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I actually wasn't really expecting anything from this book since I've never really implemented Portia's work, but I actually was so utterly pleased with it and the girl story that she must be one of my new favorite celebrities. I found myself relating to so many of her thoughts and reactions. And though We have never struggled with my sexuality there are still relatable elements that she touches on such as fear and insecurity in relationships that I could wrap my head around. Of course most of the reason I actually finally chose to read this was to just learn about others' experience and recovery with disordered eating as I suffer with thoughts and actions every day. Actually if you aren't an actress pursuing a career in a related field I feel that many young women could read this and feel a connection. I recommend this because it is such a fairly easy quick read because she writes it like a real person. The girl isn't trying to impress anyone. She's real and writes as such. The book I really could not put down and am sad to say I've finished reading!, This is a page turner. Excellent information of anorexia and drawing out of it. Creator is wife of Ellen Degeneres. Well written and interesting. I was glad to read she got through it and is now healthy., I have a soft spot for memoirs, I admit and having always been torn with my own body image, I actually wasn't sure this memoir would be "healthy" (shall we say) for me personally to read it.

I am glad I did. Portia's brute honesty is powerful--shocking---courageous and refreshing.

While she does ramble at times, I believe that is the girl way--her voice. Often it was in the same way I was like "Alright Portia, allows get to the next point" that she'd say something so insightful, so spot-on and intuitive... that I was compelled to mass-email her pearls of wisdom to every woman I actually know.

An absolute must-read for any woman who has dared to detest even a tiny part of herself., Portia's story of learning to accept their self for who the girl with, as well as delving into the mind of someone suffering from such a terrible disorder is the one that I actually think resounds with a lot of people. These types of stories aren't told as frequently because as a community we tend to pity those that don't fit a certain mold. Therefore to see such a public figure tell the girl side of the tale and everything she proceeded to go through is such a wonderful change of rate. But more importantly, I actually think her story can present people that are also dealing with similar problems that there is hope, that there is help. Her writing was so raw and unfiltered and honest it put me personally to tears on more than one occasion, and I couldn't put down the book until it was over., An insightful and heartbreaking book. A must read for anybody fighting self-acceptance be it weight, appearance or other issues. There is something to relate to in it for everyone.
This is not a fairly easy read though, and it may be tough to continue at times, mainly because of how truthful Portia's characterization of her struggle is. The book itself much more of a study. Compositional concentrate on one particular year of dieting is excellent. There is no turning the corner without knowing the items for what they are and facing every single detail.
Portia is very available and describes with intense vividness what one's decided mind can do to the entire body and how dangerous it can be. Typically the step by step detailed account every day purposeful and carefully planned regimen helps to understand what can be going on in one's mind, shows the thinking and acting designs one resorts to, the extremes they can take to. It could serve as an absolute eye-opener for individuals who have a member of their family going through something like this just as much as possible an eye-opener for the individual battling. But the tools to recovery are in this description as well.

All those who wished for the juicy details of personal associations and movie sets will be obviously disappointed. Typically the book describes the process of individual struggle with several of issues, episodes and downs (well, mainly painful downs) of self-acceptance and events ultimately causing the turning point. And it does just that.

Palinode. The book is very honest and spares no details or colours. This might be difficult if you are in that vulnerable stage when looking in the mirror (and reading this book can feel very much like it at times) can send you downwards. I actually don't discourage from reading it, by all means do. We humans are prone to doing things to ourselves without realizing the possible grave effects, and to be aware of your own patterns is the first step on the road to self-recovery. But the publication is a tough trip and I think it is a good idea to understand what experts for before you hop into the basket., As a struggling/recovering Anorexic/Bulimic, this book has done SO much for my healing. I read her autobiography and cried during practically every chapter. Portia creates beautifully, which is expected since she's brilliant and was accepted into regulation school. I highlighted something I related to during nearly every chapter. She's fantastic, strong, and beautiful. Reviews with this book that say anything otherwise make me personally sick. She's not searching for attention. She's increasing anorexia awareness, which is my primary goal in life. It was so inspiring for me to read a beautifully written book by way of a celebrity who has struggled the exact same struggles that I have, and I wish everyone would read it. Maybe if more people would, society would understand eating disorders. To this day, most of community doesn't. They believe that anorexics are "starved for attention, " which is simply what many of the reviews have said. I, a normal 21-year-old, am not deprived for attention, and neither was Portia. She's a goddess.

Sidenote: this is my father's account. The real name is Kaitlin and I am a 21-year-old recovering anorexic.

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