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I understand I have wondered - what would it have been prefer to really see Trump on the marketing campaign trail? Was it really as crazy and unhinged as the news described? And while it certainly seems that the answer is a resounding " YES" now that we have lived with him as President the past 2, 516 years (or so it feels), Katy Tur's new book takes us along for the ride.

Tur explains how she concluded up covering Trump, and exactly what it was like to follow him, day in and day out, for the length of his campaign. From the beginning (HAHAHA - it's a joke, right? ) to the conclusion (Dear God, he's really done it. ), and all the crazy in between. Exactly what it was like when Trump used her to irritate his supporters, and why being told that the Secret Service watch the girl most second to Trump is *not* reassuring. Nevertheless above all, she clears a window into the ceaseless - and often thankless - job of reporters who are simply trying to do their jobs the best they can, which with Trump has a tendency to equate to " fake news". It's a fascinating account, well crafted and sometimes blunt, about the highs and lows (mostly lows during this election) of the female reporter masking a candidate known for his sexism. Above all, it's an excellent account written by an excellent reporter who reminds us that this election was like no other - cultural norms once taken for granted by the political mainstream were beaten into the surface and pulverized.

Also - as a side take note - if you want to strike up lots of dialogue in your local coffeehouse... be reading this book. My standard answer became " It's very well written" until I had judged if I was treading on thin snow.

Unbelievable shines a light into a rarely seen facet of a political marketing campaign, and definitely provides reader an eye- and earful of life on the trail with Donald Trump., I can't put this down and had to write a 5-star revuew before I had been done, because I wanted to counter-top all the trolls who plainly haven't read it and are just trashing the author. Who's a no. 1 Amazon best seller in several categories anyway. Tur has always hit me as smart and insightful, but her sense of humor doesn't get much play on TV SET. Here it leavens the horror show of the Trump campaign which the lady is somewhat reluctantly attracted into covering when the lady has a good job in London and a charming boyfriend in Paris. Nevertheless are they enough to gratify her hopes for the girl career? No, and the fateful choice launches the girl on an an amazing adventure which she catches with biting wit moment-by-moment. I've read lots (probably too much) coverage of the campaign, but absolutely nothing quite like this. The lady kept great notes, do her research, and pulls you along moment-by-moment into the Alice in Wonderland world she became stuck in. Wonderful writing., Possessing a daughter journalist that is the same age as Katy, I discovered this book to be a tip to my daughter's profession. Also i loved the behind the scenes detail regarding how life traveling is mayhem. Katy is a real professional and my respect for the girl has deepened after reading this great book., Great account of the Trump campaign!
Tur covered the campaign from the very beginning and presents a clear picture of how it was handled. She also provides her personal struggle masking a presidential campaign. The lady captures a political and private whirlwind! A great read!, Great book. The story is made even more readable by having the chapters alternate from on the path to the final night. Katy Tur is very razor-sharp and am appreciate her research, how she works to get the question requested answered and take the interviewee back from pivots. A very dedicated reporter., This reminds of the insane, insane stuff and the guy still gets elected. What the hell took place to this country? It provides a look at what the press saw but didn't report, how, possibly(? ) normal people can be vicious animals. Thanks for your courage., I enjoy the read. Everything you wondered during the selection were what were people thinking that were living it. This book provided you some insight as to what others were experiencing that had to live very near the campaign. More painful to read than it was watching all of it unfold from afar. Extremely good book. Love the story, wish completely really been fiction because reality is hard to even believe. Insightful. Looking forward to more of these stories coming out in the future from others experiencing this reality., A personal tale that why don't you into the center and mind of Katy Tur and her job in the Trump campaign. Simple to read. Not only a rehash of Trumpism but a personal biography.

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