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The information of the manifesto is quite fascinating in places and at a degree of eloquence I do not expect. It's definitely worth a read for everyone willing to take a brutally honest look at our society. However, the Kindle version I purchased was so packed with typos and misplaced/duplicated text, that it detracted from the overall reading experience., This particular document surprised me because of its feasibility and organization. I actually expected a rambling, incoherent document. The Unabomber actually made some good factors about society and some valid predictions. His point of view is still Luddite., Good read for such a crazy girl. A number of his writings really allow you to think about where our society is going. Keep your mind available sheeple., wow, FIRST, the essays. This book contains four of Theodore Kaczynski's essays: 1) an unnamed 1971 essay on the risks of technology and dehumanization; 2) "When Non-Violence is Suicide"; 3) a more recent (from prison) article entitled "Hit Where That Hurts"; 4) the so-called Unabomber Manifesto, "Industrial Society as well as its Future".

Because of mass-media hype, I got been led to believe each one of these years that Allen Kaczynski was a raving lunatic, and was expecting to find a whole lot of vitriol. On the contrary: his essays are organized, peaceful, and well-thought-out.

The main drive of the essays is that increasing technology necessarily creates increased regulation on everything we do. Additionally, the system ALWAYS benefits itself, CONSTANTLY at the price tag on human flexibility and dignity. Furthermore, this method is not always clearly malevolent. Kaczynski asserts that most technologies are launched with benign intention (for example, the auto and innate engineering) and are so irresistible that we jump right on them, unable to see the disastrous, increasingly restrictive results of those technologies (in the car analogy, it's unsafe to walk anywhere now, and drivers find themselves encased in by a lot of regulations). The author illustrates his points with numerous historical examples and names some sources for his information.

Kaczynski obviously states his case, and explains how well-meaning psychologists, educators, media, etc., feed the system by tailoring children's behaviour to fit the system. When the system needs more technicians, we force children into years of science curricula, when their natural inclination will be outside and explore. We also tag more and more eccentricities "disorders" in order to drug our kids to conform to the system. (He also has this strange thing about Sylvan Learning Centers. )

Kaczynski also warns against the dangers of leftism, which he or she considers a symptom of modern man's failed struggle in what he conditions the "power process" (goal & effort + attainment of goal). He presents clear explanations for how leftism easily slips into totalitarianism. He explains other facets of human nature, on which he has some interesting opinions.

The unnamed year 1971 essay and the "manifesto" are both about these.

"Hit Where It Hurts" is a warning to radicals who want to bring down the techno-industrial system NOT to keep throwing themselves at minor or side issues that is not going to bring down the system. For example, they concentrate on the lumber/timber industry, which is completely useless, for even if the whole lumber industry were to be shut down eternally, the techno-industrial system would venture on. Same for attacking the fur trade. He or she likens these issues to removing the tip of a giant octopus's tentacle.

"When Non-Violence is Suicide" is a very quick essay whose thesis is, "Nonviolence works only when you have the police to protect you. Inside the shortage of police protection, nonviolence is very practically the equivalent to suicide. " He or she provides a short story illustrating this point. That is written with the assumption that the system WILL collapse, that the fall is imminent, and people must prepare themselves for it. A little over-the-top, but nonetheless worth reading.

I actually highly recommend the essays. Also if you don't agree with Dr. Kaczynski, you have to admit the writing is top-notch.

This edition is packed with glaring, sometimes context-changing typos. I think I could put up with the errors for the price of 99 pennies. I was wrong. Typically the mistakes really started to irritate me.

Here are some examples--not even the worst:

"The Roman system of urban sanitation was forgotten, so that until rather recent years did the sanitation of European towns that of Ancient The italian capital. "

"The activists will never be satisfied until tobacco is outlawed, and after that it may be alco hot then junk food, etc. "

You will need to choose whether to pay less and deal with the typos, or pay more and obtain a bigger, less mistake-ridden collection., There's much here to agree with Ted, just not the violence. I believe its too late to turn again technology, and many wouldn't want it if you could. What power does a woman get from washing/beating cloths against a rock again? Utilizing an outhouse in -30°? My great uncle died since a child way back, he or she secretly refused to use the outhouse in the winter which caused an intestinal blockage and killed the child. I actually ABSOLUTELY agree that we MUST NEVER mess with human genetics, or pets either. That may be Nazi style-crossing the line- superior race horrors!!!!
I actually certainly wouldn't mind going back to the fifties simplicity and more flexibility. Of course it would HAVE to include Flexibility for ALL.
Back when Hollywood actually cared about morals and sensibilities. Any age could listen to Bob Hope and laugh. The very best we can do is to pray, hope, and don't worry. Gods got this. He's ultimately in control and when its time, be ready., My interest was prompted by recent TV series. While the guy's an obvious (and felonious) wild hair, he or she makes many salient factors about where technology is taking us. Piece is high protein for the mind, and at money is incredibly great price/value., Probably the most interesting things I actually have read. Mr. E. is a genius. Sadly he skillfully outlines a serious problem, but confesses there is no hope of correcting it. Very entertaining and thought provoking.

It will eventually change (slightly) how I look at many things int he future. That certainly won't change my behavior, but just knowing I do what I actually do is contributing to certain consequences will be interesting.

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