was terribly afraid for the protagonist and my heart was pounding wildly as she faced any number of situations. I would have to put it down, and think, this isn't even real! The thing is, though the premise is imaginary, clearly slavery had not been. Being a young black woman, this hit near to home. Just what if this was me personally? Would I have already been strong enough to stay focused and calculating. Would I have already been picked as an excellent partner to escape with? The finish is strong, though absolutely infuriating in some aspects. I realize this was done intentionally, as finally this isn't Disney so you're not supposed to close with the happily ever after. I would strongly suggest this book if you're buying powerful read.

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