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That is a pretty good wager that most folks taking the leap into any Cpanel distribution are not Luddites, and probably already accomplished users of other systems (and whether it's an Apple or Microsoft working system, they probably have some idea of what's going on behind the GUI and how all the parts fit collectively... physically and logically).

Inside my case, I used Unix machines at work for about about 8 years before a company migration to Redmond products a decade ago. With the increasing user friendliness of some Linux distros, a current get of Ubuntu 12. 04. 1 (Precise Pangolin) allowed me to finally perform almost all of the tasks that I can do in Windows (an earlier Linux excursion about five years in the past ended once i was unable to get an invisible system adapter or sound to work in three different distributions).

Le's start with some praise for the current Ubuntu release. 12. 04. 1 arrived in a downloaded Windows installer package that automatically set up a dual operating-system bootloader menu. It seems following the BIOS splash screen and allows permits operating both Windows 7 and Ubuntu on the same machine. I added a [[ASIN: B0036R9XRU Netgear USB wireless adapter that Ubuntu recognized immediately), accepted some updates from Canonical and was up and running in a shiny new Linux distro. Unbuntu immediately recognized my wireless mouse, ran the monitor at the correct resolution, and both audio and Internet connectivity were immediately available.

After which it became clear that I actually needed a little more help than my now faded memories of Unix command line interactions were mostly gone. Jonathan Moeller's "The Ubuntu Beginner's Guide" was exactly what I needed to rediscover the power of the command line terminal, also to help me through things that had always been done for me personally by sysadmins in the past (like installing software).

The book's table of contents includes 22 chapters addressing 15 main activities in three broad categories (command line use/basic management, server operations and games/miscellaneous). He assumes some comfort with technology, but not intimate knowledge of Cpanel or Unix.

Three small issues that keep this from becoming a 5-star research guide:
(1) The author is quite self-referential about his other job as a genre fiction writer. One mention would have been sufficient. As an alternative, the conclusion of the book "bonus content" is surely an excerpt of his fictional material.
(2) No consolidated list of orders and syntaxes. This would have been far more welcome than the excerpt of his fictional material.
(3) Simply no index. Even though the TOC has a rather narrow taxonomy, an index would have been very welcome.

Regarding the affordable price of this ebook (which I actually could view on the Ubuntu machine I was using via Amazon's cloud reader and an adjacent Kindle simultaneously), this is a good tool for the Ubuntu beginner., This particular ebook does a good job at focusing on the basic command line usage in Ubuntu 12. 04.
It is definitely geared towards beginners, but that will not mean it will not contain useful information!

If you are new to Ubuntu, and you sometimes find yourself lost, this is a good start.

The author says that he prefers to repeat instructions as compared to saying "See section 4 for setting up apache", so the final 1/3 of the publication is a lot of repeated text., Yep, this is a great publication and a complete essential for anyone getting to grabs with Linux and/or the Bash shell.

The author has a gift for explaining things very simply and clearly. Theory is kept down and will be certainly plenty of practical illustrations to ensure that the reader understand the basics of the linux OS.

Although this book is about Ubuntu, in fact there is much that anyone using any flavor of Unix, Linux and also the Bash Cover (such as Mac OPERATING-SYSTEM X users) will find invaluable. I've been playing with all of these on and off for some years but the author still were able to make things that I had half understood crystal clear and several things that other publications had made sound puzzling easy to understand.

Offered the price point of . 99, there's really no reason to not buy this book if if you're just starting or seeking to commence to learn about Ubuntu or Linux.

The particular only reason that I actually didn't give it 5 stars is that there's about five chapters nearby the conclusion that appear to be quite evident padding (such as those on gambling, WINE and eBooks). Possibly the author had run out of material and the publishers demanded a longer manuscript, I avoid know, but those few chapters seemed both out of place and of little value. That still leaves you with 18 out of 22 chapters of excellent learning material from which you'll learn a good deal, so I would not hesitate to buy it if you are nearing Linux as a beginner., Learning Ubuntu can be daunting to those who are new (like the millions now seeking an alternative to Or windows 7 and wishing to abandon Microsuck for good), and this little publication makes it all specific. Once you get into the groove, you'll begin to love the simplicity and logic behind Ubuntu. I suggest searching Amazon . com Books for " Ubuntu" and buying all of the wonderful and cheap small books for beginners. Reason? Some will speak to you on some of the things that continue to be unclear in the others. This was an actual help to me and required (nearly) all of the frustration out from the learning curve.

This book is a particularly good one and is also well presented in lay down terms. Highly recommended., If you're only starting out using Ubuntu, it really is a good book. But I do find myself having to begin at the cover and flip through page after page until I find the right information. Is it worth [ARTICLE_BODY]. 99, YES, but if there was a Table of Content it will be even better at that price.

I had a reply to my review so I wanted to update it. I prefer the kindle reader for the ipad. When I go to table of items I see a link for "start". Now I actually did find a work around. I set a book mark for every single section so under "My Notes and Marks" I have created my own stand of contents. I do want to express the book is well worth the [ARTICLE_BODY]. 99 I actually spent., Covers the basics and gives info on other app that work with ubuntu. This book is an excellent read. Beginners should start with this book., I'm a computer engineering student, so I'm anticipated to be comfortable with Linux for a number of my classes, and this publication was exquisite for helping me personally get there. I have learned a lot more since reading it, but I still utilize it as a research frequently., Will the job, becomes a new Ubuntu user moving. I can set up apps, cover security, is to do all the things I actually need to including bank and TV. Haven't done the book because Now i'm doing ok with the operating-system, just haven't thought out how to configure and use printing. That is further available.
Recommended for those avoiding Microsoft. Ubuntu is created for freedom by free people. Support by donating!

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