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I have read this book 3 times now. The first two times were continual. I've been interested in the Hinckley fire since We read a free account as a teenager. After loving Boys in the Boat I noticed that Daniel Brown had also written about Hinckely and put that book on my " to read" list. I loved it!
I've went to the area and powered through the towns in the book. I've gone to the museum and walked around Hinckley today using his vivid information as anchors.

If you like history, Minnesota historical past in particular, or if you are interested in wildfires or disasters in general you will such as this book. Since reading it I've gone on to read some of the books the writer advises about other wildfires in Wisconsin and Minnesota., We have this strange enchantment for disaster survival tales. I think what draws me to them the most is discovering the way people respond when such awful things take place. This book I've read before interestingly enough, but it felt like a first read. Brown has done a phenomenal job of putting the readers in the story. Not necessarily only does he inform the story of a horrible wildfire that wreaked havoc, but he also delves into some of the things society has learned about fire over the last one hundred year. This individual talks about several different sorts of fires and what made this one so dangerous. He compares the Hinckley fire to several other deadly fires who have occurred over the years, which made it easier to understand exactly how big this fire got. Admittedly, it was challenging to read about the people dying, fire is a horrible way to die after all. But the part that made me the sickest and yet impressed myself the most were the descriptions of what the rescuers and clean-up deck hands found when they came to help. I was really impressed by how many people jumped in to provide help and how fast they did it. Just how the rescuers managed to face the horribly burnt bodies of men, women, and children, I really don't know, but We admire them for doing so. Like most such survival stories, there were those who behaved heroically and those who focused solely on their own survival. There were even looters and tourists who came to gawk. Yet I think, underneath it all, this is a story about families, some who survived, and many who passed away, together., Daniel Brown is a compelling author..... love all of his textbooks. Story based on true facts and he brings you there.... misery abounds but so do tales of survival. My favorite book of his is the Boys in the Boat..... because the outcome is far more pleasurable.... nevertheless for a factual read that puts you in the story Under A Flaming Sky is well done., Very detailed and well-researched. It's always interesting to read about the less well-known disasters and how they took place and the impact on people's lives. I would have liked to see more follow-up on the lives of the people influenced by this misfortune., I found this guide particularly interesting as I reside in Minnesota. I knew there have been a fire years ago but never noticed just how devastating & large it was. Numerous people were immigrants and worked very hard only to see their efforts dashed by fire. Power and compasson left this book., This book is incredibly well researched, and yet reads like a convincing novel. There are a few repetitions, mostly in descriptions of very specific reactions from the sufferers. However, given the in enormity of the job, the author does a fantastic job weaving collectively a (horrific) narrative from the main sources. I will probably read this again simply to grasp the magnitude of the fire and the destruction of lives left in its wake up., Just finished reading this book - took me 2 days away from the other book I was reading. It absolutely was well written and covered the Hinkley Firestorm of 1894. We could not put it down. Horrifying, yet thought provoking as well - especially about how exactly a lot of people can survive by thinking exterior of the box, the incredible and heroic rescue efforts and finally the importance of proper forest management. The author followed many of the families and rescuers; before, during and after the horrid devastation and demonstrated us a nearly complete picture of the Hinkley community as it was before and then how it is today. Their research appeared impeccable and I highly recommend this non-fiction work, the one that actually influenced him personally with his own family history., This book continues to be haunting myself. It was written as if you were actually there and I didn't want to be. Yet I never stopped reading. The facts and historical past are spot on but it is a hard read if you are speaking of the psychological part. Another tale of something I never understood about and I spent a lot of time in the North Woods. I additionally was impressed with how the author educated us all on the lumber companies and their careless disregard for safety and decimation of the area without regard to replenishment.

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