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Our ten-year-old reads well above grade level, but remains reluctant. Like many kids, he just doesn't want to sit still long enough to get through a story! He likes journey stories, so I thought he would enjoy being attentive to the music version of "Unbroken, " while following along in the book. No dice. We lost him at the phrase "dirigible. "

So We was delighted to learn that a young adult version was on the intervalle, and I immediately pre-ordered both the Kindle and music versions. I was pleased to report that I think this is going to do the trick.

Of course, the initial thing I did on obtaining the new version, was to turn to Section One to see if the word "dirigible" got been changed! It is now "airship. " And then I went back to the beginning and do a side-by-side comparison of both. All of the changes were immediately apparent:
On the first page, the previous version read: Anywhere on the endless area of the Pacific Marine, Army Air Forces bombardier and Olympic runner Louie Zamperini lay across a tiny raft, drifting westward.
The new version read: Somewhere on the Pacific Ocean, American army airman and Olympic jogger Louie Zamperini lay on a tiny raft, drifting.
In a nutshell, Hillenbrand deleted "the limitless expanse of, " and simplified Zamperini's title from "Army Air Forces bombardier, " to "American army airman. "

Looking randomly through the two books, I'm seeing other instances of abridgement, as well as simplified language. We have high hopes that my young reader will now enjoy this story. Now i'm excited at the potential customer, as I think our children need to read more stories about people like Mr. Zamperini. He is easily the bravest, most impressive person We have ever read about, and a fine example of what we hope our young people will choose to emulate.

A final thought: I'm an avid reader, but I wish this version was away when I read the original. While still long, it is shorter than the very first book, and We wouldn't look at this one to be at all "dumbed down. " It would not get inappropriate for an adult to see this version instead of the other., Although We am only 12, We read way above my reading level. I read the original book and it also was stunning. It showed the cruelty of conflict and what war will in people. I loves the first book so much that I decided to read this version. This version is actually meant for a younger audience, but it still displays the outcomes of war (although less in depth). I would recommend this book specifically to younger audiences if you are an adult you should read the more complex version as it is more deep. Great read and I cannot wait for an movie which is coming from Christmas event., I'm so happy they came out with this version. The original got, to my knowledge, one noticeably descriptive incident which retained the book from showing up on library bookshelves in hundreds and hundreds of middle and high schools around the country. Nice go on to clean up the act and have this story of courage and determination into the thoughts of teenagers!, Great publication! Read at school, great for young adults. Looking forwards to reading the entire version: ), This is among the best I have ever read. What courage, what risks he and his team faced. Mcdougal in telling this storey weaves a saga that pulls your thoughts to their highest point. He was one of the most impressive men I have ever read about.

American taking prisoners by the Japanese were degraded, beaten, starved, many perished due to the mistreatment, lack of food, and diseases they faced. Many were murdered by the Japan, they faced Hell on earth.

The recounting of their time in the raft, that they made it through is a result of the courage of the men, especially Louie. This specific book leaves the readers with many questions, could I have survived this challenge? Could I have flexible the guards, especially the bird. This is a must read., A quick read of any great American hero, Louis Zamperini, for young people. Children need heros in their lives. Here is a hero who changed his life from your boy always getting into trouble to a high school sportsman, Olympic athlete, and outstanding member of WWII armed forces. You will understand the difficulties and abuse he withstood and overcame. Later, he would return to see to people who had maltreated him., This might be among the best books ever written! It shares such am amazing story with so many what you should learn also to apply to our very own lives. I was constantly being pulled in. I laughed with the funny parts and sensed horrible through louie's hard times, and it is even more amazing the change he has at the conclusion if the story as he develops a love for christianity. I love this book a great deal!, Got this book for my 11 year old. He do his book report and project on the publication, and it sparked a huge fascination with WW2 and our nation's true characters. Very glad that this version was released! He did say that it had 16 cuss words. If that bothers you, well stay with Disney.

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